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Online Teaching App Advantages & Disadvantages


Introduction of Educational Mobile App

Education was once equated with money and access to great education was a dream for many. The influence of technology on education has made it possible for the students to opt for e-learning. The advent of mobile phones, as well as other devices, have made it possible for the students to learn at their own pace and take their time for understanding things through mobile teaching apps.

The way every coin has two sides, in a similar manner every technological invention has merits as well as demerits. It just depends upon the way we use it. Thus to achieve a balance between the two extreme sides, let us understand the importance of mobile apps in education as well as disadvantages through an article. This would help us in maintaining a perfect balance.

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Benefits Of Online Education Teaching App For Teachers

Capable of being used on any device ranging from a laptop to computer to mobile phone, an app for online teaching acts like a magic wand for those who aim to study face to face with their teachers at the comfort of their home. Promoting Elearning with a live teaching app has been beneficial for the instructors who opt to teach through this. Let’s learn about this in detail:

Self Paced Learning: An online learning app allows the teachers to maximize the potential for individual learning curves and styles within the classroom. They can do this by embracing the learners with the real-world application of theory. The educators get the opportunity to harness the power of everyday technology for bringing educational theories into the classroom.

Online educational apps allow them to access self-paced learning with which they meet the scheduled targets. All of this gets more effective when teachers use the app that supports videos in any format. This can range from mp4 to documents in the form of Microsoft presentations to blogs.

1. Practicality: With an app for online teaching, the ones who teach can resort to other practical ways to make the learning incredible. They can create tests as well as quizzes with the help of a pre-existing or an ever-expanding question bank if the app permits automated creation of the same.

It also provides the teachers with the ability to track the submission of assignments given to the students digitally as well as reconstruct a course curriculum with the aid of a new course template. All of these practical benefits aid them in keeping the learners interested in online learning material.

2. Access to Training: Teaching online through an app gives the teachers a platform for updating and honing their approach towards teaching. The option where students can give feedback after every session helps the instructors to constantly change their teaching methodology. This can help them to deliver exceptional lectures that are understood by the learners in a manner that they can retain.

3. Assess The Students: The features that give the teachers the liberty to create pre and post-class tests are coupled with a feature detailed analysed result. With this, the instructors are never in a dilemma if the method they have adopted for teaching is suitable for the students or not or if it requires improvements.

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Benefits Of Online Teaching App For The Students

1. Enhances Interaction: The face to face interaction between the students and teachers by a live teaching app promotes engagement and interaction irrespective of the location. The learners never feel isolated due to the absence of physical presence between the two which thus adds value to the entire process of online learning. The feature of real-time messaging enables the subscribers to ask doubts from their instructors whenever they want to without any hesitation.

2. 24/7 Availability: Unlike school, the users of this app need not worry even if they miss any online class. The feature of the availability of recorded lectures enables them to visit and revisit any lecture that has been taught whenever they want to. With this, the learners can learn in a relaxed environment without any time boundations. Even if they want to, they always can maintain a balance between their work, life and studies.

3. Sustainability: Compared to the traditional learning methods that include papers, pencils and pens an online teaching app is more sustainable. In this form of learning, students can easily download reference notes after payment of some nominal amount or for free. This even prevents deforestation.

4. Keeps the Study Material Close To The Students: Children these days are fond of online studying and an online teaching app can make them achieve this. The instructors already undertake the responsibility to sync the notes with the app.

Availability of various reference notes as well as guides makes it easy to study on the mobile application only. Along with promoting segregation of study materials over the web, the learners are also close to it.

4. Activates Systematic Learning: With an online teaching application, the students can study for hours with the flow without even realising. The manner in which the lectures are delivered and the availability of reference notes on the app keeps their eyes glued to the screens which activate systematic learning. Completing a lesson with an app is much more effective than learning it in a traditional classroom.

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Disadvantages Of Online Educational App

Thinking of e learning as a mind dump from one person to another raises a presumption that an online experience would be the same. However we forget the fact that both learning and human beings are complex. And thus an online app for teaching gives us the following disadvantages:

1. Poor Logistics : While an online app for teaching looks as if it is available to anyone, however, in reality, it is not the case. Not all people have access to the internet or devices that are powerful enough to support online streaming. Some even lack the relevant technical skills as learners.

Irrespective of having all the necessary technology, there is a possibility that the video or audio has a poor quality. Even the material can be inconvenient or the tools are hard to use. This hampers the success of an elearning course. Proper tutorials are however a solution to this problem.

2. Lack Of Quality Feedback: One of the biggest drivers for any student’s progress is feedback. Studying from an online instructor often seems a setback to this progress. The teachers in this give feedback but do not have enough time to work with every learner properly by explaining everything to them in detail. Because of this, some students can fall behind due to gaps in their knowledge that can result in unsuccessful completion of their course.

3. Students Feel Isolated: A brick and mortar classroom is the best place where students can learn by interacting with their companions. There they can socialize, make new friends and also get to learn something additional from their professors. There is a direct human interaction between the learners and students in traditional teaching methodology.

However, on an app, the students have online chat rooms that enable them to ask questions from the instructors. The level of personal connection is not the way it is in a classroom which can make the students feel isolated.

4. Lack Of Motivation: Being able to study at your own comfort can often be disastrous. This is because those who study with an app do not find the motivation to study as well as organize themselves. They require high level of self discipline as well as self motivation for their own success.

The lack of clear deadlines on writing a term paper and the absence of a teacher to keep an eye on the report are the main causes behind this. Sometimes people often feel motivated to learn when they are around people and not when they are isolated.

5. Absurd Teaching Styles Of The Teachers: There are often cases where the teachers teaching online resort to absurd ways for delivering their lectures. It can range from walking around while teaching that makes it difficult for the students to copy whatever is written on the whiteboard or having poorly composed slides or notes. This often results in uninterested students and then they do not get any motivation to attend the lectures again.

The Final Thought

Along with saving the earth from deforestation, online learning has played a crucial role in empowering the students to progress. Even the teachers with this have the opportunity to teach at the comfort of their home. It provides them with the option of schedule flexibility. Even the cost-effectiveness associated with it acts as a cherry on the cake.

By inclusion of technology, learning has been made fun as the learners get a new platform as well as the opportunity to learn from celebrated educators elsewhere in the world via long-distance education. Thinking of resorting to live teaching apps for making the world a better place and wanting your app to have all the exclusive features at affordable rates? Don’t worry. Pesofts is here for you with affordable live teaching app at throwaway prices.

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