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Automated Online Proctoring Can Simplify Online Exam


The unforeseen advent of Coronavirus has unknowingly played a crucial role in expanding the education technology since 2020 with instant adoption and acceleration of online proctored exams. Technological inventions in the form of automated online proctoring have played a crucial role in simplifying the online exam for educational institutions.

Remote proctoring has successfully enabled educational institutions to conduct large-scale online exams seamlessly. In addition to this, online remote proctoring software tracks students in any part of the world. It eliminates the need for the students to physically visit a particular exam center to take an entrance test.

Coupled with this, an automated online proctoring acts as a boon for easing the complex process involved in online exams for the exam conducting agencies. Today’s article discusses the same in detail.

Automated Online Proctoring Can Simplify Online Exam

Before proceeding further as to how the proctor simplifies, let’s understand the capabilities of an automated proctor.

Capabilities of Automated Proctor

Efficient beyond the expectations of an educational institution, an automated proctor can perform the following tasks:

● Initiating Online Chat with the Candidates:

While the students are in the middle of an exam and face some difficulty, they have an opportunity of communicating the same to the online proctor. After receipt of grievance, the proctor shares the same with the university conducting the exam and, in this way, acts as a bridge for two-way communication between the students and the examination department. Students after that can communicate the difficulties they face irrespective of being present from a remote location.

● Pausing/Resuming an Online Exam:

A speedy internet connection is the basis for an online exam. However, there are times when due to power failure or disruption in internet connection, the candidate might face difficulty in connecting. That’s when the automated proctor pauses the online exam to ensure that students do not lose their valuable time due to certain unavoidable circumstances. Once the candidate resorts their connectivity issues, the proctor resumes the online exam.

● Verifying Candidate Using a Valid ID Proof:

The most imperative aspect of any online exam is ensuring that the candidates do not resort to impersonation, which is considered an unfair means. To prevent this, before giving the students the option to start the exam, the proctor asks for the candidate’s valid ID proof to ensure that the candidate’s identity who applied for the exam and who is taking the online exam is the same only after verification candidates are permitted to access the exam window.

How Does Automated Online Proctor Simplify Online Exam

The remotely authorized process of remote proctoring, authenticating, and monitoring candidates with the aid of an automated online proctor eases the cumbersome process involved in assessing students online.
Let us understand how:

1. Simplifies The Process Of Exam Invigilation:

An automated proctor eliminates the need for a human proctor. It can ensure that the students do not resort to any means prohibited by the exam conducting agency by not allowing candidates to start the exam before they permit the proctor to access their webcam, microphone, assess their surroundings, and verify their credentials and identity. Furthermore, the automated proctor does not allow the students to access the websites prohibited other than the screen where they are working and does not permit them to copy-paste the text in their sheet. By fulfilling all the responsibilities of a human invigilator, an automated online proctor simplifies exam invigilation.

2. Tracks Every Activity Of The Student For Auditing Purposes:

To ensure that the universities have evidence in case of any dispute, the automated online proctor tracks every student’s activity while they’re giving the exam. Also, students do not feel uncomfortable that there’s someone who’s keeping an eye on their movements, thereby infringing their privacy because it’s the artificial intelligence-enabled machine doing the work.

3. Cancels The Online Exam In Case Of Suspected Foul Play:

Like a human invigilator, the automated proctor gives candidates a chance to improvise if students resort to using prohibited means. During an assessment, suppose the students make continuous attempts to navigate to other windows or ask for help from a friend or flout exam rules. In that case, the proctor automatically cancels their exam after they exhaust their stipulated number of warnings.

4. Eliminates The Logistical Activities Involved In Conducting A Physical Exam:

An automated online proctoring exam enables candidates from any location to quickly attempt the exam at the comfort of their home. The universities do not have to worry about cheating because the proctor disallows them from doing so as the system takes over the attached web camera to monitor the remote candidates. The proctor’s ability to observe minor candidates eliminates the need to conduct a physical exam only for maintaining the exam integrity and thereby saves the cost involved in arranging exam logistics.

The Last Word

The process of managing an online exam is one of the most crucial aspects of an educational institution in this CoVID era since this makes the basis for continuity in education. To ensure success, universities, education institutes spend a lot of money and resources to get the best proctor but often fail to get the best. However, opting for an automated online proctor by Pesofts aids them in simplifying the entire process, which is involved in conducting large-scale online entrance exams and aids in maintaining examination integrity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What Is Automated Online Proctoring Software?

Answer 1: Automated proctoring software uses artificial intelligence-enabled technology for the purpose of monitoring students while they give the exam at the comfort of their home. These systems ensure exam integrity by using web cameras and software for screen monitoring. The method further includes a mandate on the students to verify their image and identity. The software further tracks the entire activity of the student records the test sessions and bookmarks the points where academic violations occur.

Question 2: Does Pesofts Provide The Best Automated Online Proctoring Software?

Answer 2: While the experienced team of developers develops automated online proctoring software, they keep in mind the needs of the educational institutions and the privacy of candidates. With this ideology in mind, they can deliver software that is apt and caters to the needs of educational institutions and students.

Along with this, Pesofts provides the best automated online proctoring software because:
● Seamless Candidate And Admin Experience (User-Friendly) Pesofts platform consists of UIs which are easy to manage and navigate. You can post a quick introduction and a detailed walkthrough that adds great flexibility to the clients. They can access the platforms and also use their proctors.
● Integration With Any Test Engine And Mobile App (Easily Fits Into Your Existing System): Our online platform for proctoring is capable of being integrated with any app, website session, as well a test engine that requires proctoring. Our software is available in the form of an app through which you can proctor candidates on all the web-based platforms for assessment. With our proctoring software, you can add proctoring to your mobile examination/assessment applications.
● Robust Data Security (Secure Data With Our Internationally Complied Standards ): We use data encryption methods and secure data hosting by complying with international standards to ensure data security.
● 24*7 Support From Proctoring Experts (Ready To Help You When You Need The Most): Test takers get free technical support from our team of service and support. They have an exam facilitator hotline, and every admin has a dedicated account manager.

Question 3:: Is Pesofts Automated Proctor Easy To Use?

Answer 3:Taking a test on automated online proctoring software is the easiest. User-friendliness and ease are what we keep in mind while developing software. All the students have to do is:
Step 1: Login with the credentials
Step 2: Select the relevant test package and add the same
Step 3: Click on Start and comply with all the pre-verification steps
Step 4: Post the verification steps, the student is ready to attempt the exam

We assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

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