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How To Maintain Credibility Of Online Exams In 2023


Online exams are here to stay. With this new mode of assessment Software becoming old and students adjusting well to this type of examination, there has been a rise in ways to cheat amongst students, even in online exams, without the Proctor even hinting about it.

An increase in these new methodologies of cheating has questioned the entire concept of examination, thereby jeopardizing students’ futures. Tackling this menace and maintaining the credibility of online exams has become the need of the hour.

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How To Maintain Credibility Of Online Exams In 2022

Today’s article deals with how educational institutions can maintain the credibility of online exams in 2023.

How To Maintain Credibility Of Online Exams In 2023

Online proctoring software and safe exam browsers have played a crucial role in maintaining the credibility of exams in 2023. Both the inventions in this new era of learning are playing their part in ensuring examination security in the following manner:

1. Installation Of Online Proctoring Software

To enable the students to take the test, they have to give the proctor access to their device, permit the Proctor to record their screen and control their camera and microphone. Only when the students provide access to the software they can access the test.

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Further, the various types of proctoring that online proctoring software provide credibility of online exams in the following ways:

Types Of Proctoring For Online Proctoring Software

Types Of Proctoring For Online Proctoring Software

(a). Video Proctoring In The Form Of Live Online Proctoring

Although online exam software has enabled educational institutions to conduct extensive scale exams without the physical presence of students and permit them to give exams from anywhere around the world, it has also hampered exam security. To tackle this problem and maintain the exam’s credibility, online proctoring software, with its “live online proctoring” akin to an invigilator, monitors the activities of the test taker during the exam. While acting as an invigilator, Proctor restrains students from being involved in unfair means by warning them whenever they try to indulge in prohibited, thus securing the entire examination process.

Alongside live online proctoring, since the Proctor has access to the student’s microphone, audio proctoring can also record every noise or sound from the candidate’s environment. There can be times even when the Proctor during live proctoring fails to recognize any suspicious activity, which can later be figured out by the authorities using audio proctoring.

(b). Recorded Video Proctoring

In this form of proctoring, the Proctor does not monitor the student’s live activities live but records the entire exam activity of the students. At the same time, they have access to the device’s camera. According the completion of the exam, the recorded video is saved on the cloud server that the Proctor can evaluate any time after the exam.
Even the availability of this video ensures the exam’s credibility as the students would be aware of their activities being monitored after the exam and non-abiding of which could result in their disqualification

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(c). Image Proctoring

There can be a situation where students have an unstable internet connection, making it difficult for the online exam proctoring software to monitor students’ activities using live or recorded proctoring. In such cases, image proctoring can be used to maintain online exam security. In this proctoring, the Proctor, based on the duration of the exam, keeps on capturing students’ images in fixed intervals.

After the exam, the photos are saved in the software’s browser, which the exam-conducting faculty can access to check if the students have resorted to any malpractice. If students have resorted to suspicious activity, the authorities can disqualify the candidate based on the proof.

2. Installation Of Safe Exam Browser

A safe exam browser eliminates the ability of the students to resort to malpractices by creating an environment where the students can’t cheat. With its various methodologies listed below, a safe exam browser maintains the credibility of online exams, thereby ensuring that online exams are here to stay for a long time:

(i). Restrains Test Taker From Accessing Any Screen Other Than Exam Browser

When educational institutions install a secure exam browser in their online exam software, the students cannot navigate from one screen to another unless they submit their test. When they try to jump from one screen to another, their exam gets canceled automatically, resulting in disqualification.

(ii). Students Before Or During The Exam Cannot Configure Their Device With Any Other Device.

Often students tend to configure the device on which they have to give the exam with another external device for resorting to prohibited unfair practices. Installation of a safe exam browser identifies if the students have connected their device with some other gadget and prevent them from taking the test further.

(iii). Prevents Students From Browsing Any Other Website During Online Exams

When educational institutes install a safe exam browser, the browser even prohibits the students from accessing the websites that the educational institutes prohibit students from using.

The Last World

Online exams in this uncertain situation have acted as a messiah for ensuring continuity in education as every educational institution desists from promoting the students without assessing them. However, in this new way of evaluating, students have found ways to resort to malpractices that hamper the credibility of exams. To avoid such a scenario and secure examination in 2023, installing online exam proctoring software with an exam browser is of utmost importance.

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