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The benefits of using online exam software for educators and students



Online exam software is a powerful tool for educators and students alike. It enables remote assessment of knowledge and skills using a computer or mobile device and the internet. Students can attempt exams online, and once submitted, the window closes. This makes online exams an effective way to assess student learning in a distance learning setting. Additionally, online exam software provides several benefits to both educators and students.

The responses are subsequently evaluated. Results are produced more quickly than in a conventional exam format because of the fully automated technology, which also facilitates objective evaluation.

The majority of online tests have answer processing modules, which enable the release of
results quickly after the test is finished by the applicants. However, for lengthy questions with
manual outcomes, evaluators review the responses in person.

                  The benefits of using online exam software for educators and students

What is online exam software?

An innovative piece of software known as online examination software was specifically
developed to automate the entire evaluation procedure. Universities, colleges, schools, and
other assessment bodies employ online examination software to efficiently and accurately
administer exams. It is sometimes referred to as online test software and is used to easily
ensure paperless exams. Online test creation, administration, and evaluation are all covered
by this software. Conducting online exams from a remote place without any geographical
limits is a reliable, accurate, and systematic way. The primary uses for online exam software

Education Industry: Assessment is one of the key foundations that keep the educational
system strong. Examinations are a standard component of an educational system, including
admissions exams, competitive entrance exams, yearly/quarterly tests, and even weekly tests.
Competitive exams and entrances had already begun to move online, but with the COVID-19
lockout, other sorts of exams have also begun using exam software.

Corporate Industry: Employee hiring, training, and promotion are ongoing processes in
organizational sectors. To arrive at a clear understanding, assessments are needed for each of
them. Pre-employability exams are typically administered online as they are scalable and may
evaluate multiple candidates from different parts of the world simultaneously during the hiring process.

About pesofts

Pesofts was founded in 2014 by alumni of IIT Delhi and IIT Roorkee as an online test
software supplier to meet the needs of the online education system and to help introduce
technology advancements even to the field of education. We are the top developers online

exam software because of our outstanding and knowledgeable team. We are currently a
division of Triggredge Solutions Pvt Ltd, which also offers software for digital tests.

With the introduction of Pesofts online test software or online teaching software, colleges,
institutions, as well as corporate sectors, are now able to manage or create exams and
evaluate students and staff by holding offline and online exams. Due to its debut, virtually all
national-level competitive examination conducting bodies have switched from holding offline
tests to online exams for exams like CTET, UPSC, GATE, JEE (MAINS, ADVANCE),

This appealing digital assessment tool provides instant results, diplomas, and the ability for
teachers to assign homework to students. With the use of this software, coaching centres can
administer scholarship examinations to students to assess their intelligence and build their
self-confidence. Businesses can use quiz builder software to create psychometric or aptitude
tests to evaluate the performance of their staff and to analyze the qualifications of job
candidates. The unique capabilities of this software, including its strong security, user-
friendliness, secured data, and accessibility by authorized users, significantly improve the
users experience for conducting, managing, or producing exams without stress.

Enhanced Security and Cheating Prevention

Security has always been a problem, particularly for high-profile exams like the bar exam, the
SAT, or final exams for colleges and universities. To ensure security, impersonation has to be
eradicated which can be done by taking biometric verification even more than once during
the exam. Online tests reduce the likelihood of leaks because there are no physical papers that
could disappear during printing and logistics. The examiner has various options for the type
of question. graph description, paragraph order, heading matching, True/False, multiple-
choice, gap fill, phrase completion, labelling diagrams or maps, and multimedia questions.
Examiners can also use question banks that choose questions at random as an added security
benefit. This reduces the likelihood of cheating by making it such that practically no two
exams are the same. Also, there are time constraints in answering the questions which further
reduces the chances of cheating.

Such levels of security and privacy encourage a more favorable attitude toward the
educational setting and strengthen mutual trust between teachers and students, ensuring
general openness and bias-free results.

Real-Time Results and Analytics

Teachers benefit from this system since it offers them time and energy savings through an
automated grading system. The time it takes for the students to receive their evaluation after
taking an online exam is substantially shorter than it would be for a traditional exam.

The teacher does not have to go through the hardship of grading a large number of paper
exams in the first place. Additionally, as the method is entirely computer-based and does not
include any human involvement, test results can be error-free and students can accurately
assess their performance using the model answers.

Pesofts offers the following features which make it one of the best online examination
software –

1. RESPONSIVE INTERACTIVE PLATFORM : Have trouble with any aspect of
successfully administering an online exam? If you run into any issues with
registration, sign-in, encoding or decoding of information, Pesofts offers 24-hour
technical help via phone, email, and live chat.

1.1 REAL-TIME ASSISTANCE: Any issue relating to successfully administering online
exams is resolved by our real-time support via phone calls and WhatsApp.

1.2 SIMPLE UI: With our simple UI, you can create and share your first test in a matter of

1.3 EASY THEMES: As per your needs, you can select from several themes that we offer.

2. MAKES COMMUNICATION EASY : Effective assessment depends on ongoing,
continuous engagement with students. Communication with test takers and online
students is simply because of our online examination software. Additionally, you can
send candidates customized SMS messages with information on the exam and their
access information (username and password). You can print PDF reports using our
exam programme, which offers 24-hour support.

3. CAN BE USED BY CORPORATES : Employers can screen out unsuitable candidates
and determine a candidates aptitude throughout the hiring process by using tests
delivered through online examination software provided by Pesofts. To speed up the
hiring process, businesses might evaluate candidates based on their inherent capacity
to do tasks within a given timeframe, a core set of common talents, and cognitive and
social abilities. Our exam software enables businesses to carry out psychometric
exams, online quizzes, and examinations for employee training.

4. EVERYONE CAN CONDUCT AN EXAM : Anyone can successfully administer an
online exam with Pesofts online examination software, regardless of their affiliation
with a university, school, coaching facility, or large business organization.

5. VIEW TESTS AND APPLIED TESTS : The test takers can apply for the test as well
as check all the new tests that Admin has introduced for each subject. Along with
exam information, they can also see the number of applied tests.

6. VIEW NOTIFICATION : The first page of the portal can be used by test takers to
view all the crucial announcements thanks to our online examination software.

Send integrated SMS and emails to students and registered candidates to keep them
updated on their learning status, numerous upcoming online quizzes and assessments,
exam results, reports, certificates, files, and notifications promptly.

8. LOGIN REGISTRATION PAGE : This tool allows you to evaluate the student’s

9. EFFECTIVE REPORTING : Our robust ready-to-use reporting system, which is
equipped with the needed bifurcations, enables you to wrap up your hiring process

10. COST SAVING : Hiring is simple with the help of our affordable online examination
program. By lowering your recruitment costs, you may select the best-qualified
candidates from a large pool of applicants.

11. SECURES YOUR CONTENT : By protecting your content, we show our respect for
your earnest efforts and knowledge. We don’t have a preloading or content-sharing

12. SUPPORT FOR MANY CONTINUAL USERS : With the help of our exam software,
you may administer exams simultaneously in numerous locations and to a large
number of concurrent users without experiencing any delays.

13. ACCESSIBLE ACTIVELY : From any location at any time, create and assign tests
and quizzes. You can administer exams anywhere with a lot of concurrent users by
using Pesofts exam software.

14. PROFESSIONAL REPORTING SYSTEM : Increase your performance and accuracy
by quickly creating scorecards, performing analyses, and effectively exchanging

15. EXPERTS FOR CURATING QUESTIONS : Don’t have time to write test questions?
Be at ease. Our group of qualified professionals is ready to assist you with it.

16. EASY DATA MAINTENANCE : Our exam software makes it simple for you to
manage your student information, login ID, and question paper data.

Accessibility for Remote Learning

The ubiquity of technology has made the transition to online examination software easy. With
this, examining bodies are no longer limited to conducting tests in physical testing facilities,
therefore they can now provide exams to candidates located over a wider geographic area
with online assessment. As a result, students can learn from across the world, marking the
start of mass learning. Ensuring that students are not restricted to the tests they can take
improves the chances of education for those who want to grow their knowledge and learn
new things.

Here are some features offered by Pesofts that make it better than others -:

Simple to Use: Pesofts software is simple to use, in contrast to software offered by other
companies. In terms of the capabilities that software offers, its usability is vital since users
may be dissuaded from favoring it if it is too complicated to understand how it works.

Scalable: It’s exceedingly challenging for any software to continue operating without crashing
when a large number of students use it simultaneously to take a class or administer an exam.
However, Pesofts online test management and teaching software are scalable enough to
remain stable even when utilised concurrently by numerous students.

Easy Payments: Most software, including online exams and classroom programmes, allows
educational institutions to offer specific course modules or test series but only accepts a few
different forms of payment. In contrast, Pesofts software makes it easy for educational
institutions to publish mock test series and various online course modules while also
providing students with a variety of payment options, including UPI, NET Banking, Debit
Card, Credit Cards, and others.

Reasonable Prices: Software for online education is frequently offered at low costs. This
frequently draws different educational institutions to purchase complicated software in the
name of cost savings. On the other hand, Pesofts software not only comes at affordable
pricing, but it also has all the functionality required to teach kids online as well as conduct
exams in a seamless manner.

24*7 Maintenance Support : The majority of software providers do not offer after-sales
services, or if they do, the costs are high, discouraging educational institutions from investing
in the software. However, this is not the case with Pesofts product. In addition to offering
free post-purchase assistance, we also have a specialised crew that is available around the
clock to assist with maintenance. We are aware of the inconvenience that schools,
universities, or coaching institutes may experience if the software malfunctions and Pesofts
work quickly to address any issues they may be having.

Pesofts distinguishes itself from the numerous software suppliers that are available on the
market because of the many features and advantages it offers.

Cost-Effectiveness and Scalability – Pesofts

Online exams have been embraced wholeheartedly by the education industry. This is because
of the flexibility they provide in terms of location as anyone with a stable internet connection
and a mobile phone can take online exams.

You can save money by taking exams online in a variety of ways. There aren’t any printing or
logistics charges because everything is online. Before, you had to pay for exam centres and
the facilitators and invigilators who oversee the exams. While there are still some costs
associated with administration, email distribution, online proctoring, and IT support for
online exams, they are significantly lower than those associated with paper-and-pencil tests.

Here are some of the best Online Exam Software –


Pesofts is a robust online exam software that offers a one-for-all platform with versatile
features, making it the favourite platform to cater needs of coaching institutions, higher
education institutes as well as corporates. It is an affordable plan and can create online exams
rapidly. Pesofts offers the following features:

Simple interface
Personalized Reminders for tests
Responsive interactive platform
Secures content


This is a comprehensive solution for online exams, such as certifications, talent evaluations,
online proctoring, and recruitment exams. The platform offers end-to-end support for
conducting online tests, including applicant management, results processing, and certificate
generation. Its most favoured characteristics include:

Artificial intelligence integrated proctor
Taking screenshots of the desktop during the test
many forms of questions
Question bank with encryption
A two-camera feed provides a 360-degree view
thorough reporting with activity history and fairness rating
Speech-to-text functionality
Cloud-based and scalable
Free training and support for the product
Free practise exams


This powerful online exam programme is incredibly adaptable and contains features like fast
reporting and automatic grading. The application enables you to tailor assessments for
improved evaluation, security, and certification by creating online examinations in just three
easy steps. It is reasonably priced, and best of all, the free edition gives away 25
examinations each month for life. It has encrypted data storage and complies with GDPR. In
light of it, the following are some of the platforms most practical features:
Easy to use
Quick time for setup
Affordable prices
Complete performance evaluations
Question import using spreadsheets
Dashboards for detailed reporting and performance reports
Automatic Grading


This is one of the best open-source platforms for online exams. It enables instructors and
online educators to plan, create, present, and report on a variety of online tests, examinations,
and quizzes. It is an entirely web-based system that complies with all W3C standards and
recommendations and is independent of platform and language. Here are a few of its key

Quality and ease of adaptation, imagination and safety
Apache Web server, PHP, and MySQL are all supported by the GNU/Linux operating
The platform needs the LAMP platform and has adaptable technical specifications that allow
it to be downloaded on any machine and with any web browser.
The system makes use of the Open Standard for data exchange and filing.
For text formatting, the addition of graphics, multimedia, and mathematical calculations,
makes use of standard mark-up language.


With the help of this platforms anti-cheating tools, large-scale tests can be taken online
safely and fairly. Some of its features are listed below -:

Tracking of candidates
A self-service website
The choice between manual or AI-based remote proctoring
three-factor candidate verification
Image identification
Works on web and mobile, on both iOS, and Android
Live in-person training


Online exam software has numerous advantages, and as technology continues to advance, these benefits are becoming even more pronounced. In the near future, online exams are expected to become the standard for course evaluation. With a vast array of online test software available on the market, online educators and institutions have a wealth of options to choose from. When selecting software, it’s important to consider the specific goals you’re trying to achieve. If you need help with your decision, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for assistance. Contact us today!

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