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Diminish Major Challenges Faced By Online Education


Online education is here to stay. The advent of software for online exams & virtual classroom software has played a significant role in helping educational institutions to ensure continuity in education. They’ve acted as a boon to keep the world going.

Today’s article discusses the problems being faced by online education in these challenging times & then proposing to offer them a solution for the same.

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Challenges Faced By Online Education Today

The current situation has resulted in an uptick in the number of online students. The increase as a result of CoVID 19 may be temporary, but this has kind of resulted in forcing even those students to opt for online education & programs that always intended & preferred traditional learning.

Since we all know that online learning is the future of education, there is a need to be aware of the challenges faced by online education today & solve them so that all the students willingly opt for this new mode of education accessible with the help of software for online learning.

1. Lack Of Virtual Class Engagement

Education is only an academic pursuit but also a social pursuit. While studying online, one of the most common challenges both the teachers & students face is the lack of engaging face to face with each other & other classmates. Online classes are conducted through online classroom software. The platform enables the teachers to upload reading material, assignments & a forum for the students to chat. The teachers can also provide course instructions, share slide show presentations, but that’s not enough.

Despite all this, the students find it challenging to foster engagement with other students and their teachers. This lack of in-person communication has become problematic for those individuals who find it challenging to cope with the reading material.

Not only this, but besides finding it challenging to interpret & understand the material, this lack of virtual class engagement also instilled a feeling of isolation. At times, this can also cause depression, thereby concentrating less on the assignments, decreasing the ability to organize thoughts & also disrupt memory.

Social engagement is only successful with good mental health & thereby, to promote this, the need of the hour is to organize virtual classes as per the timetable and arrange it otherwise. Teachers are not restricted from communicating with their students & enabling their students to be in touch with their classmates. Doing this not only improves their mental health but gives them a sense of belongingness.

2. Inability To Use Virtual Software For Learning

Unable to read & understand how to use virtual classroom software cripples students & acts as a roadblock in succeeding in online education since all of us know that education, along with being a social activity, is also an intellectual one & this makes it imperative for the students to access forums & features on the platform to interact with the peers & submit assignments easily.

It is entirely frustrating if the students at the last minute submit something & the same doesn’t get delivered to the proper faculty because of the complex features of the software for online classrooms.

To access all this digital literacy is necessary & this is only possible if the educational institutions resort to using virtual classroom applications which are easy to use & aim at enhancing user experience. Along with this, they should be compatible with all the devices ranging from laptops to mobile phones to a computer system & on all operating software, be it Android or iOS.

We at Pesofts have the right software which offers the solution to this problem. Our online classroom mobile app is easy to use & is responsive to all the devices. Along with this, our team aims at enhancing user experience & thereby keeping the fact of “user friendliness” in mind.

3. Technical Glitches & Issues While Using The Learning Management Systems

It isn’t very encouraging when a student, by putting all his efforts, finds a video uploaded by the mentor in software for an online classroom & has to experience the buffering circle, which begins to spin right at the center of the screen.

Along with this, there’s also a possibility of students finding the message of “this video is no longer available” when it’s right there because of some technical glitch. There can also be a situation when the teachers cannot upload something important on the online classroom mobile app due to some technical fault.

All of these things can be a turn-off during imparting online education today & needs to be fixed. Therefore, to avoid this situation, it becomes imperative to opt for software for online classroom providers willing to offer them its services 24*7.

We at Pesofts believe that there should not be any hurdles in education & therefore have a team of tech experts who are always at service. Available 24*7, they ensure that all the issues raised are catered to quickly & are addressed at the earliest.

4. Data Privacy

Ever since CoVID took over & forced the schools to shut down, students & teachers have only been able to connect with the help of digital tools such as online classroom software without paying much attention to the amount & nature of personal data that the software is collecting.

That’s because the educational institutions aimed to transition to online learning irrespective of neglecting privacy quickly. Everything was good at the start until hackers found new ways of hacking the meetings & gathering personal data.

Believe me or not, this is one of the most severe & critical challenges being faced by online education today. The solution to ending this problem is to strike a balance between a quicker move to online learning and prioritizing data security. To achieve this, it’s imperative for the educational institutions to only resort to that software for online classrooms, secured with a secured socket layer certificate.

We at Pesofts are the right choice for striking this balance. All our softwares are developed keeping in mind the aspect of data privacy & security of information. While the students, teachers & educational institutions fill in their details, we ensure that no person other than the admin has access to this sensitive information & in this manner, the same remains protected from unauthorized hackers.

5. Adjustment of Online Courses For Specially Abled Candidates

One of the biggest challenges for online classrooms is to make adjustments for the specially-abled students. Online learning is already a challenge for the students & the ones who are deaf or hard of hearing face a double problem that is multiplying their chances of falling behind.

To avoid this, such students can be provided with lesson scripts made by teachers as supportive material for every lesson. Another way to reach out to the students is to resort to video transcription, which automates this process with the help of voice-to-text applications. One more way is to choose motion picture-based material to impart lessons that would keep the specially-abled students more engaged.

The Last Word

The pandemic has changed the world for good & for the bad. It depends upon how we perceive it. But when we have to stress how this unprecedented advent has changed the world for the good, it definitely comes to our mind that it has intentionally forced the world to resort to software for online classrooms coupled with online exam software to keep the world going.

Indeed, there are the biggest challenges faced by online education today, but there are solutions too. To find the answer to all the problems, it is crucial to purchase software for online learning capable of catering to all the needs & the software offered by Pesofts is the answer.

We at Pesofts are there to provide universities and educational institutions with the best online exam software. We assure you that our software for online assessment is the right choice.

We at Pesofts are there for you at every step. If you have any queries, we assure you to resolve them within a short period. Just lend us our hand & we will ensure you put ten steps forward for the students & the educational institutes.

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