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Is Conducting Online Examination Easy


The advent of CoVID’s second wave has caused significant havoc yet again. Postponement of class 12th Board Exams & competitive exams is proof that there’s no chance of any examination board conducting exams physically.

All of us know that delaying these exams would majorly impact the academic schedule. So what one do in such a scenario? One option is using software for online examination. But another question that pops up in your mind is, “Is it easy to conduct online exams?”.

is conducting online exam easy

Hold your thoughts & stop right there. This article is for you. We’ve tried to answer all your doubts by explaining how you can conduct exams & the advantages that you’ll get by conducting exams virtually.

Let’s start with the first question of how you can conduct exams with Pesofts online assessment platform. Once you get clarity with this, it’ll be easy to chalk your way out further.

How To Make & Conduct Online Exams with Online Exam Software

When you opt for assessing students online with Pesoft’s software, you have the option of conducting exams online by creating a test on your software & making it available at a particular point of time by making the appropriate settings for the same. Let us get to know the steps that are to be followed:

Step 1: Login/ Sign Up with Pesofts Software for Assessment Online

To access our online exam portal, the first thing you have to do is sign up on our portal by filling in the required information. Once you’ve filled up the necessary details, our team would contact you & offer you a free trial. Pesofts doesn’t believe in imposing anything.

We give you the opportunity of accessing our entire software with all the features for free. If you like it, you can go ahead with making the payment by choosing a suitable plan. Once paid, you’ll get access to our software.

The best thing about our system for online exams is the white-labeled feature that makes you the master of your software for virtual assessment. You won’t see our name anywhere. We promise.

Step 2: Insert questions Either Manually or Automatically

Once you get access to our software, it’s time for you to create the exam. Before adding questions, it is of utmost importance to choose the exam subject, the time at which you want the students to access the test & the day too. If you’ve done this, now you can frame questions in any format, be it MCQs or formula-based or image-based questions. Questions can be added in both formats, manually and in a PDF form, automatically.

Step 3: Create The Test by selecting the “Create Test Button”

After you’ve uploaded the questions, the next step involves creating the test by choosing the “Create Test” button. Before clicking on the button, don’t forget to fill in the answers to the questions. That’s also necessary.

When the students attempt these tests online, they can navigate easily with the arrow buttons. The answers that they mark are displayed in different colored tiles & therefore, this lets them keep a tab on the number of questions they have to attempt.

Step 4: Make The Necessary Test Settings

You have the liberty to set up necessary instructions such as the time at which the test will be available, the duration within which the students will have to complete the test & the day at which it would be available. With these settings, the test would automatically get over & students will no longer have the option of attempting it after the stipulated time limit.

Step 5: Give Students Access to the Unique ID & Password for giving exams.

Give your students unique ID & passwords to get access to the tests. After they log in with the credentials given by you, they’ll have to submit their ID & undergo the essential security checks by allowing the software to access their camera & microphone. Once the necessary formalities are over & the proctor verifies the student’s identity, they’ll be able to start the test.

If in case the students experience some unexpected problem, they do not have to worry. Pesofts’s 24/7 customer support will figure that out for them. The exam would immediately pause at that time & once the problem resumes, they’ll start from where they left. Test takers would also have a complete view of the entire question paper when starting with the test. Further unlimited number of students can attempt the test at a particular point in time. Our software is capable enough to handle the load.

Step 6: View Results After The Completion of Test

After the students complete their test, the software generates a report based on the answers that you have saved & after comparing it with the options opted by the test takers. The choice is yours. You can either let the students see their score after they complete the test or if that’s not what you want, the software will prepare a detailed report of every student, which you can display whenever you want. The detailed information would also give the exam conducting agencies an analysis of the overall performance.

Now since you know the process, conducting exams online seems easy, right?

Let’s talk about some of its advantages too, to convince you even better.

Benefits That You Can Avail With Our Software For Virtual Exam

Cost Efficient: So, after learning about the process, the very first thing that would’ve come to your mind would be the expenses that you will have to incur while setting up the entire exam system. Don’t worry. When you decide upon making some investment, getting this thought is normal. Don’t stress too much. You can freely choose amongst our various software for online assessment available as per your needs. But be assured of the fact that you’ll get basic features in every pack. You can also get your software tailored as per your needs. Checkout the price for online exam software.

Easy to Use: You do not have to worry about learning any particular language to use our virtual examination software. It’s easy to use & can be understood without being a person well versed with technology. Trust us, the software for assessing students online is that easy to use. However, after you opt for our subscription, our team would give us a demo.

Students Have No Chance of Cheating: Our software has a proctoring feature that deters students from resorting to means not permitted during the exam. Once the student gives access to the software, they are restricted from opening any window other than the exam window. The proctor keeps an eye on them throughout & records the entire proceedings when they give the exam. If the test takers still resort to cheating, their test gets canceled automatically.

Security: The software is encrypted with a secure socket layer that secures your software from any attack from unauthorized hackers. You are free to store your data without worrying about piracy attacks.

The Last Word
Times are difficult yet again & none knows when things would fall back in place. However, this shouldn’t be a factor in letting the students suffer. When Pesofts has software for online exams developed keeping in mind the student’s interest and the teachers, why not use that?

We at Pesofts are there for you at every step. If you have any queries, we assure you to resolve them within a short period. Just lend us our hand & we will ensure you put ten steps forward for the students & the educational institutes.

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