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How To Record Online Classes On Zoom


The new strain of the Omicron virus is again giving a signal to the entire world that virtual schooling and online classes are here to stay. In this scenario, it becomes important for the users to know how to record online classes on Zoom.

Recording online classes on Zoom is helpful for the students if they fail to attend the classes live and for businesses who cannot participate in the meeting live. Coupled with this, it is also helpful if long sessions result in people wanting to refer to certain specific segments later.

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 How To Record Online Classes On Zoom

Today, the article deals with how users can record online classes on zoom.

How To Record Online Classes On Zoom

They are recording online classes and providing them with the same latter aids the students to convert in-depth conversations into productivity-enhancing information that they can capture later. It also aids them in focusing on their goals and discussions without being distracted with taking notes as they get an assurance that they would be able to view the video after completing the class.

Here’s how you can record online classes on Zoom using the desktop or mobile apps.

Step 1: Create Meeting

The first and foremost step for recording online classes on Zoom that the host has to undergo is to create the meeting and let participants join it.

 Create Meetings

Step 2: Click On Record Button

While the host waits for the students to join the meeting, the user can click on the record button, which is available on the app to record the entire session. For the purpose of recording, there’s a catch here.

The users who use the app for free can record the meeting only on the device. However, the paid subscribers can record the session either on the device or the Zoom cloud. Thus based on the plan, the host can access this option.

To record the meeting by the participants, the record meeting button does not appear if the host has not allowed recording.

 Click On Record Button

Step 3: Pause or Stop The Recording

While the meeting is in progress, the user, after selecting the record meeting option, is required to make sure that they save the file in an appropriate folder on the device.

After the recording commences, users have the option of pausing or stopping the recording whenever they want to.

 Pause or Stop The Recording

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Step 4: Video Gets Saved

After the meeting ends, the recorded online class is available to the host in audio and a video.

  Video Gets Saved

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Step 5: Upload Your Recorded Online Class On Software For Online Classroom

According to the availability of the video, the host has an option of uploading the same on online classroom software.

 Upload Your Recorded Online Class On Software For Online Classroom

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The Last Word
These easy steps to be followed for recording online classes on Zoom go a long way in helping the students who take these classes in various ways.

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