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4 Strategies Of Online Assessment For Better Learning Outcomes


Various variants of CoVID hovering over the world every six months have made one thing certain: online learning is here to stay. Since this new mode of learning has completely replaced offline learning, incorporating strategies that result in better learning outcomes has become the need of the hour.

That’s because the lack of physical presence of teachers and students has created that void that online classroom software with its live classes feature is trying to fill. Even using various strategies in the online assessment Software will aid in achieving the goal of better learning outcomes.

Assessments play a crucial role in motivating students to learn and enabling teachers to provide feedback on their progress. The benefits that teachers and students can extract from these types of assessment activities can help in improving students’ performance.

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 4 Strategies Of Online Assessment For Better Learning Outcomes

Today’s article focuses more on online assessment and deals with the strategies which teachers can adopt for better learning outcomes.

4 Strategies Of Online Assessment For Better Learning Outcomes

By using numerous features of online exam software, educational institutions can go a long way to ensuring better learning outcomes with online assessment strategies. Some of the methods that can be adopted for ensuring better learning outcomes are:

 4 Strategies Of Online Assessment For Better Learning Outcomes

1. Assessing Student’s Knowledge With Quizzes

Quizzes have always been considered one of the most efficient tools for assessing students’ knowledge. When paired with technology, they can prove to be an excellent way for engaging students in learning.

The online exam software allows teachers to create quizzes by incorporating questions in various formats ranging from formula-based to image-based questions.

This enables examinations to take multiple forms, which makes this mode of assessing students ideal for ensuring better learning outcomes and improving the overall performance of students.

2. Incorporating Case Studies Into the Curriculum

As a result of online classes, students have become lazy as they do not have that force that pushes them to indulge themselves in completing their assignments by submitting research.

Thus, to ensure students’ participation even in their assignments, another strategy for online assessment is incorporating case studies into the curriculum.

Online exam software can add case studies for assessing students, which can be presented with online classroom software before the teachers. Case studies improve students’ learning outcomes, social skills, and awareness of various aspects.

3. Gamification Of Education

Using the same mode of assessing students through MCQs, long answer-type questions, and open-ended questions can often be monotonous.

Thus to bring change and ensure the maintenance of students’ interest in learning, online assessment strategies can be used by gamifying education by devising various exercises for increasing student engagement.

Assessments can be gamified by incorporating trivia games where teachers can ask students to answer a number of questions of different kinds in a stipulated time—making learning and assessment fun even while assessment can play a crucial role in improving students’ performance managing time.

4. Indulging Into Questions Concerned With Drag & Drop Activities

Drag and drop activities refer to the type of assessment in which the learner has to apply their mind to link the information with the knowledge they have to solve a particular problem.

Thus, one of the online assessment strategies that the teachers can use for better learning outcomes is adding drag-and-drop activities incorporating images and text and asking the students to complete the same.

This would give the students insight into the new ways of assessment and encourage them to solve challenging and engaging questions.

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The Last Word
The only reason educational institutes indulge in assessing students is to understand if they have understood whatever has been taught and ensure that students use the knowledge they have for their overall development. Online learning in CoVID, although it ensured continuity of education, resultantly made the students lazy, thereby impacting their performance. However, the various online assessment strategies discussed in detail above can aid in improving students’ performance and overall learning outcomes.

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