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Online Examination Trends In 2023


The inadvertent advent of CoVID 19 and its continuous presence globally has impacted the continuity of sectors and industries. The education sector is also no exception. The declaration of health emergency and the ensuing lockdown has resulted in massive disruptions in colleges‘ and universities‘ academic schedules that have resulted in the emergence of new trends in online examination in 2023.

Trends In Online Examination In 2020

Without keeping in mind the future of the stakeholders, semesters, and entrance exams, are being postponed inadvertently. Even the end of those students who would further take part in the admission process is in jeopardy. It is no longer shocking to hear reports on postponement of exams as well as academic schedule. Amidst these postponements, some new trends have emerged.

Today’s article aims at discussing those trends only, so let’s get started.

Trends In Online Examination In 2023

For safeguarding the future of students, ensuring their safety, health governments are in a fix, which has transpired new trends. Let us understand in detail:

One Can See Disruption Across Various Board For Conducting Semester Assessment As Well As Entrance Examination:

The ongoing pandemic has not spared any examination or academic schedule. The entire board can feel its impact, thus making it challenging for all the intermediaries involved in the education industry. To overcome this disruption, relying on software for online exams is a great solution.

The combination of features such as online proctoring coupled with the software’s ability to enable any number of students to take the exam concurrently can help overcome the looming clouds of postponement.

More Than Half Stakeholders Associated With The Educational Institutions Have No Prior Experience Of Conducting Exams Online:

Technology over the years has made way to different industries and sectors and has brought the much required transitioning process. But unfortunately, it has not introduced the much-required sea change of its viability as well as education.

Their belief that offline mode of exams offers them better control over the management process of examination, a negation of malpractices’ possibilities and no prior experience in conducting online exams contribute to preferring offline mode over online assessment.

However, before opting for the online exam software offered by Pesofts, the users can request a free demo where they can have access to our full software, which gives them the confidence to conduct large scale online exams.

Even During The Times Of Coronavirus, People Prefer Center-based Entrance Exams:-

The ease with which universities can conduct center-based exams puts them in the mainstream amongst academicians’ first choice. However, the government-mandated lockdowns to ensure citizens’ safety make it impossible to assess students with this model.

Thus, the user-friendliness associated with this online software for assessment increases the possibility of putting the newly-discovered examination mode in the limelight.

By Opting For Online Examination Software, Most Of The Educational Institutions Have Or Are Planning To Shift To The Online Mode Of Conducting Exams In Future

The education industry was ill-prepared in dealing with this unforeseen disruption that CoVID 19 has caused. With the prevalence of software for online assessments, universities and colleges have expressed their intention to continue their semester and entrance exams despite the disruption.

They have understood that the pandemic may continue for a longer duration than assumed previously. Keeping with the academic schedule is a necessity. They always have online learning management tools for the same.

The Need Of The Hour Is Softwares Having Anti Robust Cheating Feature As Well As Ability To Support All Question Types To Conduct Exams In Future:-

The education sector has emerged as the most off guard and inadequately managed sector in this pandemic. But the presence of online software for education with its features has played a crucial role in aiding the stakeholders to transition quickly to the online ecosystem.

One thing that remains of concern is that this software should have an efficient online remote proctoring feature that discourages test takers from involving in unfair means. The same should also have the capability of supporting multiple question types. The software for online assessment offered by pesofts is capable enough of taking care of the requirement that enables universities to assess students online conveniently.

The Last Thought:-
When the pandemic started, due to over-reliance on traditional, center-based assessments, disruption led to the delaying of established schedules and academic calendars. However, online software for examination came to the rescue. The necessity of taking the help of technology got outlined. This resulted in the emergence of new assessment trends.

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