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What is the online examination system and how you can use it?


The online examination system is attending and conducting exams digitally, without pen and paper. Online examination in a digital way made it simple for students and teachers also. Handling a student’s online test is easy to use as compared to the offline method.

Digital evaluation of reports, of students, is done within seconds. This statistics helps students analyze their performance in a particular test. There are lots of vendors in the market from which you can buy online exam software and conduct it own your own.

online examination system how to use it

Pesofts is one such online test software provider company, which has won clients trust and has been in the market from last many years. This software provides you the features of what an essential examination software should have. It can run in all types of resolution(devices).

Pesofts online examination software has an Android platform as well as the app for each client. This app helps teachers and students to analyze and give test anytime anywhere.

Moreover, We have the ability to customize design also features for the client, according to their need and specifications.

Next big Question is How to use online examination software.

how to use online examination system

1. Login :- Using online examination software is quite easy. Its app is just like using any other app.

Students need to create an account on the portal. They have to login through credentials, which they provide while registering.

2. Add-Test :- Next, you can add a test which you have to buy after registration.

After the test has been successfully adding in your account, you will have practice the test. You can check your performance anytime anywhere.

Pesofts and team have made even software, which is quite reliable and has a feature to conduct the online exam at any space. From years to years many educational institutions have been taking part in the pesofts journey to manage the online test.

We have the best server as compare to our competitors, and the server is secure, your data security is our responsibility. Once Data complete, We will hand over the database containing your content.

Service is a different very serious field, which we offer to our clients, through the WhatsApp group, through email. If any technical error occurs, we are instant to help you.

Hope this article is very helpful to you if yes you can learn more article like Online examination System Advantages and Disadvantages or how to choose the best online exam software provider and more.

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