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Virtual Classroom Software Benefits & Demerits


In this era of technological revolution, even the teachers have started to look for platforms where they can facilitate the best delivery of their courses to the students in the comfort of their homes. To help the spirited teachers who are excited to teach about the courses, as well as passionate about connecting with students online, virtual classroom software has been introduced.

virtual classroom software advantage and disadvantage

This software has been successful in answering the question of teachers about how they can connect with students globally in a better manner. Thus the article below explains in detail the advantages as well as disadvantages of this miraculous software. Before dealing with the merits as well as demerits of this software, let us first understand its concept.

Virtual Classroom Software: What Is It?

A virtual classroom software makes it possible to collaborate in real-time as well as deliver online lectures. With this, the instructors get a highly interactive platform that uses video conferencing technology to simulate a real classroom. The participants get a chance to interact with the professors to face to face as well as ask questions and discuss just like in a real class.

Advantages Of Virtual Classroom Software

Students and teachers located at distant geographies from each other consider an online classroom software that facilitates online learning as a blessing. With this software, it becomes possible to conduct online classes with traditional setups. This cost-saving method thereby allows for the teachers to connect with as many learners as required. Some of the advantages that the users get because of this software are as follows:

1. Makes It Possible For The Students To See Their Instructors

Online learners connect on another level when they see their instructors in online classes. Virtual classroom software makes this possible. Thus with this, the instructors can show their gestures, notations, body language as well as facial expressions that help the learners to gather information. The students, irrespective of an online setup, can absorb by seeing their teacher helping them understand as well as learn better. Thus this factor of visibility in online software helps in the growth of virtual classes.

2. Record and share lecture videos

Virtual classroom software aids in recording online lectures in real-time. This helps the students to revisit as well as revise the lectures on their own as per their convenience. Even the instructors can edit the recordings at a later date with new information and can also share the same with another batch of students. Looking again at the recorded lectures gives the teachers feedback about their body language with the help of which they can improve their method of teaching for the next time.

3. Facilitates Using of Breakout Rooms

Online classroom software permits the students to collaborate in live sessions in separate e rooms where they can interact with each other on a project or a discussion. Breakout rooms help in real-time to complete online project work. Thus a software promoting virtual classroom also helps in the interaction between the learners from all over the globe.

4. Teachers Can Assess As Well As Gather Feedback

With online classroom software, the teachers can administer polls to find out whether the lessons imparted by them are helping the students to assimilate knowledge or not. It also helps them to take feedback on the course, the effectiveness of the instruction that allows the teacher to get several ideas for making the course better.

4. Gives Reports, Analytics As Well As Also Allows The Teachers To Assess The Learners

With classroom software, the teachers get valuable insights into the learner’s participation by giving them various tests with the help of online examination software. This software tracks performance completes rates as well as engages in fleet management of the results obtained. The teachers get detailed reports of the tests given to assess the performance of every student. With this, they, while delivering online lectures, can focus on the ways by which they can improve the performance of every learner. With this, the teachers can also view details of the individual, groups, and course.

Disadvantages Of Virtual Classroom Software

1. Disruption Of Internet Connection

Using a virtual classroom software can often be troublesome due to the flaw in the internet connection. If this situation prevails for a long time, there is a possibility that they might miss a lot of classes. Furthermore, virtual courses also make the students susceptible to technical failures, which can be frustrating that deters them from learning.

2. Complexity

The complexity associated with virtual classroom software often discourages the instructors as well as learners from resorting to the online classroom rather than the traditional model of education.

3. Lack of Interaction

Irrespective of the feature of face to face visibility between the teachers as well as students, virtual classroom software cannot fulfill the vibe which the students get by interacting with the teachers personally. With this, the students also miss out on the personal instructions from teachers as well as real classroom discussions.


More than its disadvantages, virtual classroom software has advantages that have made it possible for the instructors to impart lessons globally. If you are also looking for virtual classroom software that is beneficial for you as well as your students, then opt for software provided by Pesofts. Consisting of exclusive features, pesofts offers affordable online classroom software at reasonable prices. Our virtual classroom software has been designed by our team, keeping in mind the interest of the users as well as learners.

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