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Disadvantages of Teachmint App


Ever since this pandemic has entered our lives, institutes providing education have been looking for various methods, tips and software for ensuring continuity in education for effective and efficient online classes.An increase in the demand for an app for online classrooms currently has resulted in an increase in the number of providers for online classroom app. This has not only resulted in an increased number of unscrupulous online classroom app providers but is also acting as a hurdle in online education.

Therefore, keeping this into mind, in our article today, we’ve made an attempt to list out the disadvantages which one of the app providers, Teachmint has to offer to its users. Before we delve further into the disadvantages of the Teachmint app, let us understand what this app is about.

The teachmint app for an online classroom is a platform that facilitates online teaching. The developers of this app claim it to be a one-stop solution for educational institutions to conduct live classes, managing to teach online. It further claims to enable the teachers the tools to share lessons that are engaging, keeping the students updated and building a classroom virtually.

Disadvantages of Teachmint App

However, all these claims and advantages as Teachmint portrays are false and instead of helping teachers and educational institutions to consider teaching online a piece of cake, it makes online teaching complex and difficult.

Disadvantages Of Teachmint App For Online Classroom

While Teachmint claims to provide an array of benefits, listed below are some of the disadvantages that this app has to offer to its users:

1. Disrupted Live Classes and Faulty Live Class Recording

  • Live classes in these times are the only manner in which teachers can communicate with students and students can communicate with their mentors for clearing their doubts and getting their queries resolved in the middle of teaching.
    But imagine the trauma which both of them will have to face if there are numerous disruptions during online classes. These disruptions will frustrate the entire idea behind online teaching and that’s what Teachmint App has in store for all its users.

    It claims that using their app for online classrooms enables teachers to manage their classroom efficiently and record the live classes while teaching, but in reality, all its users face is endless disturbances.

    Whereas on the other hand, with the Pesofts app for the online classroom, live classes are just a click away. Without any difficulties, teachers can invite students to the class, record the classes as well as have a command on muting the students.

2. Complex To Set Up

  • Whenever educational institutions are looking for the best app for an online classroom, they always wish to purchase an app which they can set with the blink of an eye.
    The Teachmint app for virtual classroom claims that unlike other online classrooms platforms, it’s not complex or sophisticated, but the reality is something else. Leave alone providing an exemplary user experience, the technical jargon which any person has to encounter while setting up this app is so high that users give up in the midst of setting up only.
    However, Pesofts app for Online Classroom has been developed with an aim to ensure user-friendly experience and keeping our motto in mind, our App for Virtual Classroom is easy to use and can be set up easily. Furthermore, instructors with our app can effortlessly organise and schedule the classes, notify the students about the same and also create a timetable.

3. Expensive

  • Educational institutions while purchasing an online classroom app often think that the huge list of benefits that this app provides makes it costly and the price at which Teachmint App for Online Classroom is available instils their faith into believing that the app is expensive.
    That’s not the case with Pesofts App for the online classroom as it is developed for teachers and students belonging to various economic strata and therefore is available at a very reasonable price.

4. Difficult To Share Content

  • The absence of physical classes makes it very important for the Online Classroom App to have a feature of content sharing. It is only because of this that teachers can share all the relevant content related to their subject such as PDF, PPT’s, notes etc.
    Although Teachmint claims that with its App, teachers can easily share assignments, study material and other important documents with the click of a button, the reality is something else.
    On the other hand, sharing content on Pesofts App for Online Classroom is not only easy but there are no restrictions on the number as well as the size of the files that can be shared in one go.

The Last Word

I’m sure this article has convinced you of opting for the best app for online classrooms instead of purchasing the Teachmint App for Online Classroom and ruining your teaching experience. Pesofts app for online classrooms is the right tool for all educational institutions to reach a large number of audiences with utmost efficiency and minimal expenditure.
Pesofts equips teachers, students and educational institutions with all the features that are imperative for conducting an online class and teaching students effortlessly. Features such as online whiteboard, automated grading and attendance as well as ease of conducting online tests aids them to only focus on one of the most important aspects which are teaching.
Thus, Pesofts app as compared to Teachmint aids the educational institution for even acing online classes with its easy to use teaching app.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question 1: What is an app for an online classroom?
    Answer 1: CoVID times have brought everything to a halt including teaching. However an app for an online classroom in this time has acted as a bane by enabling the educational institutions to easily teach students online.
    With this app, an educational institution can easily conduct online classes. All they require for this purpose is a device coupled with a decent internet connection. The app for the virtual classroom has all the features that are imperative for teaching such as an online whiteboard, the ability to control who can enter the class and who cannot.
  • Question 2: Which is the best app for an online classroom?
    Answer 2: The increased demand for teaching online has resulted in the rise of scrupulous apps for online classroom providers. However, to search for the best amongst the innumerable providers is a task and let’s simplify it for you.
    Pesofts App For Online Classroom is the best app to conduct classes online. The app has all the features that are required for teaching students virtually. Coupled with the features, the price at which the app is available is affordable and the after-sale service that pesofts provide is commendable.
  • Question 3: What benefits does the Pesofts app for online classrooms provide?
    Answer 3: Let me assure you of this, purchasing Pesofts app for online classrooms will be very beneficial. Some of its advantages are:
    1. Online Whiteboard: The feature of online whiteboard lets the teachers teach in the same manner they used to when they taught physically.
    2. Automated Attendance: Once the students join the class, their attendance gets recorded automatically and the teachers do not have to take extra efforts to record the attendance.
    3. 24*7 Service: Pesofts assures you of the best after-sale service one can ever get. The moment you raise your complaint our grievance redressal team consisting of experienced individuals who are available 24*7 makes all the efforts for a speedy resolution.
    4. Affordable: Our app for online classrooms is available at affordable rates and comes in many packages ranging from standard to moderate to POSH packages. Even our standard package which is available at a decent price consists of all the features that are necessary for teaching students online.
  • Question 4: How Should I Use Pesofts Online Classroom App?
    Answer 4: For teaching students online, all you need is a decent internet connection and a device (be it a mobile phone or a laptop) for downloading Pesofts Online Classroom App from the Play Store. After installing the app, the next step is signing into it by adding your mobile number. Pursuant to this, you have to choose your role, for example, if you are a teacher or a student or admin. After choosing your role, you’ll be able to use all the features that are provided by Pesofts Online Classroom App and can successfully conduct an online class.
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