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Why Is Auto Proctoring Already A Rage In Education Sector


What started on a trial basis intending to replace human proctors has now become a go-to solution helping thousands of academicians & students in this pandemic to ensure continuity in examinations.
From eliminating the need to set up physical exams, online proctoring software has paved the way for conducting remote exams, expediting the evaluation process irrespective of the number of candidates & has empowered the educational sector to surmount all the obstacles that this pandemic had posed.
Until now, hiring invigilators was a significant aspect for all universities, colleges & other centre’s of learning worldwide, but with remote proctoring software, the scope of proctoring has evolved rapidly with its feature of notably supervising & having control over cheating.

Why Is Auto Proctoring Already A Rage In Education Sector

Reasons Why Online Proctoring Software Is A Rage

Proctoring in its varied manifestation has been the best alternative of human invigilators. The foremost consideration of every university conducting an online exam is to opt for software equipped with a proctor.
This trustworthy invigilator, known as a proctor, monitors students remotely by using a computer. The only requirement of this exam proctoring software is switching on the audio & video on the test taker’s computer. Proctor streams the real-time video on its system from start to finish to deter students from violating the assessment instructions.
In this pandemic, proctored exam software has become the choice of every educational institution due to various reasons discussed below:

Scalable System With Online Proctoring:

Software for auto proctoring has an inbuilt feature that enables it to handle hundreds of data points & vast numbers of test-takers at a given point of time, thereby making it capable of meeting the requirements of the large-scale examination. It is error-free monitoring, real-time tracking, and the capability to generate instant reports readily available for future use makes this type of assessment tool the best amongst other online exam software. The assessor’s burden is also reduced due to the software’s quality assurance & improved accuracy without compromising the score or integrity.

Deters From On-Screen Cheating

The main prerequisite for any student to be eligible to access the question paper in an online exam is to permit the proctored exam software to record its screen & have access to its microphone & camera. Without allowing the proctor to access it, no test taker attempting an online exam can even proceed with the online assessment.
Embedded with artificial intelligence, the auto proctoring software provides the examiner with exceptional benefits of securing the online exam process by limiting the students’ navigation to prevent on-screen cheating. The screen of the system on which the students give the exam gets locked after the students resume their online exam & they are also denied from accessing new windows/browser tabs or incognito window tabs. All the functions such as copy, pasting are blocked, and students are restricted from using keys such as (Alt+Tab/ Cmd+Tab/ 3-finger swipe). The software does not commence the test or immediately terminates it, disabling them from accessing the exam if it spots any synced device with the system.

Easily Configurable

Setting up software with any device often requires downloading some essential plugins to enable its practical function. But on the other hand, remote proctoring software gets configured easily without installing any plugin. All you have to do to enable the proctoring feature is, download the proctoring extension on your browser to make way for an auto proctoring mode without compromising the device’s functionality. Configuring your device with the proctoring feature does not need any human supervision in particular.

Negligible Errors

Humans are known to commit errors & mistakes, but a machine is developed to eliminate errors. Exam proctored software is equipped with Artificial Intelligence that aids the software to perform coherent work by sharing accurate predictions, measurable performance & insights backed with data. It does not make careless mistakes when it is overused & delivers the responsibilities entailed to it with utmost precision. It’s created in such a manner to deliver transparent performance & thereby reducing the margin for errors.

Eliminates The Need Of A Human Proctor

With online proctoring software, the education industry can successfully conduct exams from home in India without any help from humans. When a student logs in by inserting its credentials, the software verifies the identity of a student by asking for ID proof before allowing it to start the exam. After verification, the students can start their exams—the proctor in real-time streams to keep an eye on the test takers. If it notices any signs of malpractices, the proctor suspends the exam & disables the student from further continuing the test.

Saves Cost By Dispensing The Need To Arrange For Infrastructure or Logistics

With everything online & enabled with Artificial Intelligence, a remote assessment proctoring system eliminates the need to arrange for physical exam centres & human resources to make the conduction of examination successful. This reduces expenses exponentially that are anticipated to be incurred while arranging for infrastructure to conduct the exam. Online proctoring also does away with the need for human intervention & saves the expenses incurred for hiring invigilators.

Secures Your Exam

Besides providing security from students resorting to unfair means, remote proctoring software also secures the examiner from the data breach, privacy risk & security risks. Developers ensure that the software cannot be hacked by unethical hackers & installs multi-factor authentication to add an extra level of security to the login mechanism. With this, only the correct & authorized users can access the accounts. Any exchanged data is secured & encrypted with the latest Secure Socket Layer Encryption & has the latest chippers to support secure transmission. The highly secure cloud platform for storing & computing data ensures that all candidate & client information, including the personal information of candidates & examiners, is encrypted & safe.

Easily Customizable

To meet online testing needs, proctored online software is easily customizable. Depending upon the stake involved in an exam, the examiner can set the custom settings as per the need. At fundamental levels, the test conducting authority can record the exam screen in real-time through a webcam. Anyone can take the test environment in case of an online certification examination to a higher notch by customizing the settings accordingly. In exams that demand stricter cheating detection features, the examiner can make settings accordingly.

The Last Word
The next-generation advantages that online exam proctoring software offers in fairness, ethics & progressiveness to any online exam have made this a rage in the education industry. It has completely transformed the education sector in 2021 by automating work, increasing scalability, effectiveness & accuracy for measuring examination.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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