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Conduct Online Proctored Exam at Home On Any Device

Global digitization has changed every aspect of human life, including a significant educational revamp. With the advent of various online exam software and online assessment proctoring software, students now get the chance to enroll for courses at a wide range of institutions and get a certificate from them by taking an online proctored exam at home.

Even the pandemic has made it very evident that in the coming years, we will have no alternative but to embrace the digitization of education. Against this backdrop, the article today deals with all the necessary information that you need to know about online proctored exams at home.

Online proctored exam at home

For starters, let us first understand the concept of online proctored exams. An online proctored exam is a form of online exam possible with an online exam proctoring software that enables the faculty to keep an eye on students’ actions as they take the exam in real time. The software is equipped with AI-powered technology that tracks and monitors students and aids institutions in eliminating cheating during exams, and helps to maintain academic integrity.

What is Automated Online Exam Proctoring

Automated online exam proctoring is an innovative solution that addresses the challenges of conducting exams remotely. Online proctored exams, facilitated by automated proctoring software, provide a secure and convenient way for students to be monitored during their assessments. The process involves utilising advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and facial recognition to ensure the integrity of the exam.

The Online Proctored Exam Work in a way ,When students begin the online proctored exam, the software authenticates their identity using facial recognition and verifies their presence throughout the test session. It monitors the test-takers activities, including their screen, audio, and webcam feed, to detect suspicious behaviour or cheating attempts.

The automated proctoring services offered by companies like ours, Pesofts, enable teachers to conduct online exams confidently, knowing that the software provides real-time monitoring and alerts for potential irregularities. By leveraging the power of automated proctoring software, teachers can maintain the integrity of their exams while ensuring a seamless and efficient online assessment experience for students.

All you need to know about the online proctored exam at home

Types of Online Proctored exams

Online Live Proctoring Exam

A webcam, microphone, and computer screen are used in this new kind of exam called a live classroom exam software, and it allows students to take exams under the supervision of a proctor. Software called online exam proctoring has to be installed to enable this capability. With this alternative of taking exams, students can be assessed in the comfort of their homes without the agency worried about the students hampering the exam’s integrity. The Proctor watches over the student’s movements and gives comments as necessary.

Recorded Proctoring Exam

The Recorded Proctoring Exam is another sort of exam that is recorded and allows students to take it at their own pace without being Monitored. Exams typically capture the student’s webcam, microphone, and computer screen. The exam is then remotely observed by a proctor using the recordings, who returns the finished exam to the students.

Advanced Automated Proctoring Exam

Advanced Automated Proctoring Exam is a sophisticated web-proctored test that uses AI and automation and helps administer online tests without human participation. The exam is generally recorded, and any suspicious activity in the video is detected by AI-based software.

How do online proctored exams work on online exam proctoring software?

Here are some basic steps that will help in understanding the working of online proctored exams –

Online Registration of the Candidate

Firstly, the candidate has to register for the exam wherein they are required to fill in basic details like name, address, class, academic year, and other information.

Candidate’s Authentication

After registering, the candidate will get an ID and password required to appear for the online test. Additionally, the online assessment software would authenticate the ID and password by sending an OTP, after which the candidate can proceed with the examination. Furthermore, the candidate to prove his identity is required to submit his identity cards before proceeding to commence the exam.

Depending on the type of examination, the candidate would be given particular instructions they must follow throughout the test. The candidate has to accept these instructions and will be monitored by the Proctor. The online proctored software would disable other browsers to eliminate the risk of cheating during the exam.

Proctor Monitor’s Student’s Activities During Exam

During the tests, online exam proctoring software employs the latest cutting-edge technology to catch cheating by keeping an eye on the candidate’s computer, conduct, and exam room activity. While attempting the questions, their every motion is tracked and recorded by an automated AI-enabled software system that does this task. Some of the aspects monitored by the online Proctor to prevent cheating are:

It monitors a student’s computer screen and system: Exam proctoring software is made to keep track of a student’s computer usage, including the opening and closing of documents, programs, and websites. Additionally, it will monitor student keystrokes and mouse movements on the computer screen. During the test, it will also capture the students’ chat activity. The software will quickly notify the Proctor if any questionable behavior is found. The Proctor can then act appropriately.

It monitors the student’s environment: Through the 360-degree mobile webcam, the Proctor can see the surroundings of the student’s room. The Proctor can now see who is in the room and what they are doing. The Proctor can notice any suspicious conduct and respond immediately, such as if someone attempts to assist the candidate. This enables a prompt warning and aids in discouraging cheating.

It monitors students’ behavior: The mobile webcam allows the Proctor to see the student’s face. This makes it possible for the Proctor to spot students who seem anxious or preoccupied. The Proctor may ask the student to leave the examination room for a short while if the student exhibits signs of nervousness or distraction. This will let the pupil unwind and discourage cheating. The Proctor monitors the students throughout a timed exam to ensure they don’t cheat. The Proctor also provides that students are not using their cell phones or other electronic devices.

Benefits of online proctored exams at home

Online Proctoring furthermore provides the following benefits to both students and educational institutions -:

It provides academic integrity and exam security: Teachers have the opportunity to strike the right balance between flexibility and integrity when using online proctored exams. With the aid of this instrument, they may build their online reputation and provide students with the opportunity to gain from e-learning.

There is no need for exam centers: Remote proctoring allows candidates to take the exam anytime and from anywhere.

It is cost-effective: There’s no need for exam centers and physical proctors, which helps to cut the cost of the institutions.

It provides advanced monitoring for cheating:The online exam is even more secure than the offline version due to a wide range of online proctoring tools, such as AI-powered ones, that make cheating nearly impossible.

It ensures the fairness of the test: It could appear that online proctoring solely serves to catch cheaters, but it also provides that individuals who take the exam compete pretty.

Proctoring exams online is secure and safe: The candidate’s screen on the remote monitor is hidden from everyone but the Proctor. The candidate cannot start the test unless the Proctor gives the go-ahead. After the candidate begins the exam, their screen will get frozen.

At every stage of the online proctor exam, remote proctoring software uses various sophisticated security measures to protect the data and guarantee candidate privacy and exam security. We at Pesofts provide the best softwares for all educational institutions to conduct online exams while maintaining their integrity.

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