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How Can You Implement Online Exam Process Successfully


The introduction of the online exam process because of its benefits has replaced the traditional exams. However, the complexities associated with this process often results in its effective conduction. The reason behind this is adopting certain practices by examination holding bodies that should be strictly avoided while assessing their students online.

Thus, for this reason, this article elaborates in detail the pitfalls that the users of the online exam system should avoid before assessing their students by online exam process. But before proceeding further, let us first understand the concept of the online exam process.

how online classroom software help for online classes

Online Exam Software/Process: What Is It?

An online exam process is conducted with the help of an assessment software, on an electronic device which can be a computer or a laptop or a mobile phone. It is implemented both online as well as offline. With this, the students can take their exams at any time and any place as per their convenience.

Even the teachers get free from their responsibility of checking the answer sheets as well as preparing results manually. The presence of a remote online proctoring feature eliminates the need to invigilate manually. Thus an online exam system is a boon for both the teachers as well as students.

Pitfalls To Avoid While Implementing Online Exams

Examination institutes nowadays have adopted the online mode of conducting exams. Most of the time, they fail in their successful conduction. Thus avoiding the below-mentioned tips help to hold them efficaciously :

Do Not Use Unsecured Online Exam Process

Besides technology being a boon for simplifying the process of examination, it is necessary to maintain the highest standards of security for making the technology safe as well as secure. Implementing online assessment software prone to malpractices results in unauthorized students appearing for the exam. Absence of online proctoring increases the tendency of the students copying answers while accessing internet services during exam time.

It is also crucial to maintain a proper secure channel for protocols such as HTTP with an SSL certificate that prevents hackers from accessing the data of question banks. Thus to maintain the highest standards of security, all the exam conducting agencies should install Pesofts exam software that has the highest standards of security as it has the feature of remote online proctoring. This aids in conducting free as well as error-free online exams that are not prone to malpractices.

Failure To Impart Training To Students Post Exam

Although online exams have replaced the conventional mode of examination. Still, most of the students find it difficult to give an exam on a computer screen. Thus every educational institution should firstly impart training via mock exams, demo videos so that they are fully aware of the overall functionality. With this, the exam givers get familiar with the system. They also get their hands-on experience of using it before the use of computers for online exams.

Avoid Using Complex Online Assessment Software

Before implementation, it is very crucial to verify the usability of online examination as it plays a key role in successful adoption by the stakeholders. Conducting online exams often becomes unsuccessful when they are highly complex. Thus the system used for managing assessment should be user-friendly in such a manner that they can be understood easily even by a non-technical person.

Do Not Forget To Give Mock Tests To Candidates Before Scheduling Exams

With mock tests, students get the confidence to operate the system easily. These tests have a simulated online exam that is meant for practice and follows the entire flow of assessment. With this, they get ready to appear for the final exams without any queries, doubts or pressure of being unaware of the system’s functionality. Thus those entities who do not conduct mock exams and jump towards directly assessing their students by online exams do not succeed in the long run.

Focus On The Audit Process

An online exam system should always have the features to record all the events of the online exam including student login, student navigation of question, exam start time, exam end time as well as time take to complete a particular section. This helps to ensure a proper trail and verification mechanism that enables the exam authority to verify in case of any malpractice.

The Final Thought

Online exams have become a boon for not even the school, universities but also for coaching institutes as well as corporates. Due to it being a technological invention it has some pitfalls that the users should not resort to for continuing to use the online assessment software. Looking for an online exam process that helps you to avoid these pitfalls? Pesofts is the best online software provider in Delhi as it provides software that has advanced features at affordable rates.

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