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Online Exam Proctoring Software – Feature Added in Pesofts Software


The immense delay in competitive exams as a result of this unprecedented advent of coronavirus has resulted in the late start of the academic year. Universities have been under a compulsion to resort to the home-based remote online proctored exam to ensure continuity in education.

online exam proctoring software

If you are the heading any university and finding a way to conduct entrance exams by adhering to the social distancing norms with online exam proctoring software then this article is for you. We’ve listed down all the necessary information that you should know before you conduct your universities’ entrance exam.

Everything You Need To Know About Online Proctored Exams

Operated with the help of an online examination software and known for its timing, proctored exams are capable of monitoring the desktop of the test-takers computer, Webcam video as well as audio while they attempt the test. The data while giving the exam gets recorded. It later gets transferred to a proctoring service for review in case of inquiring into use of any unfair means.

Registraion & Taking Exam Is Too Easy lets Checkout With Steps.

Step 1: Select The Type Of Software You Wish To Purchase

Pesofts offers two types of software. The custom & non-custom, In the first i.e custom , the teachers or the owners of the coaching institute contact with us and we will provide the software according to requirements of the teachers and coahcing owners. In second one i.e non-custom you can register with provided link and after you can take your students exam within 5 minute with our test conductitng software.

Step 2: Share The URL with the Students

To get started with an online exam proctoring software students have to access the URL provided by their institutes on their computers each time they take the exam.

The place where they give the exam should be uncluttered with no visible writing on the surfaces of the wall. Once they adhere to the system requirements, they have to follow the next step discussed below.

Step 3: Verify Your Identity

Students have to verify their identity by taking a webcam photo of their face, photo ID before they start the exam. They are also required to scan the desk as well as the room where the students are taking the exam. With pesofts, online examination software universities conducting exams can be assured that only those who have registered for the exam attempt it because we offer advanced facial recognition features for this authentication.

Our software provides a confidence score to help ensure a match, as well as our two-factor authentication process aids in avoiding fraudulent activity by restricting the test access.

Step 4: Start The Exam and Attempt The Questions

Once verified, students can start the test and attempt the questions. The universities have the discretion of adding the questions in any format that they want from comprehensive based questions to MCQ’s to a complex equation based either one by one manually or automatically in a PDF.

While you take the exam, they can also set the time limit within which the students have to submit the assessment. If in case the course exam has a different rule such as students can only visit the question, they must inform about the same to the test takers.

While the students take the exam, the proctoring software monitors the computer live. During proctoring it combines the power of automated proctoring with human monitoring as well as intervention.

This includes all the other software that is running. It also streams the exam data to the software for proctoring through the cloud. Suppose the students get stuck during the exam or face any technical query.

In case, they have the option of even connecting with the software’s technical chat available 24*7 as well as have an effective one on one chat between the proctor as well as the candidate.

Step 5: Submit The Test Once Done

If the time runs out or the students complete their exam, they have the option of ending the same. After they submit the exam, the proctoring service reviews the session.

Amongst the anxiety that exists in the students while they give exam with remote online proctoring, this method of the assessment conducted with the aid of software for online examination is beneficial for both the students as well as universities. Let us understand how :

Advanatge & Pros of Online Proctoring For Students

When candidates sit for an online exam, they enjoy greater flexibility as the exam provider is not confined to a specific exam day but can offer the exam window of a few days which makes it easy for students to pick the time that suits them.

Students can conveniently sit for their exam so that they can avoid having to take time off work to travel to a test centre. When sitting in the exam, students have the added advantage of privacy. Candidates can comfortably work on a computer as they would in their normal working lives.

Benefits To Organisations

Organisations can eliminate the need to arrange in-person invigilators as well as test centres. The administrative burden that the universities might incur while conducting exams in running test centres in remote locations around the world gets reduced.

Instead of concentrating all the exams onto a few big exam days, Universities can run the same more often as well as closer to the period of tuition.

With online invigilation, organisations can scale worldwide as well as run more exams with a greater geographical reach. Students are restricted from cheating as they know that there is an unseen invigilator who is viewing them consistently via a large video screen.

The Last Word

At this crucial point of the year, the universities must reduce pressure on the exam hall. Thus remote invigilation thereby becomes a popular way of running faculty exams. We at pesofts provide such software that has all the features required for successfully conducting this exam at affordable rates.

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