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Impact Of Online Assessment On Education Sector In 2021


Technology has had a positive impact on the education sector in 2021 as Coronavirus has completely changed the mode of imparting education & assessing students. The Indian education system, in due course of time, has experienced many twists & turns in the teaching methods, syllabus taught, and the process of assessing students. The introduction of learning management tools such as online assessment management system exam has acted as a boon by enabling the examination conducting agencies to schedule assessments & conduct them securely & in an authentic manner anytime.

Research also shows that students, even before the advent of Coronavirus, were more interested in opting for the mode of online assessment rather than pen & paper test due to prompt results, immediate feedbacks & flexibility offered by it to take the exam at the comfort of their home. However, an online exam management system granted students’ wishes as universities resorted to conducting their assessment online & themselves feeling the impact.

Impack Of Online Assesment On Educational Sector In 2021

Keeping this background in mind, let’s analyze the impact of online examination software on the educational sector in 2021.

Let’s analyze the Impact Of Online Assessment

Assessing students in this environment where the universities had to declare midterm results & also adhere to the CoVID norms looked stressful until industries resorted to the best online assessment software.

Let’s understand how it has impacted the people associated with the education sector:

A Move Towards Achieving Quality Assessment Standards:-

While teaching, it is essential to give an accurate picture of where the students stand & this makes assessing a crucial aspect of the education system. Thus, it becomes necessary to create the assessment at par with the quality standards for this purpose. To match the criteria, the content should strictly comply with the syllabus, and the content is simple, clear & easily understandable. It must also achieve levels of 100% accuracy as well as grasp a student’s interest.

When exams were created by teachers physically, it often became difficult to achieve quality assessment standards. However, with the e-assessment software, this education sector can make this a reality. Teachers can conveniently add questions in any format such as MCQs, long answer type questions, etc.

To bring in the element of creativity & the involvement of technology ensures flawlessness. Adding the questions does not involve any rocket science & the same can be added either manually or automatically. The software also allows them to set the time within which the students have to complete their examination and the time when the same has to go live.

Removed The Clouds Of Uncertainty By Enabling Institutions To Conduct Mid Term/Entrance Examinations

The unprecedented advent of CoVID & the uncertainty associated with it in the form of pending entrance exams and semester assessments severely impacted students, thereby making stress & anxiety a regular part of their lives. However, the virtual exam platform, which enabled the educational institutions to conduct exams from home in India without calling the students physically, has acted as sunlight over the clouds of uncertainty prevailing over the students.

The easy-to-use system for exam management enables all the teachers who are not very much aware of technology to create assessments easily without any training. Also, the fact that the best online exam software has the feature of delivering prompt results as soon as the students complete their exam acts as a cherry on the cake by further relieving the test takers from result anxiety.

Prompt Feedback Enables Educational Institutions To Follow The Method Of Formative Assessment

Feedback from teachers after attempting an exam is critical as this helps the students to have an insight into the areas where they lack. After this, they can efficiently strategize their curriculum accordingly & also put more effort into a particular topic. This process of giving feedback to every student was time-consuming as the teachers had to examine every answer sheet to get a view of the same.

Still, now with the advent of exam proctoring software, teachers can give prompt feedback, making it possible to adhere to formative assessment. The examination platform analyzes detailed reports by giving rank-wise, subject-wise words of all the students in all the aspects, making it possible for the teachers to assess the performance of every test taker quickly & in-depth.

Option Of Attempting Exam At The Comfort Of Their Home Is Beneficial For Teachers & Students

Nowadays, no matter how bad the situation of Coronavirus is, a virtual examination management system has made it possible for educational institutions to assess the students through remote proctoring. The feature of proctoring in online exam proctoring software plays the role of an invigilator & deters the students from using unfair means in online exams. It caters to all forms of cheating that a student can resort to, which ensures the authenticity of online exams & also eliminates the barrier of conducting an exam with all the CoVID restrictions.

The software’s responsiveness to be compatible with all the devices & operating systems also relieves the students from arranging for a particular device they might not own. They are cleared from the obligation to spend their parent’s hard-earned money by purchasing a compatible device only for a specific exam.

Enables Students To Prepare For Various Entrances By Purchasing Online Mock Exams

All the significant entrances now follow the pattern of computer-based exams, but some students are still not well-versed with this mode & thereby restrain themselves by not filling the form. However, virtual exam software has a solution to this problem too. All these students, to gain confidence, can purchase the virtual mock exams before they attempt the final exam to be well-versed in the entire methodology of giving a computer-based virtual exam.

Online coaching institutes can also create various mock exams on particular subjects, topics & make them available on their website that students can purchase after paying the requisite amount. The students do not have to make payment only through a particular mode & have the option of paying through various methods such as UPI, Credit Card, Debit Card, or Net Banking.

Delivery Of 100% Accuracy Unbiased Results

With free online exam software, students can expect 100% accuracy in results. When creating the online exam, the admin can add answers to the questions and mark the tests’ criteria. The system after that ensures that there is transparency in standards with an unbiased & impartial system of grading.

Increased Authenticity Of Online Certification Programmes

Online exam management software has added to the credibility & authenticity of online certification programs. Earlier it was a common perception that students get online certificates of any program by using unfair means to pass the test online. There wasn’t any mechanism to keep a check on them while they were attempting the final exam.

However, now with proctoring exam software, this uncertainty has been ruled out. All the bodies offering online certificate courses can get an online exam software consisting of basic features at costs suitable to the budget & this acts as a significant factor for increasing the virtual certification programme’s authenticity.

The Last Thought
The sudden increase in the demand for online assessment software is proof of the innumerable advantages that educational institutions have experienced by assessing students online. From helping to achieve quality assessment standards to prompt delivery of results to increased credibility of e certification programs, virtual exam management systems have positively impacted all the intermediaries associated with the educational sector in 2021.

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