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How Online Exams Are Conducted From Home in India


The unwelcoming advent of coronavirus had a significant impact on almost everything that one could think of. It didn’t even spare educational institutions. Nationwide lockdown resulted in the shutdown of schools that made it challenging to teach & conduct exams for students.

However, with software for eLearning, it has become possible to teach students online using software for online classrooms and assess students online. The article today discusses how to conduct online exam at home, from zoom at home in india.

How To Conduct Online Exams From Home In India

Steps To Conducted Online Exams From Home

At Pesofts, our users can conduct exams online with our software for online exams both online and offline by already uploading the exam on computers. Further, they can also assess the students by uploading the tests on our live teaching app. Let’s understand the steps that one needs to follow in detail.

Conducting Exams Online With Online Examination Software.

Step 1: Fill Enquiry Form With Pesoft’s Online Examination Software:- To access our portal for online exams, the first step is to contact us from here and after we will set up your account so you can process further.

Step 2: Add Questions Manually or Automatically:- The next step is framing questions which can be done in any format that the teachers want to. They can range from MCQs to formula-based or image-based problems. Questions can be added either manually or in a PDF form automatically.

Step 3: Create New Test By Using “Create Test Button”:-  Once teachers have uploaded the questions, the next step is creating the test by choosing the “Create Test” option. While attempting the written test online on our software for the online exam, candidates can view all the questions by navigating with the help of arrows. Answers marked by students are displayed in a different colour. Students can thus keep a tab on the number of questions that they have to attempt.

Step 4: Set Up Test Instructions: Exam conducting agencies have the option of managing the test settings such as the time within which the exam would be completed, the date and time when the exam would be made available. Details such as the date of the test, duration of the test, time of test can also be set up. The test gets submitted automatically in case the students fail to finish the test within the stipulated time.

Step 5: Sharing Of Unique ID & Password With The Test Takers:- To start the test, institutes provide unique ID & Password. Once the students log in with the credentials, they can begin the test. If students encounter unexpected problems while giving the test, they do not have to worry at all. The exam at that time pauses & students can start from where they left.

Step 6: View Results After Completing The Test:- Once the students submit the test, the result gets displayed automatically. Our software even creates a detailed report which the exam conducting agencies can view for analysis.

Conduct Exams Online By Uploading The Same On Online Teaching App.

In order to make the test available on the online teaching app, the given steps are to be followed:

Step 1: Send Enquiry To Us First For The Exam Panel:- The first step that the users have to follow is to contact us from here so we can create your account.

Step 2: Click On Manage Tests:- Upon login, the users get an overall view of their dashboard with respect to the total test packages, total questions, etc. On their left side, the users/admin gets an entire menu giving them various options. One such option available with them is “Manage Tests,” which they need to click.

Step 3: After Clicking On “Manage Tests,” Choose “Test:- Once the admin clicks on “Manage Tests,” they get an option of “Test,” which they are required to opt for. Once they click on the “Test” option, they get a list of the number of tests they have created. However, to create a new test, they have to select “Add” available on the top right side. However, before creating a new test, the admin has to create the “Course,” “Subject,” & “Instruction Files” that are accessible in the drop-down menu of “Misc.” Non adherence to these instructions makes it impossible to create the “Test”.

Step 4: Add All The Necessary Details:- Once user/admin clicks on “Add Tests”, they have to fill in the following details:
(a)Name. (b)Description (c)Test Type (d)Course (e)Publish date & time as well as test end date (e)Duration (f)Total questions (f)Total marks (g)Instruction (h)Medium (i)Subject.

Once these details as well as the ones mentioned in Advanced Settings are completed, all they have to do is click on the “Save” option to create their test.

Step 5: Click On “Action” To Further Proceed With Adding Questions Manually or With DOCX:- Once the user/admin creates the “Test”, the same appears with a list containing the number of tests they have already listed. There appears a yellow box captioned as “Action”, which has to be clicked to add questions in the test. They can either add questions manually or with DOCX.

When questions are added with DOCX, the same can be uploaded in a bulk file under which questions must be added in a particular format. Once they upload the file, choose the language and the default font, all they have to do is click on “Submit”. After submitting, they can see the preview of the questions that they uploaded. If satisfied, the next step is saving the questions.

Once you add questions, the requirements of creating tests are complete, and users/admin can finally publish. The same is available on your online teaching app, and thus you can also give students an option of attempting the same from your app for online teaching.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Online Exam Software Price

Ans. ✔️ yes Anyone Can Take Online Exams From Anywhere With Our Online Exam Software.
Ans. ✔️ Yes We Can Inbuild Your API in Our Software For Running Your Classes.
Ans. ✔️ We Have Proctoring Solution Feature Where You Can Tkae Your Online Exam Cheat Free.

Therefore the availability of various options to even conduct exams makes it easy to assess students irrespective of their location. All the exam conducting agencies & educational institutions have to opt for Pesofts software for online exams available at affordable prices with attractive features to access this option.

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