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What is The Future With The Online Examination System


The constant evolution of technology in the digital world has caused a wave of consolidation in the assessment industry, making pen and paper tests redundant. It has bought a patent clarity that online examination conducted with the help of online exam software is the future of assessment methodology. “Future of Online Examination System

The growth of the online industry at a fast pace and obsoleteness of traditional evaluation techniques is making people lose confidence in the current pen-paper examinations.

online examination system

Today’s article will discuss the future of online examination possible through an online examination system. In this article, we are mentioning the reasons that have dwindled educational institutions assurance in the conventional evaluation system and the numerous benefits that arise from transitioning to the computer-based evaluation.

Before proceeding, let us understand the concept of online examination system which clothes online computer tests. An online examination software is a software that makes conducting of test possible through a computer network and the internet.


Technology has embraced the educational sector in such a manner that it has left no space for pen-paper. The spirit of schools, college, universities and training institutes have withered in the traditional model of assessment due to the following reasons :

ABUNDANCE OF ENTRANCE EXAMINATION APPLICATIONS: Universities every year have to incur costs for screening the received abundant application with written tests. Shortlisting facilities to conduct physical tests consumes lots of efforts and making space for exam centres disrupts college life of students.

FUSS OF STAFF RECRUITMENT: Arranging invigilators, and conducting an interview, for choosing teachers to assess the pen-paper examination, is another herculean requirement of this assessment pedagogy.

IMPROPER ASSESSMENT COMPETENCIES: The conventional mode of examination is devoid of a definitive way to measure children’s ability and personality. This method disables the teachers to precisely tell the students about their behavioural and cognitive competencies.

ACCRUED BENEFITS THAT ARISE FROM TRANSITIONING TO COMPUTER BASED EVALUATION: Transitioning to online assessment provides numerous benefits to all the institutions ranging from a school, university, training institute to a corporation running certification programs or assessing training effectiveness.

Online examinations provided by the online examination system is being welcomed with open arms by both the exam candidates as well as the organization providing an assessment.

REDUCED ADMINISTRATIVE BURDEN: Printing and circulating question papers and organizing logistics to transport completed scripts to makers is a time- consuming and costly process. On the other hand, organizing and running exams online reduces the organization’s administrative burden and also saves time and cost.

EASES THE EXAMINATION RELATED REQUIREMENTS: Conducting exam through a computer network makes it easier for the examining body to manage the tasks involved in organizing exams.

Exams papers are created comfortably by either selecting questions or using automated tools once the assessment organization has an approved question bank. Further results are generated and intimated quickly to the test takers.

SCALABLE WORLDWIDE REACH: Online assessment enables the examining bodies to offer exams to candidates located over different geographical areas. Online proctoring empowers the candidates to sit for a secure exam with the comfort of their home.

The examination industry yearns for a system that instils our faith in the way assessment is conducted. Adaptation of online assessment provided by Pesofts exam software is the need of the hour.

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