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Teachee Alternative: Online Teaching App for Teachers – Pesofts


This has led to an increase in demand for alternative apps such as Teachee, which provide a way for students and teachers to continue their education without relying on banned companies. Teachee  alternative app for those who are looking for a way to keep up with their school curriculum without being limited by the recent changes in the education sector.

This was done by incorporating a couple of regulations that banned companies from not accepting overseas investment send or receiving capital from entities registered offshore. However, with the rise of the Teachee Alternative App, teachers and students now have a new way to connect and learn, bypassing these regulations and allowing for greater flexibility in education.

Implementation of these stringent laws and regulations resulted in the closure of many companies providing Online Exam software that promoted online education. One such company also existed in India that suffered a huge setback, which led to its closure.

The closure of Teachee has put approximately 3000 educational institutions in a situation where they, along with disrupting the flow of continuous education, will also have to look for an alternative such as “Teachee Alternative App” to keep the education process going smoothly.

Although the software these 3000 institutes relied on is no longer functional, there are still various software providers like Teachee Alternative App for online exams and online assessments that can act as a better alternative with software having features class apart.

One of them amongst many is Pesofts. With its excellent services for online exams and online classroom software over the years, it has proved to be the best option for institutes looking to impart lectures and assess students online.

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 Teachee Alternative: Online Teaching App for Teachers - Pesofts

Today’s article is all about why Pesofts can be the best alternative for Teachee.

Why Is Pesofts The Best Software Provider For Online Exams and Online Classes

    • Secured:

All the data you save in our software are safe from any suspicious and unauthorized hacker. We install SSL certificates in all our software which ensures access to our products by genuine users who have the authority to access the software.

    • Responsive:

Teachers, as well as students, do not have to arrange for particular devices as our software works well with any device as well as any supporting system (both iOS and Android)

    • User Friendly:

Imagine a situation where your teachers and students cannot be familiar with the new software you have installed for online classes and assessments due to the complexity of the software.
This would not only be a burden on your budget, but it would also be detrimental to teachers’ and students’ welfare. To avoid this, our software is easy to use. We ensure that all our features are visible so that the same can be used for the purpose they have been incorporated.

Pesofts The Best Software Provider For Online Exams and Online Classes

    • Available At Reasonable Prices:

Cost is one of the most crucial aspects that every educational institution would consider while purchasing software for online learning to be at peace with the new teaching system.

Keeping this in mind, Peosft’s online exam software and online classroom software are available at reasonable prices. We offer our products at affordable prices and provide the same features that are indispensable for undertaking the process of online teaching Apps and assessment Platforms.

    • 24*7 Technical Support:

Stuck while using Pesofts software? We’re just a call away. At Pesofts, we have a dedicated team of experts assigned to resolve all our users’ technical glitches instantly. We understand the loss that any educational institution can face if its software for online teaching is not functioning. Thus, we always try to make the lives of our users easy by providing 24*7 technical support.

    • Scalable:

While using our software, you don’t have to worry about the limit. The scalability of our software for online exams and online learning allows teachers to not limit their lectures to a particular number of students at a time. On our software, for online classrooms Software, any number of students can be in the class at a specific time. The teachers can teach for unlimited hours without disruption.

The same goes for online exam software, too, as when students take assessments online consecutively, the software does not crash. At one point in time, unlimited students can simultaneously take the test.

Features Of Pesoft’s Online Exam Software That Make Pesofts Class Apart

The following are the features associated with Pesofts Online Exam Software that make it the most preferable over other online exam software providers:

    • Any Types Of Questions:

While assessing students online, teachers do not have to restrict themselves to only asking a particular type or format of question.

Pesoft’s online exam software gives them the liberty to add any type of question in the online exam ranging from MCQs based on images, formulas, etc. Furthermore, teachers can also add long answer-type questions to check on their own while the software checks MCQ-based queries.

    • Live Online As Well As Recorded Proctoring:

We believe in maintaining exam integrity and upkeep confidence related to exams. Our software has the best proctoring feature equipped with artificial intelligence, which monitors students’ activities like an invigilator during the exam.

The live online and Online recorded proctoring available for proctoring ensure that students do not even think of adopting any means that are strictly prohibited by the examination authority.

    • Automatic Detailed Results:

After the students complete their exams, it’s not the teachers who have to calculate the student’s results, but that’s what the software has to do.

The Software Coupled with preparing the results, the software also can publish detailed reports by analyzing various parameters of a student’s performance. These reports can be of much value and play a crucial role in improving a student’s overall performance.

Features Of Pesoft’s Online Assessment Software That Make Pesofts Class Apart

    • Live Online Classes:

Giving and taking classes with Pesoft’s online exam teaching app will neither make teachers nor students miss offline classes. Our live online class features ensure interaction similar to offline learning. Teachers and students can communicate in the same way they did during physical classes. All of this is possible because of the audio as well as video feature in online classes, which aids in live classes.

    • Records Live Online Classes:

Not only would students have the liberty to interact with teachers teaching like offline classes, but the feature of recorded classes will aid students in revising the lectures whenever they want to.

    • Teachers Can Share Documents Anytime/Anywhere:

Teachers can assign homework as well as share any documents that they want with the students on Pesoft’s online teaching app. The availability of relevant course material online on the teaching app also gives students access to the study material anytime, anywhere, and eliminates the need to carry books everywhere.

    • Faculty Has The Control:

Maintaining discipline to ensure class etiquette is essential in offline as well as online classes. Thus to help teachers maintain the same, our software for online classrooms gives teachers the control they require for class discipline.

    • Automatically Tracks Student’s Activities During Classes:>

Students are smart enough to join minutes before the teacher attends online classes. Thus, the software tracks students’ activities during online classes to discourage students from indulging in this activity. Based on the time students enter the class or exit the same, the software creates a report which can aid the teachers in deciding whether attendance should be allotted to the students for that particular lecture or not.

Pesoft’s Online Assessment Software

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The Last Word
Thus, the features and advantages that Pesofts has to offer to make its online exam software, online teaching app, and online classroom software the best compared to other software providers. Coupled with this, we have an experienced team that fully develops our software for online learning and ensures it incorporates every feature that is imperative for seamless and continuous online classes and assessments.

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