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How To Choose The Best Vitual Classroom Software


Structured learning guided by an expert has been the main reason for the survival of classrooms for all these centuries. But the advent of technology in the form of virtual classroom software has allowed the learners to benefit from the expertise of an online instructor. The 21st-century campus report states that 61% of institutions offer virtual learning. Also, 53% of students have taken classes that offer virtual learning. This factor has lead to the growth of virtual classroom software providers.

how to choose the best classroom software

However, the main problem that arises is that the abundant supply has made it difficult to choose amongst the best ones. The users often get confused as they are not aware of the features that they should look into before buying a virtual classroom software. Thus to solve this difficulty, the article below deals with the things that one should consider for an ideal virtual classroom software. However, before proceeding further, we must understand the concept of this.

Virtual Classroom Software: What Is It?

virtual classroom software what is it

Virtual classroom software is a learning environment that supports online interactions as well as educational activities between instructors and trainees. This software has made it possible for the teachers to impart instructions to their students beyond the four walls of traditional classrooms. With this, the value of online learning has increased as this platform gives the teachers opportunities to address the needs of the students.

Features To Consider While Choosing Best Virtual Classroom Software:-

what features should you consider before buying virtual classroom software

1. Option To Schedule As Well As Launch Live Classes

The choice of opting for live classes is a significant factor while choosing the virtual classroom software. This is because anyone who resorts to this method for imparting education is at liberty to conduct classes at any time of the day at the convenience of their home.

2. Tablet/ Mobile Support

A software that can be accessed from any device, be it a mobile or a tablet on any operating system from android to iOS, enables the teacher to conduct their classes without any interruption on any device. Further, even the students can join the live classroom on a laptop or mobile. This responsiveness feature promotes learning without the hindrance of any specific device.

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3. Theme Customisation

An ideal classroom software should have the feature of theme customization. With this, the user gets an opportunity to create the theme of the classroom as well as colors as per their wishes.

4. Available In Multiple Language

An virtual software that is available in multiple languages enables the ones attending the live classes to change the interface language as per their mother tongue. This option should be in such a place that they can locate it quickly and access it with the click of a button.

5. Attendance Report

The feature of providing an attendance report enables the instructor to easily as well as quickly obtain relevant data. They can collect data related to the duration as well as in and out the time of the students. Not only this, but the instructors are made aware of the attendance report of the attendees.

6. Countdown Timer

The option of a countdown timer enables the attendees to be aware of the time remaining before the beginning of the live – online classes. With this, the students get an idea of the time remaining and can ask their doubts accordingly.

7. Secure Socket Layer

A Online software encrypted with a secure socket layer creates a trusted environment where the attendees feel confident in opting for the course. This feature is an online classroom software that also enables the users to encrypt the custom hostname that improves safety as well as the trust of the consumer.

8. Backup

The backup feature aids the teachers in storing the data of the students as well as their performance. With this, even the live classes get recorded by which the viewers or learners can view it again.

9. Interactive Features

The best virtual classroom sessions are those where the students can participate actively even when the same is not in the traditional form. This software should always have the elements that encourage the learners to interact, prompts them to ask questions, take quizzes as well as use gamification modules. Actively learning promotes means better chances of recalling.

10. Instant Communication Tools

An Virtual software should have instant communication tools that give the users a real-time way to get in touch with their instructors. In a lecture-style session, the software should have an instant messaging app where the users can see the in-session questions and respond immediately.

11. Simplified As Well As Easy To Use

Users usually avoid using sophisticated software and require efforts. Thus due to this, online classroom software must be easy to operate. This aids in conducting digital classes successfully as well as effortlessly.

12. Affordability

Cost plays a very crucial role in the success of any software. Thus a virtual classroom software that is affordable aids the teachers to divert the funds towards improving their teaching methodology.

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13. Timed Testing Options

The success of any online training program can always be measured with the aid of testing the students. It is often difficult to evaluate students in an online classroom setup. Thus due to this, software promoting online classes must have the feature of timed tests. These can be administered easily as they time out automatically without additional intervention. They should also have an automated grading system that instantly transmits to the trainees the results as well as the feedback options that notifies trainees of personal areas for improvement.


To consider your purchase of a virtual classroom software as smart, you must always look for that software which has all the features explained above. Wondering as to where you would get such software? Don’t worry. We at Pesofts are here to provide you with your dream software. It has all the features, and the best part is that it is available at affordable rates.

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