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Ways To Make Online Workplace Engaging In 2021

Coronavirus has changed the way of working. From joint meetings & office parties, the traditional workplace setup has been replaced by working on couches due to work from home. Although it is being observed that most of the organizations are adapting well to this new shift to continue with this trend, in the long run, businesses are facing new challenges to make their online workplace engaging.

How To Conduct Online Exams From Home In India

The unwelcoming advent of coronavirus had a significant impact on almost everything that one could think of. It didn’t even spare educational institutions. Nationwide lockdown resulted in the shutdown of schools that made it challenging to teach & conduct exams for students.

How Learning Management Software Can Reduce Costs

Pre CoVID, eLearning was only seen as a collection of technologies intended to augment long-distance learning and improve the classroom experience. However, post-CoVID, as colleges and universities face increasing challenges of funding and cost-effectiveness, Learning management software as a viable alternative to brick and mortar colleges as a possible cost-saving measure is gaining preference.

5 Study Tips For Taking Computer Based Exams

Using software for online exams for conducting computer-based testing is increasing nowadays, as test makers strongly feel that they can be delivered and administered more securely. This way of the Test has become necessary because of its ability to measure different skills or sets of knowledge to provide new and better information about a test taker’s ability.

Online Proctoring Platform

Introducing Pesofts Online Proctoring AI-Powered Software Known as the most flexible remote proctoring platform powered with AI in the industry with happy users spread across education and professional markets globally. Pesofts standalone offers automated online proctoring exam software consisting of a hybrid human proctor coupled with a combination of AI software.

Things To Look Into For Purchasing An Online Testing Platform

The introduction of online tests has ousted the traditional examination process, evidenced by the rising popularity of numerous online examination packages. The availability of multiple software providers results in a dilemma amongst the users. They are confused concerning the features that they should look into while opting for an online testing platform. The absence of a straight jacket formula to consider while choosing the best online exam software puts them in this situation.