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How has education changed due to CoVID 19?


The rapid spread of coronavirus also called as CoVID-19 has across Asia, Europe, the Middle East as well as the United States has resulted in a global lockdown. To mitigate the development of this full-blown pandemic, countries have taken swift as well as decisive action. Preventive measures such as social distancing as well as self-isolation have resulted in global closure of primary, secondary as well as tertiary schools.

With these steps, the health of the school-goers has been preserved. Thus this, as a result, has lead to a drastic change in the teaching methodology to ensure the continuity of studies. Further, due to this, virtual delivery of a vast number of courses has been made possible.

Home schooling has been adopted in most of the heavily impacted countries such as China, United States, Italy, Iran including India. The reason behind its success is the presence of various online learning tools. Although this has caused a degree of inconvenience as most of the users are trying to cope up in the manner it is to be used. But with this, there has been a promotion of new examples of educational innovations too.

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Today’s article is all about the changes that have been brought in education due to this widespread global pandemic.

Ways In Which Education Has Changed

Students running with backpacks to catch their school bus, packing of lunch by parents as well as coordination of pick up times has been a routine of the past due to this outbreak. The new routine includes logging into zoom app into home computer, iPads or mobile phones to embrace the current methodology of virtual learning.

This new routine has replaced the centuries-old lecture-based approach of teaching to virtual classrooms. It includes logging into online classrooms through the home computer, iPads or mobile phones.

CoVID 19 has acted as a catalyst for educational institutions globally to search for innovative solutions of teaching within a span of a short time. Some of the ways have been listed below:

Using Of Standard Online Learning Tools

Schools, universities, as well as coaching institutes during this pandemic, have resorted to online learning with the help of virtual classroom software. This synchronous face to face instruction tool that can be accessed through any devices due to its responsive feature makes it possible for students to use any device.

The communication makes it possible for both of them to remain in constant touch throughout the lecture which does not make them feel isolated. Students are even at liberty to ask questions from the teachers whenever they want to since the classes are live.

These traditional in-person classroom learning tool has resulted in complementing of new learning modalities that can range from live broadcasts to educational influencers to virtual reality experiences. Despite live classes, the teachers are given the responsibility of contacting the students by phone, video chats or messages to make sure that they are understanding the online lessons. This tool has attempted to integrate learning into a habit of daily routine.

Change in The Method Of Grading

Moving to online classes has some of the difficulties that include lack of the teaching methodology. Some subjects require in-person, hands-on elements and thus it is difficult to teach them on a video. Further to enable the students to manage the major disruptions caused by COVID 19 without worrying about grades, schools have resorted to online exam software as well as online assessment mobile apps.

The fact that the students can give exam whenever they want to at any time makes it convenient for them to cope up during this duration of a global health emergency. Even the universities do not have to worry about the compilation of result. The software makes it possible to make a detailed analysed report of the result. It even circulates the same to the students at one click. Further, there is no scope of using unfair means as the same is coupled with online proctoring.

Creation Of Quizzes To Instill A Sense Of Fun

During this lockdown, only teaching course-related lectures online might result in students becoming disinterested. This affects their willingness to further attend the lectures on an everyday basis. However, with a quiz maker software teachers can resort to fun quizzes based on whatever they want to teach while imparting lectures. This not only makes studies fun but also keeps the students motivated to attend classes.


To fill the void that has been caused in education, ed-tech players have taken the lead in academic areas by providing learning tools online by adopting artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, and blockchain. Learning consortiums are now forming coalitions with various stakeholders that include government, publishers, education professionals to find the solution to this crisis digitally.

Even Pesofts amongst this pandemic is aiming to provide online learning management tools such as virtual classroom software, online assessment apps etc at affordable prices for making education available into the educational institutions in this pandemic.

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