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How To Choose A User-Friendly Learning Management Software?


The sudden shift in teaching lectures has made it mandatory for all educational institutions to resort to online exams and online classroom software to ensure seamless online education delivery. However, being the owner of an educational institution, have you ever imagined a situation where you purchase online Learning Management Software at a much lower price than your budget, but they are complicated to use?

Not only is it difficult, but it’s inefficient, poorly supported, or does not have the scalability that you usually expect from your software. Landing in this situation would force you to again invest in the online learning management system (with benefits) and refrain your faculty and students from using the software, which is meant to make the life of everyone associated with education easy. However, this entire fiasco can be avoided if you purchase user-friendly examination software.

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How To Choose A User-Friendly Learning Management Software?

Things You Should Know Before Purchasing LMS Software

User-friendliness is that aspect of the software that can be applied to every part of the software ranging from installing the software to updating the same and using it on a daily basis. There might be various software providers providing different software that they claim to be user-friendly, but in reality, they are far from providing a seamless experience to the users. However, one user-friendly software is the software provided by Pesofts.

1. Easily Installable – Help For Installing Quickly

One of the first impressions we at Pesofts aim to make on our customers when we say that all our software is user-friendly is by ensuring that all our software is easily installable. Usually, people LMS system as a mammoth task. Thus, at Pesofts, we believe that if our users do not find any problem installing our software, we’ve achieved our first step towards ensuring user-friendliness.

2. Simple To Update –  Good Looking Updated Theme

Updates play a crucial role in enabling users to improve their experience using our software. That’s because, with every update, we try to introduce something new or a better version of the features that they are using. Still, we are also aware that users consider updating any software as a task as it’s time-consuming and demands more memory.

Thus, to ensure that our users do not miss our new features and get the best experience, all the updates that Pesofts introduces in its software take less time to update and do not demand more storage than what the software is already occupying.

3. 24*7 Technical Support – Chat, Whatsapp Group, Email

The requirement of user-friendliness includes software being efficient, easy to install, or simple to update and having 24*7 availability of software provider’s services for immediately rectifying the error encountered by the software. We at Pesofts know how difficult it can be to efficiently ensure virtual schools’ functioning if the software reports bugs. Thus to avoid this and keep our users happy, Pesofts has a dedicated technical team to cater to all the issues our users face immediately.

4. Eliminates The Need To Installing Third-Party Software

Third-party software plays a crucial role in ensuring that your devices are not vulnerable. Still, we are also aware of the complications that installing third-party software can bring for your device to establish a particular online classroom software. Thus, to prevent this scenario, Pesofts ensures user-friendliness by making its software self-sufficient so that it eliminates the need to install third-party software and protects your device from any virus.

5. Easily Possible To Troubleshoot

There can be a situation when the software might crash during the middle of a critical online exam or online lecture, and contacting Pesofts technical support might not be attainable. In such a situation, it’ll be great if the users have an option of opting for “troubleshooting.” Thus, Pesofts incorporates user-friendliness in its software by giving its users the benefit of easy troubleshooting by themselves without support from any third party.

6. Simple To Remove – Drag & Drop Feature

Easy installation of software is the first impression that any software provider can make on its users in terms of user-friendliness. However, it’s imperative to ensure that even the last image that any software provider should leave on their users is negative.

Difficulty removing the software would result in cumbersome software, and we surely do not want this. Thus to focus on this, even when our customers want to remove our software, they can do the same quickly.

7. Scalable – Concurrent Tests In Single Time

When educational institutions prefer learning management, they wish to have software to conduct large-scale online assessments with software or arrange lectures with the maximum number of participants in one go.

This feature ensures maximum reach and minimizes the faculty’s efforts to complete large-scale tests or classes. Thus all Pesofts software for user-friendliness is scalable enough to ensure no limit on the number of students in one go.

8. Tailor-Made – Limitless Expected Features

When they purchase online exam software or online classroom software, educational institutes often do not wish to have any sign on the software, which gives users a message that the software does not belong to them or does not have the features they want.

Thus, Pesofts ensures user-friendliness in its software by making all its products easily customizable. This, along with enhancing user experience, also gives the users a feeling that the software they have invested in solely belongs to them and not to anyone else.

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