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What Is The Best Online Teaching Software & Teaching App


Education is one of the biggest sectors that has been affected truly by digital technology. The introduction of artificial intelligence in this field has stretched the horizons of what people can now learn. Unlike conventional methods in recent years, apps have come up to revolutionize the way people can parse information.

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Earlier students had to rely on print material and notebooks that were a complete mess. They then shifted to using websites that were good but often confused the students. The rising popularity of digital teaching methods has made learning interactive for a learner who has the thirst to learn something at the grass root levels.

This has allowed the teachers to start classroom teaching at the comfort of their home and they can earn money using online teaching. Even the software developers have got a chance to develop online teaching apps having exclusive features. The increase in the supply of this often leaves the people who undertake to buy such apps in a dilemma as to which is the best.

They often tend to research the features that they should look into before opting to buy the app but aren’t able to get anything. Thus keeping this in mind, we’ve written an article below that can help them decide as to which is the best online app for teaching.

Tips And Tricks To How To Choose Best Online Teaching App?

It can be a little challenging to opt for the best app amongst the various available options. To make this complex process easy, look for the following features before making a purchase decision.

1. 24/7 tutoring: Students opting for eLearning always study at weird times of the day. It can be either 2 am or noon on a Sunday. Thus what becomes of utmost importance for this purpose is that an online mobile app should always have the feature of 24/7 tutoring so that the students can interact with the teachers whenever they want to.

For this purpose, there should be chatbots where the learners can raise their query and the instructor can respond to them in a jiffy. This so-called real-time messaging feature never lets the students feel isolated.

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2. Tutor Chat: To make the students, as well as parents, feel comfortable with their online tutor, an app should have the option of tutor chat. With this, the learners can talk before subscribing to the app that gives the students an extra sense of confidence in their tutoring decision. Thus an app should have the tutor chat ability to make the process seamless as possible.

3. Past lessons: It never means that learning is finished after the live lecture gets over. Students always want to come back to whatever was taught to review or revise. Thus for this purpose, it gets necessary for an app for online coaching classroom to have the feature where the students can see past lessons. This is also a great way for even the parents to see what was taught in the class so that they are confident of the future of their child is in the right hands.

4. Responsive: There are times when the learners do not have a laptop or access to their computers. Thus an app should be responsive. This means that it must be capable of being accessed via computers as well as smartphones. Further, it should always be a user-friendly app and available for Android as well as iOS systems.

5. Supportive Content Format: For maintaining the interest of the learners an app should always enable the teachers to opt for various modes and methodologies. It should also be supportive of any type of content format. The same can range from videos in any format from mp4 to documents in the form of Microsoft presentations to blogs. If in case the instructors want to, the app should also allow them to upload quizzes to any lessons they want to.

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6. Control Operations and Functions: The instructor should always have the power to manage the training lessons, control the exchange of content between the parties as well as offer certification or rewards for high performers. An app for online teaching should also enable them to customize the software as per their needs to meet the requirements.

7. Embedded Content: The instructors to explain any concept while teaching online often require a reference of certain videos from YouTube. Thus to support this, an app should have the feature of embedded content. With this, the ones teaching can upload the eLearning lessons with the authoring tool.

8. Restricted Lecture Viewing: One of the risks associated with an online teaching software is that the lessons get shared with others without any consideration If in case the app is hacked. Thus to handle this nuisance, an online app for teaching should have the feature of security. The secure socket layer attached to the app allows educators to create encrypted courses. With this only, the ones who have subscribed to the app can view the courses at the time.

9. Organizing Content In A Better Form: A sorted user-friendly online application makes the life of the users as well as instructors easy. This gives rise to another mandatory feature that is of the ability to organize content in a better form. However, another additional feature that is complementary to this is that the app should be user-friendly and not complex in nature.

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10. Choose From Various Available Options: An online coaching mobile app should always give the subscribers an option to choose the plan on the bases of their usage and affordability. However, they should always have an option of up-gradation at any time.

11. Creating Pre and Post-class Tests: The instructors should never be in a dilemma as to whether whatever they are teaching is being understood by the students or not. Thus to resolve this, an app should mandatorily have the option of creating as well as conducting pre and post-class tests.

The best part about this app is that after tests, the app generates a detailed report of each candidate. This can always help the tutor to use the same while giving feedback to the learner on their performance.

12. Accepts Any Mode Of Payment: The users in an teaching application should have the option of choosing courses as per their affordability. Further, the app should also support any kind of payments that are made through credit, debit cards as well as net banking. They should also be given the option to add money in the wallet with which they can make payments for any further requirement easily.

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13. Face To Face Interaction: To not make the students feel isolated an online coaching app should always have the feature that allows face to face interaction between the instructor as well as the learners. With this, the lack of physical touch is lessened.

The Final Thought

Thus if any online teacher opts for an app that has all these features, the probability of him climbing the ladder of success becomes 100%. But getting all these features in a single app might be difficult right? Don’t worry. Pesofts solves this dilemma by providing online teaching apps that have the most exclusive features at affordable rates. Not only this it also has other online tools too that can make anyone a king of online teaching.

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