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Online Course Software – They Way Of Teaching

Nowadays, everyone wants to talk about online live classes, online coaching classes, recorded video classes as well as PDF classes. Thus, today let’s talk about them by understanding in detail the manner in which they are different from others and how each of them is leaving its impact in the education industry.

Let us first discuss online course classes. Online course classes comprise everything that a course has. Ranging from assembling the course to recording video content to study material for live course content to quizzes. This course acts as a subsidiary as it consists of online recorded video software, live classes video software, PDF sharing platform as well as quizzes.

Online Course Software

I’ll first talk about recorded video software by discussing all the features of this software along with the manner in which the same can be used and how can one use it effectively.

Online Classes Recorded Classes Software

In this software, a teacher can record his/her classes and teach them on a whiteboard. This can be done with the help of a white sheet where the teacher has to mount the mobile camera on the top of the white sheet and thus whatever he/she writes gets recorded.

The process is similar to virtual whiteboard classes where the teacher writes on a digital pad and has the option of recording those videos so that they can be sold online.

Recording classes is the first challenge associated with this software. This is because the teacher firstly has to record the classes and then upload it somewhere on the server and also has to check if the same has been uploaded correctly or not. For servers, people nowadays use YouTube and drive to upload and stream.

If you have to use your mobile to record classes, the same can be done by downloading an app called open camera which helps you to record video even on your mobile by using the external mike. If in case teachers use a laptop or a desktop for recording the classes, he/she can use a free software called OBS which stream whatever the webcam shows.

With this, he/she can easily record all the lectures without anything. If in case they are capturing their screens they can use a paid app called Cametia with the help of which it becomes easy for them to record the screen.

Live Classes With The Software

In live classes whatever the teachers teach reaches the student in a fraction of a second or in some cases in just milliseconds. But then there are times when it takes 10 to 30 seconds for the lecture to get delivered to the students. All of this depends upon the configuration of the server as well as other things.

In live classes with live class recording software all the teachers have to do is set up a camera with a mic as well as a whiteboard or a digital board to capture classes so that he/she can easily send the same over the server to deliver to the students.

There are two types of live classes. The first one is a video in which the teachers teach and the students can chat to interact with the students. The second type is in which both the students as well as teachers can see each other.

In this, teachers teach to live on their mobile or laptop and whatever they teach gets delivered to the students. Students have an option of commenting and the same gets recorded over the server. After the class ends, students can access the videos whenever they want.

To conduct live classes all that the teachers need is one streamer OBS if they do not want to interact with the students and only intend to record the video and give the students the option of interacting through the chat. Stream estimation can be done with mobile as well as live classes.

\If they want to conduct classes in such a manner that both the teachers as well as the students can interact simultaneously, then they can conduct classes on zoom which is free or google meet or Microsoft meet. Even Google and Microsoft meet are free but there is one complexity in case the teachers want to record their classes.

If they have some basic knowledge on how to record classes on zoom then the teachers can also record the classes over the server. But there is one thing that the teachers have to consider while recording the classes which is that the combination of the remote server is successful. When they have to record lectures on youtube they will have to later access the links through that.

For providing study material during the live lectures the teachers can either upload the PDF that can be downloaded or can also use the PDF material that cannot be downloaded without using a backend. Teachers have the option of using the drive if they want the students to download the PDF. If in case the teachers do not want to download the PDF they have the option of adjusting the privacy settings.

Quiz Format With The Course Software

Another important thing that an online course need is giving the teachers the option of creating quizzes so that they can assess the students whenever they want to. Teachers can make both automatic as well as manual quizzes. In an automatic quiz, the teachers have the option of making the questions in Multiple Choice Questions format, true-false or passage type, and metrics format.

In this form, the answers are checked automatically and they are not required to do anything. All they have to do is make some settings from the backend. In the manual type of format, teachers have the option of using the descriptive format.

All they have to do is give the descriptive part through the app and screen the images so that they can take a snapshot and submit the same. All the teachers have to do is go to the teacher-student profile and assess whether the students have answered correctly or not.

A well-detailed explanation of all the essential components of online course software gives the teachers a fair idea of what sort of new combinations are required and the manner in which they should be arranged. Not only this but it is also important for the online courses to have the security feature which helps the teachers decide who they want to give access too and should also have a payment option.

All of these requirements that are discussed above in reference to an online course software are available in TrigrExam App that is available on the Play Store. This app gives the teachers a fair idea of how they can combine these three-four things to create a wonderful combination of courses that enables the students to learn effectively.

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