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Online Exam Software: Every University’s Need of the Hour


CoVID’s second wave has caused havoc in our country. When India’s health infrastructure is on the verge of collapse, this pandemic has shown its worst side by severely impacting the youth. In this sorry state of affairs & the start of the new academic year, online exam software has become every university’s need of the hour.

As suggested by health experts, it’s challenging to anticipate when CoVID’s third wave impacts the country. In this scenario, postponing entrance exams to be conducted when the situation would improve serves no purpose. It would only result in the delay of the academic year, thereby burdening the students. To avoid this situation, universities must conduct exams online with software for online exams.

Every University's Need of the Hour

Today, the means to provide education has expanded & diversified & after we get over this pandemic, all of us would be sure that education has expanded its reach & is no longer limited to four walls of the classroom. With the advancing technology, the spread of education has grown to everyone’s fingertips & this has changed the times for all the educational institutions.

If your university still hasn’t adopted this new mode of assessment, then now is the time. With the advantages that universities can get by resorting to software for online evaluation, the article below would finally convince every university to opt for this new methodology for assessment finally.

Every University’s Need Of The Hour

The hustle-bustle of traditional exams that used, to begin with, discussions on the creation of question papers, the heavy research of the exam department & the efforts put in by the invigilators & teachers to prepare the result has been replaced by the online teaching & exam software.

The advent of this new technology & unwelcoming pandemic has wholly made the idea of pen & paper redundant. This software enables evaluation on software that is fully automated. By supporting an easy-to-use interface of the test takers & the conductors, the system ensures successful conduction of online assessment. In addition, its responsiveness, scalability, and ability to generate immediate results save time & increases the pace for admissions.

  • All the students need is a device to take this type of exam, be it a laptop, mobile phone, iPad, tablet, or a computer system with a working camera & a microphone and a stable internet connection.

Benefits of A Software For Online Exam

  • Expenditure plays a vital role for every university: The first & foremost benefit of software for online exams is that it enables all the educational institutions to conduct exams without any cap on the number of students seamlessly by saving vast amounts of money and time. The initial investments might be a little high, but the installation saves other costs involved in conducting the exams.
  • Saves Environment: Switching to an online mode of exams eliminates the need to print question papers, OMR Sheets, answer keys, attendance sheets & other necessary things that require a print in the traditional mode of assessment. We now know the importance of oxygen & shifting to an online evaluation method is a step ahead to save deforestation & contribute to protecting the environment. Along with keeping the environment, your university will also save the amount spent in procuring bundles of sheets & printing them.
  • Reduces Management’s Stress: A fully automated process because of online examination software in these difficult times is a boon for the management. We all know that times are difficult & people are already stressed with arranging for essential drugs & oxygen for their near & dear ones. With software for examination online, the management’s efforts can be put to better use since the software automatically generates results, acts as an invigilator with its proctoring feature, & takes care of other requirements.
  • Proctoring Feature: The software is equipped with a proctoring feature that acts like an invigilator while students take their exams. The proctor ensures that students do not resort to using unfair means while taking the exam at the comfort of their home. For this, all the students are required to give access to their mic and a webcam. The moment the proctor senses something fishy, it provides the students with a chance to correct it. If they do not, the exam ends automatically & the students are thereby not eligible for further taking their exam. “Learn more  advanatges of proctoring software
  • Generates Detailed Results Instantly: The software can deliver results at the touch of a button, thereby playing a crucial role in reducing the administrator’s workload majorly. The software provides measurable & accurate insights by combining intelligent algorithms, data science to interpret data. With the detailed reports on various parameters, the administrators can download the results instantly to analyse different aspects.
  • Reduces Exam Anxiety: Mental health in these difficult times is of utmost importance. More than CoVID harming people physically, this pandemic has negatively impacted every student’s mental health. Therefore, to ensure that students maintain their calm in these difficult times, the online exam software enables students to give their assessment at the comfort of their home without any stress & anxiety. Their ability to not consume much time & how they are drafted makes them less nerve-wracking for students.

Although resorting to this software to conduct assessment online is the need of the hour. However, the presence of innumerable software providers can often result in the universities opting for the software for online exams, which does not cater to all their needs. Therefore before purchasing it, the universities should ensure that the software consists of the following features:

  • seamless Integration: The software should be deployed quickly on a single server without downloading any additional software or extensions.
  • Effective Security Mechanism: The software should be equipped with a secure socket layer certificate to ensure the security of stored data. Further, it should also not allow unauthorised hackers to intrude into the privacy & leak data stored within the software.
  • Capability to ensure that more users attend the test: Your software should be capable enough to handle a load of innumerable students at a particular point in time. It should have a group option to organise extensive scale tests without worrying about the app/ software being crashed.
  • Feature to import bulk questions: The software should enable teachers to import bulk questions manually or automatically of any format ranging from MCQ’s to short answer type questions to long answer type questions. Further, the same should also be capable of randomly shuffling the questions in every question paper to prevent cheating.
  • 24*7 Online Customer Support: Every software provider should have a customer support team available for its customers 24*7 to resolve any query/ glitch faced by the software. Not only this, but the same should be resolved in a time frame of a few hours to ensure resolution of doubts & easy conduction of exams.

The Last Word
As more & more universities are getting to know about the online methodology of the exam, this assessment method is increasingly gaining much popularity. Keeping in view its wide demand & the current situation caused by the pandemic, we at Pesofts have done our bit by introducing pocket-friendly softwares for online exams consisting of all the necessary features to conduct online evaluation seamlessly without any burden. All our softwares are available at affordable rates & before opting for our software, Pesofts gives you the option of opting for a free trial.

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