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Which online examinations have seeped into the arena of education


The advent of technology has embraced the education sector in such a manner that pen and paper tests have been wiped off for a newer advanced system of an online assessment. The transparency, scalability, and increased reachability provided by this mode of examination have to lead to this reinstatement.

Universities, schools, and various other educational systems have adapted to online examination software for conducting thier students online test/paper. The purpose of today’s article is to discuss the extent to which online examinations(Offline or Online) have seeped into the arena of education.

which online examinations(Offline or Online) have seeped into the arena of education

But before proceeding further, let us first understand the meaning of online examination software. The exam managing software is a software that makes conducting of tests or assessment possible through a computer network and the internet.

Online examination system evaluation offered by exam software has oozed in the education sector in the following ways:

HOSTING ENTRANCE EXAMINATIONS: Most of the universities offering various courses have resorted to conducting their entrance examination through a computer network. The flexibility and security for each question paper, its management through an auto surveillance mode and accurate results have resulted in this prioritization.

pen and paper old methodology

Most of the prestigious exams such as Common Law Entrance Test (CLAT), Common Admission Test ( CAT), GRE, GMAT, or GATE are conducted online with the help of exam software. These examples show the embracement of universities to this assessment guidance. Most of the universities have also deployed an online assessment method for conducting the semester examinations.

ONLINE MOCK TESTS: Exam software has given the students preparing for competitive exams an option to opt for online mock assessment series. These are available for all kind of test and give a clear picture of how it is going to be. Their evaluation through fully automated software gives an assurance of a high level of transparency.

TRAINING CENTRES AND PRIVATE INSTITUTES/ COACHING CENTRES: Most of the training centres and private institutes now using online examination system to develop their strategy for conducting exams and for getting results instantly.

APTITUDE TESTS: Nowadays, the online examination system is preferred by the companies to assess the aptitude of the candidates in their recruitment process. These tests evaluate a person’s core capability of common skills, cognitive and social powers, thereby allowing companies and organizations to streamline the recruiting process.

The concept of pen and paper assessment comes with the responsibilities of framing questions, proofreading, checking for repetition, finding invigilators, and space for conducting the examination.

Finding teachers for checking those answer sheets is another herculean task to be performed in this test. On the other hand, an online assessment conducted with the help of exam software provider such as Pesofts has unquestionably turned into a well-known medium.

It aids in assessing the candidate’s aptitude, facilitating a balanced approach for grading the candidates and also provides the advantage of grading the learners with ease.


The online examination system is a backbone now when you conduct online exam, however using pen and paper no longer available now because of harming environment lakh of cutting a tree, wasting of water. as we know the importance or advantage of the online examination system has more as compare to the offline exam conducting way.

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