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Build The Rapport Between Students And Teachers: Online Classroom Software


All across the globe, the advent of CoVID has resulted in a rapid increase in online education with the aid of online classroom software. But with the closure of educational institutions, teachers struggled to build meaningful relationships with the students, thereby affecting the rapport that the mentors could make during physical classes.

Managing the classroom has been one of the core topics, but efficiency in such a field is only possible when there is a rapport between students and teachers. There are various tools and strategies which can be used for maintaining this balance, and this article deals with how online classroom software aids in building rapport between students and teachers.

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Build Rapport Between Students And Teachers: Online Classroom Software

How Can Online Classroom Software Aid In Building Rapport Between Students And Teachers

One of the most crucial foundations of an effective classroom management plan is delivering the strategies which the mentors adopt for engaging with students to build effective classroom rapport. During online classes, these ideas do not chalk well, which thus leaves the students bland and disinterested in taking classes online.

However, with the tips below, online classroom software can aid in building rapport between students and teachers:

1. Creating An Effective Impactful Video And Uploading The Same On Online Classroom Software

Students often complain about the absence of instructors in real life while taking lectures online, irrespective of the software giving students the feature of live classroom recording Software. To redress this grievance, besides live classes for engaging students online and giving them the satisfaction they crave, teachers can create a compelling, impactful video and upload the same on the online classroom software.

The videos that they record for every subject can ensure the quasi-presence of the teachers even when the students are not taking live classes. When the instructor creates these videos on a daily basis, the students realize that their mentor is making efforts to ensure that the students understand every bit of whatever is being taught in classes which strengthens the bond between them.

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2. Giving Introduction By Uploading a Video Biography

The relationship between students and teachers during online classes is only limited to lectures. They can often not develop “that” bond of understanding and getting to know each other on a deeper level, which is possible in offline classes.

However, to establish that rapport, teachers can start by uploading video biography even in online classes. In the same, they can share little personal information that the mentor feels comfortable sharing. This can go a long way in establishing the mentor’s credibility from the class begins.

3. Engaging In Meaningful Conversations

Besides only delivering live online lectures, teachers building a rapport with students with online classroom software can engage in meaningful conversations by sharing their personal experiences and encouraging students to share theirs. Such discussions help make connections between teachers and students and with peers too.

When teachers and students involve themselves in conversations students, feel that the mentor is taking an interest in the student’s lives which directly aids the teachers in connecting with kids on a different level. It also aids teachers in building credibility as well as expertise within the online classroom.

Additionally, when the teachers engage in conversation with the students while other classmates are listening, even the peers tend to connect and build community trust and no longer feel isolated behind their device’s screen.

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4. Keep Asking Questions From Students To Ensure That They Are Attentive In Class

In offline classes, students are mandated to pay attention to whatever’s being taught since the teacher can ask them questions anytime. However, behind the computer screen in online courses Software, students show zero participation and interest since they know that there is no obligation to remain attentive.

Thus, to build a rapport, it is imperative for even the teachers taking online lectures to keep asking questions from students to ensure that the students are attentive in class. This is one of the quickest strategies to build credibility and trust for students’ participation.

5. Giving Students A Personalized Video Feedback

After the students take their Computer Based test Software or online exam software, the software generates a detailed report explaining the weak areas of every student, which can be improved if given attention. In such a scenario, when teachers have a hand in the detailed analysis of the student’s performance, teachers can provide personalized video feedback to strengthen their rapport instead of giving students textual feedback. By arranging personalized meetings with online classroom software, teachers can explain how students can improve to perform better in the following assessment.

Students often express dissatisfaction regarding how the teachers taught them online as they felt a lack of the presence of an instructor while learning. However, with various techniques that have been discussed above, teachers can build relationships with students even while teaching online, thereby strengthening their bond. This can lead to improved student engagement and performance, ultimately resulting in a more successful and fulfilling online learning experience.

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