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5 Simple Reasons Why You Should Take Your Classes Online


The technological inventions have made their place in all the aspects of one’s life. Due to this even schools are not now the way they used to be. Online learning tools have almost restored all the things of an educational setup. Smartboards have replaced chalkboards, tablets and Chromebooks have ousted pen, pencil and notebooks. The time when even traditional classrooms will be replaced by virtual learning app is not far away. All of us can already see the change in the learning environment due to the advent of brutal coronavirus.

5 Simple Reasons Why You should Take Your Classes Online

After the situation normalises, half of the educational institutions would resort to their previous approaches to imparting knowledge. But let me tell you one thing, the benefits of this methodology of education are endless. Today’s article is an attempt towards convincing them to continue following this new technique. We’ll do this by listing down the benefits that any institution involved in any form of education would get if they continue using this means in future also.


Virtual learning through various means and software brings the students to another world and another level of understanding right when they are inside their classrooms. The learning pace of all the students is indeed different. Some are visual learners. However, some work best when they have a command over their hands that lets them stimulate as well as give verbal commands. With virtual learning, this gap which is created between them gets bridged.

1. Makes Learning Fun

When students are attending a class they often get bored. One of the reasons can be the teachers teaching in the same tone with the same traditional means. This often becomes monotonous. They work tirelessly to keep the students interested by engaging them through interactive games, project work, group work. But their efforts often fall flat.

On the other hand, virtual learning gives the teachers unlimited powers with which they can bring fun in their teaching methodology. By using an online teaching app, the teachers get the opportunity to share their screen. In a normal school, the school budget does not allow them to let the teachers use these ways for imparting lessons.

This app permits the teachers to bring life to their whatever they teach. They can do this by not only teaching orally but also using other modes such as you tube or a PowerPoint presentation that has simple pointers which the children can keep in their minds.

The educators while imparting teaching can create quizzes with the help of a quiz creator or a quiz maker software. This not only helps to check the knowledge of the students. But it also maintains their interest and generates a will in them to attend classes.

2. Cost-Effective

Any type of educational institution while setting up and for its continuance is under a mandate to maintain the same. They have to bear all the capital as well as revenue expenditure to ensure the success of the same. However, when compared to a virtual setup, the cost involved is comparatively less. When teachers teach with the help of an online teaching app, they can easily interact with the students at low costs face to face.

Even when the educational authorities have to assess the students, in a normal learning environment they have to incur a lot of costs. However, by resorting to online exam software, they as take tests of the students at low cost. Schools, colleges or even coaching centres do not have to incur the cost for examination sheets or for arranging extra space.

3. Bridges The Education Gap Between Children

In a traditional setup of the classroom, some of the students find hard to concentrate. They feel inferior as compared to other students when they are not able to answer the question asked by their teachers. This can also happen when they are not able to complete the tasks assigned to them on time. However, in online classes, through online teaching app, the students feel accomplished when they can easily navigate the classes. They get a rewarding experience which keeps them motivated and positive.

When children feel confident in their abilities to learn, they become willing to seek further enriching experiences. Further, the educators in a conventional setup while checking the answer sheets do not get a clear picture of the lack areas of the students. Whereas when the same is conducted through an online assessment app, the results are displayed along with an analyzed report after the end of the exam.

This detailed report lets the teachers analyze the weak areas of every student. They can work on the same in the classes later. Virtual learning enables students to be whoever they want to become. This is because, in virtual classes race, age and gender do not matter. When they feel free and accepted they open doors for learning in new and different ways.

4. Less Burden

The functioning of a school or a college can often be stressful and cause a burden on the administrative authorities. But instead, when this work is done online, all the tasks become easy and require fewer efforts. The days ahead would be of social distancing which would demand lesser human interaction.

Thus this is where a virtual classroom software would come into the picture. Even the school administration is in a position to conduct meetings with the teachers to decide the course of work or with parents to give them a report of their kids. Further, conducting exams based on pen-paper puts a burden on the teachers as they first have to make question papes and then check the answer sheets.

But by shifting exams online through online assessment software enables the teachers to insert questions in any format automatically. They also do not have to invigilate due to the presence of an online proctoring feature. Lastly, the software itself displays the result after the end of the exam. This saves the administration from the burden of checking the answer sheets.

5. Makes The Students and The Teachers Creative as Well as Curious

In a classroom that has a set up of white walls and benches and chairs devoid the teachers do not have various techniques of teaching. They thereby have to restrict it to chalk and board method only. But in virtual classes, the power to choose the way they want to impart lessons is in their hands.

They are allowed to make decisions as well as adjustments in the alternate universe. Through a virtual classroom app, the teachers who teach geology can take her students on a virtual tour of Grand Canyon National Park or a history teacher can walk his students through the corridors of Harappa and Mohenjodaro civilisation.

An online teaching app permits educators to remove the physical barriers of the classroom. They can offer the students to connect the curriculum with the real world. As a result, children end up experimenting with their creativity when they are prompted by the curiosity of how things work. All these factors link critical thinking to increased retention. They get the experience of another level.

The Last Thought

Using virtual reality tools is a step towards preparing the students for the future workforce by teaching them real-life skills. They get the opportunity to have once in a lifetime experience. This is because they learn in a scenario that is designed around a current lesson on various topics that can pertain to specialized training or vocational jobs. Further even the educational institutions benefit from various advantages offered by these digital tools.

Times ahead are going to be challenging where all the sectors including education will have to learn social distancing to live. This is where we at Pesofts offering online learning tools at affordable rates will come to rescue to ensure continuity of learning.

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