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Hybrid Learning: Future Of Online Education with Hybrid Learning


Covid 19 pandemic has severely affected long-established institutions such as education. The World Economic Forum said that in 186 countries, 1.2 billion children had been affected due to the closure of schools. This drastic and unprecedented advent of the pandemic imposed a mandate on educational institutions for adopting hybrid learning in online education at breakneck speed.

These evolved technologies can provide innovative ways for mass instruction, addressing inadequacies of information and worldwide development by hybrid mode of learning. The associated benefits of hybrid learning have resulted in this new mode of learning gaining exponential momentum.

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Hybrid Learning: Future Of Online education with hybrid learning

Today’s article deals with the role that hybrid learning plays in the future of online education.

Before proceeding with the role played, let’s understand the concept of “hybrid learning.”

Concept Of Hybrid Learning

Hybrid learning refers to learning and teaching that combines online Teaching with face-to-face classroom instructions. In this type of learning, online learning replaces in-person classes, and Online material in hybrid learning is designed to bring flexibility to the experience of learning.

Role Played By Hybrid Learning In Online Education’s Future

To ensure that hybrid learning is productive, educational institutions must design a particular curriculum involving different sets of strategies deployed in the physical classroom. Developing the curriculum in this manner provides room for all teaching modes. Having the ability to combine personalization advantages with convenience for offering the best suitable learning environment, hybrid learning by providing the following benefits ensures a bright future for online education:

(a). Aids Students To Study At Their Own Pace

With blended learning, the students can learn at a pace wherein students can understand as well as retain. This mode of learning gives students the liberty to participate in various activities of education which are as per the learning style that aids them to have a deeper understanding of the entire subject matter. When there is a small group of learners, students can interact with the teachers and get personalized attention.

When students get control over the time and pace of learning, they get increased flexibility, increasing their attendance and class participation.

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(b). Technology Aids In Increasing Personalization And Engagement Scope

When software such as online classroom software and online exam software blend artificial intelligence in their teaching and Online assessment Software methodologies, they get the liberty to customize learning to suit various styles. This leads to better outcomes, making hybrid learning the most productive teaching mode.

(c). Seamless Assessment & Reporting

A blending of online exam software with Online Learning learning gives educational institutions the advantage of ensuring a seamless flow of assessing students and reporting. That’s because the various features associated with online exam software, such as scalability secured Remotely proctoring pre-exam and during the exam and the ability to add multiple forms of questions, etc., play a significant role in preferring the online mode of assessment. Furthermore, online exam software can calculate and produce results instantly, eliminating the need for humans to prepare results. This also adds to the credibility of Distance learning and makes educational institutions rely on this methodology for the future.

(d). Students Get Instant Personalized Feedback

The availability of various modes such as customized assessment and participation of teachers and students in  Online live lectures enables students to get instant personalized feedback from their teachers. When students get this personalized feedback, they work on a better outcome and personal growth.

Hybrid Learning Gives Educational Institutions Technological Infrastructure For Developing Further:

We all know how expensive it is to run an educational institution, and the school has to invest in the assets and pay salaries to everybody who keeps the school running. However, installing technological infrastructure in this situation can be expensive initially. Still, its ability to eliminate the need for human resources for almost all tasks aids educational institutions to develop further by giving teachers and students the advantages of online learning.

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