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Online Proctoring And Protecting Student Privacy


The never-ending global crisis by way of CoVID has resulted in making the entire world virtually active and one sector that has undergone drastic changes during the virus is the education industry.Online proctoring for educational institutions and protecting student privacy can become the best of both worlds if the universities opt for software for online proctoring which is Artificial Intelligence based and secures the privacy of students.

Schools and colleges to ensure continuity in education have switched from the traditional mode of teaching and assessment to the digital mode and this has made the students concerned about invasion of their privacy.

Amidst the increase in institutions resorting to online proctoring software to assess students, universities are also facing the brunt of resistance by test takers to give themselves to a proctor and allow it to click their picture, access their microphones, store their identity card and invigilate them while they give the online exams.

The queries of being under a watchful eye of a webcam making them feel uncomfortable is completely understandable, but educators in these difficult times can only find online proctoring software as the best solution to conduct large scale online exams without any fear of students resorting to using unfair means.

Online Proctoring And Protecting Student Privacy

One such software which can offer the best of both worlds in terms of accurate proctoring is Pesofts Software For Online Proctoring and today’s article is how Pesofts can along with being beneficial for educational institutions also ensure non-violation of a student’s right to privacy.

Pesofts Software for Online Proctoring: Best of Both World for Educational Institutions for Protecting Student’s Privacy

To protect privacy, confidentiality and integrity of the personal information submitted by the test takers, Pesofts Online Proctoring Software consists of a comprehensive security program. By employing safeguards that are administrative, technological and physical, our team while developing the software has the motto of overcoming various risks such as unauthorized use or access or disclosure which is unintended or inappropriate. The privacy policy adopted by us is such that it would not share, sell, disclose or use student information for the purpose of advertisement.

Keeping this background into consideration, let’s delve further into how Pesofts Software for Online Proctoring can act as a best of both worlds for universities and protecting student’s privacy:

● No Student’s Profile Without Authorization:

Without proper supporting authorization from parents or students or for educational/ school purposes, Pesofts online proctoring software does not create profiles of the students based on the information which the proctor asks for before starting the exam. Furthermore, none except the admin has access to the data stored in the online proctoring software which reduces the possibility of sharing student’s personal information with 3rd party? Complete data protection is ensured by Pesofts.

● No Change in Privacy Policy without Providing Notice to Account Holders:

Pesofts would never change the privacy policy of its software without making the account holders aware of the same. Even before verification of ID the proctor takes the permission of a test taker and only clicks a picture of the same after the test taker agrees to give consent.

● Artificial Intelligence Enabled Automated Proctoring:

To eliminate the creep factor associated with human proctoring and to ensure the least intrusiveness, our software for online proctoring is equipped with AI-enabled automated proctoring. This not only eliminates the conflicts that are associated with human proctoring but also makes the students feel safe while they are taking their exam and reduces the wait time by enabling the test takers to take tests anytime, anywhere. Even while the proctor is recording the audio and video trails of the students, the software by using a blue frame recording ensures absolute transparency.

● Eliminates The Need To Install Plug-in:

To use online proctoring software by Pesofts while giving an online assessment, students do not have to download any additional browser or a plug-in. We know that downloading numerous plug-in makes your device susceptible to viruses. By eliminating the need to install plug-in or software, Pesofts takes care of it.

● Erases Data Automatically After A Stipulated Time:

Until and unless the admin specifically does not save any personal data of the test takers for proof, the software automatically erases the data stored during the exam within a stipulated time.

The Last Word

The CoVID lockdown has caused a revolution of such a kind that proctoring or invigilation now is no longer restricted to be conducted at a scheduled time and at a given physical exam centre/ campus. This has although resulted in demand for the online proctoring software but has also raised serious privacy concerns.

Thereafter to address them and ensure that students take the online exam freely without any stress, every educational institution should use Pesofts Software for Online Proctoring which is designed specially to ensure protection of student’s privacy and confidentiality of their personal data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What Is An Online Proctoring Software?

Answer 1: Online proctoring software enables universities to assess students online by using the state of the art monitoring software for invigilating the test taker. To avoid any objectionable instances, the software uses a combination of audio and video and enables students to take an exam remotely at the comfort of their homes. However, there is a proviso to this which is that the environment for taking exams should be complacent.

Question 2: What Is Best Software For Online Proctoring?

Answer 2: Pesofts software for live proctoring is the best online proctoring software. It is a comprehensive platform that is designed by its exam software developers having expertise in their field who combine the power of Artificial Enabled automated proctoring and human monitoring and intervention. The availability of all the requisite features helps educational institutions to deter cheating. Coupled with this, the universities also get the benefit of administering secure end to end exams anytime, anywhere.

The robust technology which is instilled in the online proctoring software is scalable and cost-effective. The proctor empanelment and monitoring process with other features make it the best online proctoring software.

Question 3:What is the Benefits That One Can Get by Opting for Pesofts Online Proctoring Software?

Answer 3:Our users get innumerable benefits when they opt for Pesofts Online Proctoring Software. Some of them are listed below:

● Seamless Candidate and Admin Experience (User-Friendly): Our platform consists of certain UIs that make the software easy to manage and navigate. Users can quickly post an introduction coupled with a detailed walkthrough which adds flexibility for the users. Along with accessing the platforms, users can also use their proctors.
● Seamless Integration: Online proctoring exam software easily fits into the existing system be it an app, website session and test engine which requires proctoring. Available by way of an app, users can easily proctor all the candidates on all the web-based platforms during an assessment. The proctoring can also be added to your mobile exam/assessment applications.
● Affordable: The wide range of online proctoring software available by Pesofts is available at budget-friendly rates that meet the budget and scale of every educational institution. There is absolutely no need for our users to incur any overhead costs for administering the tests.
● Internationally Compiled Standards for Data Security: Pesofts offers its users robust data security by using various methods such as data encryption and secure data hosting.

Question 4: How Does Pesofts Online Proctoring Software Work?

Answer 4:For using the proctored exam, users first have to:
Step 1: Enter their details such as Login ID & Password in the customizable fields.
Step 2: The candidate then clicks his picture and provides access to their microphone to the proctor
Step 3: The next step is verifying the ID proof to match the candidate’s identity who applied for the test and who is taking the test.

They should have a capable device that is supported by the software with a stable internet connection. The device should have a good webcam and a microphone.

We assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

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