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Online Examination System Advantages & Disadvantages


Technological advancements in education in the form of online examination software with its advantages has given wings to the noblest profession in the country. Education is now not restricted to the four walls of the classroom and a blackboard due to its expansion.

Nowadays, the ones responsible for running educational institutions, universities want to have a good as well as a futuristic examination system due to which they prefer using software for online exams. Processes like admissions, examination, fee payment are now conducted online by educational institutes to track them down conveniently. The ones running coaching institutes also want to assist their students by giving practice mock tests before the students attempt their final exam.

Since there is so much demand for this software, it becomes crucial for us to be aware of its pros and cons. The article today deals with the merits as well as demerits associated with online exam software.

online examination system advantage and disadvantage

Let’s discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages this system.

Advantages of online examination system:

There are plenty of advantages that are associated with implementing examination systems at educational institutions. Discussed below are some of the benefits that can be accessed easily by switching to an online exam system:

1. Hihgly Secure: With software for the online exam, students get the much-required privacy & Security as there is no compromise with data that reduces the chances of any unethical practices.

For instance, meddling or untoward activities such as leak of question paper is not possible as there is no opportunity for malicious elements to game the entire system and thus produce erroneous results. The set of question papers is locked in a security system which one can access only at the time of examination.

2. Any Time Anywhere: Opting for software for assessment online gives the students an option of taking the online exam anywhere anytime. This feature is not only beneficial for the students but also for the institutions as it can and has the potential to serve a larger audience over a wide region.

The technology that goes into developing the software makes it user friendly. If you want to contact us for availing this mode of technology, Click here.

3. Pros Of Paperless: Throughout their education, it becomes crucial for the educational institutions to have an eco-friendly as well as forward-thinking approach. With an online system for assessment, the negative impact caused by the traditional pen and paper exams on the environment also reduces. The sheer amount of usage, as well as wastage of paper, get curbed too.

4. Analyse & Statistics : With software for the online exam, the analysis of results is easy and instant as it can provide the users with detailed analysis, ranking, subject-wise or topic wise analysis. This feature is also helpful to make decisions for the process of shortlisting the candidates.

The administrative task of manually preparing the result gets done away with. Not only this, but a compilation of ranks by this software ensures an error-prone result.

5. Most Of Time-saving: From students to the teachers, the process of creating, administering as well as evaluating tests is a time-intensive task. However, with an online examination system, the entire time that is involved in this process gets reduced.

Features such as addition as well as the import of questions, easy access to assessment for students, batch-wise evaluation permits the students as well as teachers to save the much required time that is otherwise wasted on non-crucial tasks.

Disadvantages Of online examination system:

Only Beneficial In Case Of Questions That Are In Objective Form
In this digital world, everyone prefers working online. With software for online exams, it becomes difficult for the teachers to check the questions that require answers in subjective format.

Possibility For The Students To Use Unfair Means: One of the main reasons for not conducting any competitive exam online is that universities fear that the students might use unfair means to cheat. The feature of online remote proctoring, however, ensures the teachers that online or traditional, students have no chance of cheating.

The presence of an online proctor keeps a check on the test takers while they attempt the tests and thus cancels the tests if it suspects any possibility of using unethical modes.

It Is Crucial To Have An Internet Connection: Giving a test online at the comfort of their home is a boon for those who take tests from locations where they have a stable internet connection.

On the other hand, this mode can be detrimental for the ones devoid of good internet connection. Further, if any student fails to arrange for the required speed of the internet, it becomes impossible for them to attempt this exam.

The Last Thought From The Author: Every technological invention comes with its advantages and its disadvantages. It depends upon us as to how we use the software in such a manner that we only make use of the benefits and get least affected by the demerits. At Pesofts, the developers can help you with this as they provide software for online exams in such a manner that the users feel least affected by the disadvantages.

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