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Taking Or Conducting Online Exams Is Too Easy


The unexpected advent of coronavirus and imposition of nationwide lockdown to curb the spread of this virus has adversely affected the lives of the people also disrupted the academic calendar of educational institutions. Most of the universities were preparing to take exams in the traditional pen-paper form and not by conducting written exams online with the help of online exam software. Due to the announcement, they could not complete the process of assessment.

how to take online test or exam

When the state governments such as Delhi, Rajasthan, Punjab, Bihar decided to not conduct exams the University Grants Commission issued a notification making it mandatory for the institutions to conduct exams in any form till September’2020. This mandate resulted in putting the educational institutions in a dilemma on how they should conduct exams adhere to the guidelines of taking exams as well as ensure the safety of students by following social distancing.

The article today solves this dilemma by explaining the universities as well as colleges on how they can conduct online exams for students conveniently.

How Can Colleges, Coaching, Or Schools Conduct Written Exams Online?

To solve the dilemma of the educational institutions on how they can conduct written exams online, we at Pesofts have software for online tests. This easy to use technological invention enables them to schedule a written assessment on the computer, laptop, or the mobile phone with exam software mobile app even at the convenience of their home conveniently. Students are not under a mandate to arrange for a particular device. They can easily take this exam on any device such as a computer, laptop as well as a mobile phone on any operating software be it android or iOS.

Before sitting for this written test, the students have to verify their identity which they will get at the registration time. Only then they are allowed to access the exam. Institutes can ensure that the students get the feel as if they are giving a real written exam by following the steps given below :

Step 1: ✔️ Contact Us To Accessing Online Examination Software:

All you have to do is contact us with us to access our online exam portal. Once you contact us we will give you the first free trial once you are satisfied with us then you can continue with premium plans.

Step 2: ✔️ Upload Questions On The Panel Manually Or Automatically
Once you do is, you are free to frame questions in whatever format they want to. Be it a multiple-choice question or a formula based question or even an image-based question either one by one manually or automatically bulk in an excel form.

Step 3: ✔️ Use The Create Test Button To Create A New Test
After uploading the questions click on the create test option to complete the process of creating the exams. Candidates while attempting the online written test on our software for online assessment, can take the overview of the assessment by easily navigating with the use of arrows. The answers that the student’s mark is displayed in a different color than the ones which are incomplete so that they easily keep a tap on the unattempted questions.

Step 4:✔️  Manage Test Settings
Now institutes can manage test settings to set up the time limit within which the candidates have to complete the exam. If they do not finish the test within the stipulated time, the assessment itself gets automatically submitted as well as the students no longer have the option of marking their answers. Colleges are also free to set up the date of the test. Also, they can manage the time at which they have to complete it.

Step 5: ✔️ Share The Website Details Which You Have Created For You
Institutes can share created URL to the students so they can buy courses and signup with the same. If in case the students encounter unexpected problems while giving an online exam. In such a circumstance, the candidates do not have to worry as the online assessment software enables them to resume the test from where they had left.

Step 6: ✔️ Students Can Take Online Exams Easypi Without Cheating
Once students buy there test from your created website with there unique credentials they can take online exams without any cheating with there mobile phone tablet or desktop screen.

Step 7: View The Result In An Analysed Format
You do not have to experience the hassles of checking the answer sheets as the results are displayed automatically after the students submit the test. Our software for assessing the students online displays an analyzed rank wise results so that the universities are aware of the students who have shown outstanding performance easily.

The Final Thought
Available at prices that do not put holes in your pocket, our online examination software has exceptional features with which educational institutes can adhere to the guidelines of the University Grants Commission as well as ensure the safety of students by maintaining social distancing.

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