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Online Examination System Advantages & Disadvantages


In this article we will tell you about online examination system merit and demerit with online exam software, Our online examination system generator will help educator and coaching to assist in taking exams and all of its processes.

You’ve decided to assist your students for online examination, as a convenience for easy practice, before all the examinations, which are being conducted Online & Offline.

People wonder how to have a good and futuristic examination system. Excellent thought! This article will show a brief overview that you will have to take for setting an examination method for your students.

online examination system advantage and disadvantage

Let’s discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages this system.

Advantages of online examination system:

1. Security:

One of the great features of this exam conducting system is that there is not any compromise with data security.

a.) Question paper leak is not possible at all.

b.) All can fully rely on the examination process over its security feature.

c.) Set of question papers are a lock in a security system that will only open at the time of examination.

2. Any Time Anywhere:

a.) You can give an online exam anytime anywhere. Report analysis can check anytime and can improve yourself.

b.) The major feature which adds up to the online examination, It is scalable over a larger region. It can serve a larger audience and has the potential to do so.

Technology made it very simple to use the online examination system.

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3. Paperless:

a.) No need for pen and paper, each time when you are giving the test.

b.) No need for individuals to check the examination papers of students.

c.) Thus the online examination system saves the Cost. The computer itself can check the answer and will generate the report.

4. Statistics:

a.) You can check progress on a single click. This enables you to track the report and progress of a child on a fingertip.

b.) Improvement in a child is checked through a progress report made by the software. All this system is embedded in a single software with proper order.

5. Time-saving:

a.) The online examination system reduces the wastage of time.

b.) As this provides us the feature of giving tests anytime anywhere, and according to students’ ease.

The above-mentioned points are the major advantages of the online examination system. Apart from this, there are more.

Disadvantages Of online examination system:

1. The world is going digital now, everybody prefers doing their work online.

It is not easy to check subjective answers of individuals, through software all the time and generate the statistics of answers.

2. Due to objective questions, there can be cheating done easily. Learn How to prevent cheating in exams.

3. Online examination system depends on the internet connection along with software If any of them fails students will not be able to give the exam, and the progress of examination data might be deleted, if the system off suddenly.

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