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How Successful Has Virtual Classroom Software Been For Higher Education


The constant pressure for higher education institutions to increase student enrollments across the sector globally has resulted in the rapid growth of online college courses. For this many institutions have been opting for the technology available in the form of live classroom recording software to fulfil the alternative methods of education provided by them. Today, educators have resorted to using recording software for replicating the customary practice of teaching exactly as they did in a typical classroom with the online classroom tool.

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Today’s article is all about the role that software for virtual classrooms plays in higher education. We have made an aim to discuss how this tool can be used innovatively and have also attempted to explain the reason behind its success. But before proceeding to analyse the relation, let us first understand the concept which has made it possible for the colleges to bring online courses into reality.

Virtual Classroom Software: What Is It?

This software has made it possible for the colleges and universities providing higher education to give their students an option of choosing for online courses. Here the teachers get an opportunity to teach the learners face to face on a device such as a laptop or mobile irrespective of their location.

Role of Virtual Classroom Software In Higher Education

Earlier virtual conferencing software was used primarily to conduct as well as record online lectures. But nowadays, the advent of various features in this has resulted in synchronous communication between distance learners. This has resulted in better support of personal participation as well as for inducing arousal, motivation and also for letting the students perform better in a learning community. This has encouraged the instructors to resort to various innovative ways for using this tool. Some of them are :

Innovative Ways For Using Virtual Classroom

1. Combining traditional classroom with online students

An innovative way of using the concept of virtual classroom software is engaging the online students to take part in the tutorials by asking questions as well as communicating with the lecturer and fellow students. The best part about this software is that the sessions get recorded which later ensure that they can be used for revision purposes and also makes them accessible to students who were unable to attend.

2. Using tablets as well as other tools while teaching on the virtual classroom

In on-campus tutorials, the lecturer uses a whiteboard for solving the problems. This technical traditional technique can also be used for demonstrating the solutions using prescribed tools by using a virtual whiteboard. Furthermore, the presence of online lecture recording tool also records the part of using the board that acts as an excellent revision tool for the students.

3. Creation of presentations for students as well as assessment for courses delivered through classroom software

After the completion of the online lectures delivered via classroom tool, the instructors can use the feature of this virtual software to create presentations as well as assess the students. They can allow the students to create as well as review the live recorded lectures to prepare for the final examination.

Conclusion: Reasons Behind The Success Of Classroom Software In Higher Education

The future of virtual classroom software is bright in the arena of higher education. The presence of face to face interaction has made it possible for the students to believe in the fact that even distance education can be effective. As a result of this, at least one student out of three in the world has taken a step ahead to opt for completing their higher education.

The chat characteristic has enabled the students to overcome sound problems. Presence of the whiteboard helps in engaging the students as well as allows them to write the crucial words and also provide solutions to the questions. This also permits administration in the online classroom as the professors get the chance to control the audience, monitor the raised hands as well as allow the turns to speak.

The feature where the students have to give their feedback to the teachers enables the instructors to change their way of delivering lectures and using better techniques for improving the mode of teaching. All of these characteristics incorporated have made it possible for the students to complete their higher education without attending the college physically.

The promises of cost savings that result in economies of scale as well as fuels ongoing investment in online education is another major benefit to the universities. It is however not easy to find software that has all these features. But we at Pesofts provide software that makes it possible for the universities to give the students an option of online classes at affordable rates

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