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The Complete Guide To Recording Online Lectures


Access to quality education was earlier restricted only to famous institutions and training centers. But the growth of technological trends in the form of classroom recording software has helped in the emergence of quality education worldwide. It has made it possible for several trainers to impart knowledge over the internet, and as a result of this, the enrollment of students for online classes has increased tremendously.

The Complete Guide To Recording Online Lectures

The feature of recording the classes or lecture capture of virtual classroom software has made it possible to capture lectures without the help of any video crew. With this, the students, as well as the trainers, get many advantages.

Are you wondering how this feature can be of so much benefit? Also, do you still not know how to record your lectures while delivering them? Don’t worry.

The steps below will answer almost every question of yours from what is lecture capture to how to do you record lectures on the laptop to what are the tips which the universities can use while recording lectures. But before we proceed further, let us understand the concept of virtual classroom software.

Virtual Classroom Software: What Is It?

Virtual classroom software is a tool for video conferencing with the help of which the participants interact with the instructors face to face irrespective of their location. This software helps the users to provide learning in such an environment that has live video, crystal clear audio as well as multiple interactive whiteboards. With this software, the users can submit a learning environment where there is live video, crystal clear sound, numerous interactive whiteboards.

Lecture Capture: What Is It?

The term lecture capture is the process of recording the live online lectures as videos and making them available for students to be reviewed after the class. This can take many forms that depend upon the need of every individual.

Now since we’ve understood the concept, let us proceed with understanding the entire concept of lecture recording.

How To Record Video Lecture On Using Laptop:

Screen Recorder

Screen recorder is a powerful tool that the users can use for recording their entire activity undertaken while delivering online lectures. With this, users can record online video lectures with the best choices. For using this screen recorder tool, follow the following steps:

Step 1. Take Free Trial Of Software From Pesofts

Once you buy the pesofts screen recorder tool, tap on the same, and open it by getting to the main interface. After that, click the screen recorder once the windows open.

Step 2. Select Recording Area

In this tool, the users can choose between the two options of full screen and custom that are available. The users can record the video conveniently with the full-screen opportunity to record the video conveniently. If in case they want to focus on some images, they also have the chance to customize the size that suits the image.

Step 3. Customize the Screen Recorder Profile Settings

For changing the video format, video codec as well as video quality, the users will have to click settings icon under Duration.

Step 4. Record Online Video Lecture on Laptop

The users have to tap on the stop icon in the middle and then change the image to the preview window. They are required to do this if they want to stop whatever online lecture is being recorded.

How To Record Online Classes Using Other Ways

There are a lot of ways of recording online classes. Some of them are listed below:

1. Recording as Narrated PowerPoint Presentation

The most preferred as well as an efficient way to deliver an online course is through PowerPoint presentations. This mode has all the necessary tools that help in facilitating audio as well as video recording along with displaying the slides. The trainers can record their lectures in the form of a narrated presentation, but the system should have a sound card, microphones as well as speakers.

2. Recording as Narrated Screen Captures

Another way to record a training session is by capturing the desktop. The Print Scr helps the users to take screenshots of the desktop. Also, other tools can be used for creating video tutorials directly with the help of screen capture.

Another Best Ways To Record Lectures For Students

To understand the other best ways by which the trainers can record lectures for students, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Record your video

Irrespective of using a recorder for in-class lectures or capturing class on your laptop, the trainers should keep in mind the audio quality as well as lightning.

Step 2: Share as well as manage content

To make sure that your videos are for the long term, integrate the recorder software with other systems. With this, the trainers get a surety that the videos are easily accessible on methods used by you.

Step 3: View the analytics

To view the analytics from your recordings after recording the video, introduce the feature of analytics into the system that you use for recording the lectures. With this, the trainers get detailed reports on viewer engagement as well as insights for viewing the behavior of the lectures the trainer’s upload.

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Everyone from community colleges to prestigious universities is in search of a tool that helps them to be the best in this new digital learning environment. The feature of lecture recording of a virtual classroom software has made it possible for the teachers as well as students to review the online lectures virtually. Looking for some online classroom software that has this feature? Pesofts is the answer. It provides users with the best software at affordable prices.

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