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How Do I Create An Online Test On Online Test Software


Are you thinking of creating a test on online test software is never a big deal, just learn below-mentioned steps and you will understand all the steps about how to manage or create an online test for your students?

Hello, This is Manjeet Mehta, sharing with you the information about how do create an online test on online test software.

Let’s start with the first this If you are an Organizer, Teacher, Institute or corporate sector owner must be looking to automate test conducted on a computer system, how can one take the examination on the mobile app and computer.

It will be definitely the best option for you to conduct an online exam, but for selecting one particular vendor you have to be very careful because there are many factors that you have to consider before using it,

First one is, who has a kind of system fully prepared like a web app and mobile app, it should be compatible in English and Hindi language and whatever you want even in a regional language too.

There is an also big factor like pricing, content, whether you have content or not, you want to upload your own content or you want to another Institute content, whether he has a platform for content from other Institute, these factors that have to be careful while selecting.

Now here is the 9 Simple steps for understanding how to create an online test software.

Let’s Start the point and finished all here.

  • Register an account with the pesofts/
  • Prepare question for uploading in the admin panel.
  • create a new test with a given button.
  • Start uploading your question, or we will upload for you with the help of our expert team.
  • Assign the test that to be taken.
  • Select the test settings.
  • Students will get unique sub-domain after registering with the unique email address.
  • Students can take the test easily.
  • View results from the Results section. Finally, You can View analytics overall results.

Let’s understand all the particular steps with evaluating terms.

1. Check Demo provided by pesofts and then, Register an account with The pesofts.

No one can provide a free online exam software demo, but no worry first we will give you our free online exam software demo without paying a single rupee or without registering with us only for understanding the concept behind this software, Really this is an amazing and the very easiest way of creating an online test software in this era.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is login.jpg

In the demo preview, you can easily check all the steps behind the software and what we will do for you or what is the procedure for creating an online test software with the step by step.

If you love and understand with our demo procedure, we can continue, and then we will build for your theme and connect this theme to your website.” Here is some demo theme” after the all set up first thing should do register your account with us, so we can build more trust.

2. Prepare a question for uploading in the admin panel, but the first thing does you have a proper question for uploading or not.?

So what you can do for creating an online test software question’s.

If you want to create questions for your students, but you do not have more money and do not want to invest more money in making the question or you are startups than you should use Google question maker for creating or searching new question.

But wait have you think about how many hours you will waste on these things no.!! Well, we will help in understanding this if you waste 8 to 9 hours of searching questions on particular topics and not find questions according to your topic you will properly waste this 8 to 9 hours.

question create for the students

But if you use this 8 to 9 hours for teaching the students and helping them, students will learn many new topics at a particular time.

We have another way If you decided and want to make a question or take the exam in a good way then there are many software companies available who can make questions for you, but that when they don’t have proper experience in creating that type of question/system then it can go totally wrong, you should be very careful about this.

Select the best developer company who have good knowledge in this field and already designed such kind of software, so they can make good question’s for you.

If still, you are thinking about money for investing in question making no worry, we are a professional with many years in this field and understand the importance of your money and also time. We were also a startup many years ago we will build the questions for you with many small amounts of money.

3. This step is a very easiest step, on the dashboard, you select an Add new Test button.

After the second step, the third step will be is on the dashboard you will see the new test option in this dashboard once you click on the particular button you will redirect on the computer desktop for uploading the text file.

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4. Start Uploading your question, or we will upload for you with the help of our expert team.

Now is the fourth step of uploading the question we know you think about what format we can upload in exam software is this will support the Microsoft Excel format or not.

As we already generated our online exam software in a very advanced option with supporting many extensions whatever it will be Microsoft excel or word(bulk uploading) and  PDF or JPG(only possible by manual uploading) no worry once you check you can upload from any file.

If I suggest you about the uploading question format you should think the uploading procedure is a very easy task or not you know if we see in the previous year the uploading task really was very difficult for us and also for our client’s, at that time question upload one by one.

But after getting more suggestion or feedback to our valuable client we change a lot of the things in our online exam software. Now this our online exam software is a very easy way for uploading questions in any format.

5. Assign the Test to be taken.

In our online exam software, we have managed this is in a very proper manner everyone who has an admin panel login credentials can easily manage the test, the date with particular time.

new button

6. Select the Test settings.

In selecting the test setting option you can choose more option like which particular subject choose for the perticular students what time they can take the test, you also schedule time for uploading paper after 2 days or 5 days,

We also offer you to check which students got the higher number as compare to another or which students have the lowest knowledge in any particular subject so you can teach the students that particular subject accordingly and grow your coaching, institute result.

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7. Students will get a unique subdomain after registering with the unique email address.

Yes, this is correct once we build for you online exam software for conducting your student’s online exam’s you will got theme provided by us and after whenever any student come to your website and click our provided theme they can register for the exams and pay fee accordingly.

once the students register and confirmed the provided thing belong to them they will get unique email login details so whenever they come to the website for taking exams they simply required email id or password which we have generated at the Signed time if they forget these detail our support team will offer them the login credential, or they got easily with forgot password option.

8. Students can take the test easily.

We have built our online exam software platform very easily and students understandably so any students can manage this with the easiest method and take the test. We will provide the language converting option of our dashboard according to the students, so they can feel free and never confused with our dashboard.

student take test easily

If your students got any error or any other disturbing thing in the dashboard they contact us, we will help to remove or manage that thing.

9. View results from the Results section.

View results from the Results section

This is the last but not the least step, After completing the test, your student’s side, Both you and your students can check the result how many numbers they got in the current test. Also, anyone can compare the recent result with the last result or any other particular result.

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