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Challenges of Blended Learning – Traditional Learning | Advantage’s & Disadvantage’s


Over the past decade, the expansion of the global workforce, and the continuous shifting of global economic factors, has to lead to the explosion of countless programs and tools in the field of education.

New ways have arisen to deliver, enhance and assess content in a manner where students get the environment of a traditional classroom mixed up with new types of online learning tools such as online exam software or virtual classroom software in the form of blended learning.

blended learning

This new type of learning, however, poses various challenges that have been discussed below with solutions. Before proceeding further, let us first understand the term blended learning.

Understand What Is Blended Learning?

Blended Learning is a teaching method that combines the imparting of traditional face to face teaching with the technology. The instructors in Blended Learning teach the students beyond the classrooms by using digital resources.

Challenges and Solutions To Blended Learning

In a blended environment, it is often difficult to keep track of the participant’s progress One of the biggest challenges in blended learning is trying to keep track of all the pieces of the participant’s progress.

If we do not do this, there is often a possibility of the participants being lost in cyberspace in case they do not have an understanding of what they have completed. Thus to overcome this, the organizations must assess all the components of instructions imparted by monitoring, tracking and use assessment to ascertain their growth.

This is when an online exam software can seep in for the rescue. With this software, you can assess the students online, and the quick detailed result analysis helps the teachers to know the lack areas of every participant.

Is Blended learning and traditional classroom training both are same?

Traditional Learning

No, Blended learning is not as active as traditional classroom training – Students are often attracted to conventional classrooms. This is because they believe it is easy to learn successfully face to face than online. They are under a belief that brick and mortar classrooms give them the option of expressing their behavior, efforts, and participation in a better manner.

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To overcome this obstacle, the teachers should resort to virtual classroom software by which the teachers can teach as well as students can learn online anytime and anywhere. The raise hand feature enables the students to get the attention of their teachers for asking questions.

On the other hand, the characteristic of the count down timer makes the attendees aware of the time that is remaining before the beginning of the live classes. With the attendance report feature, the instructors also get an attendance report of the attendees.

Check out the Blended Learning Advantage & Disadvantage

It isn’t effortless to create an active self-paced learning environment

Self-pacing is built on the idea that some students require more time to learn skills than others. In a blended learning environment, it often happens that some students who are great at self-management flourish while some who cant cope up fall further behind.

This leads to a highly unequal classroom where some students learn fast and independently, whereas unsuccessful students fall quickly and feel lost and lonely. Thus to overcome this kind of inequality, the instructors should focus on the weak areas of every student by employing computer based test spftware through which the teachers get a detailed result on every aspect of the examination.

Blended Learning Can Undermine The Authority Of The Teacher

Digital tools in the classroom make it easy for the students to sit in front of pre-made instructional videos with an endless stream of pre-written questions but can often restrict the authority of the teacher. This is because using outsourced content means educators taking a back seat and students questioning the existence of a teacher in the classroom.

However, the educator’s value can be sustained through the use of various online tools such as quiz maker software. With this, teachers can use online tools to conduct quizzes efficiently. Still, the entire authority from doing the exam to choosing the format of questions remains with the teachers only.

All The Participants Are Not Successful In Using Technology

The accessibility of learning technologies often motivates instructors to use too many complex technological programs to make themselves appear trendy. The participants often do not take them seriously as they run into technical difficulties that are not fixed quickly. To minimize this, the instructors should resort to using the simplest possible online tools to make their point.

The Final Thought

Thus to overcome this, the instructors should infuse such types of technologies in the classrooms that are not just convenient but which enhance the quality of the learning experience of students. Looking for tools that help you to create an environment of blended learning successfully? Don’t worry. We at Pesofts offer online software having multiple features that can help you to create a comfortable atmosphere for learning.

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