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How To Conduct Subjective Assessment Online

The beginning of a new academic session and the likelihood of the third CoVID wave hovering over the country has again encouraged educational institutions to conduct subjective assessments online.

Ever since CoVID had hit for the first time, the closing of educational institutions had resulted in the delay of the entire examination process. The same was handled with online exams, which were possible because of online examination software.

The software played a crucial role in enabling institutions to identify new ways of assessing students online and managing continuity of education irrespective of the lockdown. Changing the format of the examination and making the question’s objective was one way in which schools and colleges had assessed students online. The difficulty associated with subjective exams restrained them from conducting subjective Online Assessments Software.

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 How To Conduct Subjective Assessment Online

Today, the article deals with How To Conduct Subjective Assessment Online

But to ensure that all institutes imparting knowledge can easily assess students by way of objective and subjective examination, our article for the day deals with how educational institutes can conduct subjective assessment online.

How Can Educational Institutes Conduct Subjective Assessment Online
Students pre. CoVID era was often habitual of giving subjective exams wherein the schools and colleges prepared question papers in which they had to write long answers with formulas and diagrams. However, this had changed because of CoVID. Using online exam software for assessing students made it difficult for the educational institutes to set question papers wherein they could ask students to write subjective answers and preferred making online tests objective. Time was one such factor because educational institutions preferred conducting exams objectively than subjectively.

But with the improvisation in online examination software with time has made it possible for educational institutes to conduct subjective assessments online.

Following are the steps in which educational institutions can conduct subjective examination online with Pesofts online examination software:

Step 1: Sign Up Or Login Into Online Exam Software

The first and foremost step for accessing Pesoft’s online exam software is to sign up if you are a new customer and log in by adding your credentials if you are an existing customer.

Step 2: Add Questions

After you successfully log in, the next step in conducting subjective assessment online is to frame questions. Now there’s a catch here.

With other online exam softwares, you might only be able to add MCQ’s and not questions in other formats, and there might be limitations. However, with Pesofts online exam software, you can easily add questions that are not only MCQ’s but wherein students have to write long subjective answers, add formulas, create diagrams etc.

Questions of various disciplines can be automatically added in this software either manually or in a PDF format. This aids in creating an exam structure based on the type of questions, difficulty level etc.

Step 3: Use “Create Test Button” To Create New Test

According to uploading questions, the next step is to create the test by choosing “create test button finally”. While opting for this, the exam conducting agencies also have to set up certain test instructions such as the date and time when the test would be made available, the time within which the students will have to complete the test and whether the students will get an option to view their results immediately or at a later stage.

You can also define various marks regarding the questions you add in the online test and the time students are required to complete the same.

Step 4: Making The Test Live

After creating the test, educational institutions can make the test live as per their examination schedule. For the test takers to access the same, the institutes must provide them with unique credentials to log in.

Step 5: Ask The Students To Login With Unique Credentials

After they log in, they are required to undergo a verification wherein to prove their identity, and students are required to show their valid identification card to the online proctor. Not only the identity but to ensure that there is no impersonation, students also have to allow the proctor to click their image.

They get access to the test only after they allow the proctor to have access to their audio and video and after the test takers accept the terms and conditions as laid down by the authorities.

Once they fulfil the verification requirements, they can access the online test hassle-free.

While they are taking the test online, they can have a look at the entire question paper by navigating all the questions with the help of arrows.

Since the same is a mix of subjective and objective questions and requires to be completed within a stipulated time, the students can easily type all the answers. If they wish to add any formula or a diagram, they are free to do so with the various options available with the students on the online examination software. With Pesoft’s online exam software, test-taking online exams can easily upload pictures to make their exams more presentable.

A colour pallet is available that gives the students an idea as to how many questions they have completed and how many are yet to be completed. This aids them in keeping a tab on the questions they have attempted.

After the students are done, they can save their exam, or in case they are unable to complete the same within the stipulated time, the exam ends and gets saved automatically.

While the students are giving the online exam, Pesoft’s online exam proctoring software ensures that the test takers do not involve themselves in any prohibited acts by the examination authorities. By various forms of proctoring such as live online proctoring in which the proctor in real-time keeps an eye on the test takers or by recorded proctoring with which it records the entire video while they are taking the exam and saves it later for checking violations, the online exam proctoring software maintains the integrity of the online exam.
Coupled with maintaining examination integrity, the same creates a fear in the mind of the test takers that their exam would be cancelled if they involved themselves in unfair practices. It further assures the educational institutes that the exam is devoid of malpractice.

Step 6: Examiners Can Log In For Checking The Answers

After the students save the exam, all the answer sheets are automatically uploaded in the cloud of online examination software offered by Pesofts. Examiners can easily log in and check the answers accordingly at their convenience. For checking the MCQ questions based on the objective part, the software can itself do the job of checking the questions if the examiners add answers to the questions while creating the test.

All that the examiners have to do is assign marks to the questions, and the software will do its work of calculating the score of the students, creating a table and arranging the marks accordingly.

Step 7: Publish The Results

After the online tests are checked, the online assessment software aids the educational institutes by computing the results automatically without any human assistance. The same is provided in a detailed manner that aid the institutes in conducting an assessment to undertake various types of analysis based on the computed results.

The same aid the educational institutes in analysing the batch of students who have performed the best and need more attention.

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The Last Word
Conducting subjective assessments online was considered a task because of CoVID universities finding and exploring new ways to assess students online and ensuring that the tests they take are not rigged. Thanks to Pesoft’s online exam software available at reasonable prices, it has made it possible to assess students online without opting for a particular exam pattern.

To conduct a subjective assessment online, all you have to do is comply with the steps discussed in detail.

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