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How do online exams work


Almost all the assessment holding bodies in this era of digitization have resorted to online exams system instead of the traditional pen paper-based tests. The increasing popularity of this method of evaluation makes it necessary for the users to have an in-depth knowledge of its functioning.

This article gives a detailed explanation of the functioning of the how pesofts online exam system work.

However, before proceeding further with the functioning, let us understand the concept of Pesoft Online Examination System. With its advanced features, this system enables the exam holding agencies, educational institutions as well as corporates to conduct their assessment online on a computer system.

what is online exam software

Its feature of an online proctoring, automated onscreen evaluation, generation of detailed results instantly, 24*7 support, affordability as well as flexibility has made this software everyone’s favorite. Even the students, teachers, as well as corporates, have started using online examination software.

Lets now discuss the functioning of this online exam software. Its modus operandi is explained below in the form of steps to make it easy for the user’s understanding.

5 Simple Steps For Understanding How Do Online Exam System Work

STEP 1: Sign Up with Pesofts: The first step is to register yourself with us so that you can access this online portal.

STEP 2: The next step is to frame questions so that you can upload them on the admin panel. You can either prepare them yourself or can also ask our team of experts to do this task for you.

STEP 3: Once you have completed the task of framing questions, you are required to select the new test option which enables you to upload the text file.

STEP 4: The next step involves uploading the exam questions in a preferred format. If in case you want to upload items in bulk, use Microsoft word or excel format, and use PDF or JPG format for manual uploading.

STEP 5: Once you have completed this step, you are now required to manage the test settings. Here you can select the date, time, particular subjects of the test. You can also compare the score of the test takers with our rank wise feature and can also view the results as well as overall result analysis from the result section.

Thus with the help of these steps, you can conduct your online exam without facing any inconvenience. However, our affordable online exam system also assigns the test takers with unique subdomains after they register with Pesofts by paying the fees.

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