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Online Learning Tools Vs Zoom App Which One Is better And Why?


Amid this global lockdown due to the CoVID 19 pandemic, most of the population including Indians have been restricted to their home. Millions of people ranging from the government to the corporate sector to educational institutions have taken to using Zoom for video conferencing calls as well as conducting online video lessons, online tests.

From Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and BJP President holding virtual meetings through Zoom to CBSE schools resorting to this app for teaching syllabus for the upcoming year especially to the students studying in classes 10th and 12th.

While the users of this app increased in a matter of a few days, it also became a treasure trove for both ethical as well as non-ethical hackers. To make more money they resorted to selling everything from webcam or microphone security to sensitive data such as passwords, emails or device information.

Online Learning Tools Vs Zoom App Which One Is better And Why

The terms of use of this app also mandated the transfer of data outside India. This made it susceptible to commercial exploitation directly or indirectly affecting the sovereignty, integrity of the country as well as the security of the state along with its friendly relations with other states.

Thus this leads to the issuance of an advisory by the National Informatics Center platform to prevent using this app for official as well as government video conferences. This was followed by the Ministry of Home Affairs issuing an advisory that zoom was not a safe platform. It could be used by private individuals provided that the users took some steps for a safer experience.

Thus amongst this, the users were in a dilemma as to whether they should use the app or not. They wanted to ensure security as well as the continuity of their work. For the corporates as well as official work, the government as a part of Make In India initiative has come up with an Innovation Challenge by inviting budding application developers to create video conferencing solutions and get a chance of winning Rs 1 crore. However, for the educational institutions, there exists virtual classroom apps as well as online examination software which can be used without any worries.

Today’s article is all about convincing the educational institutions to resort to this software by explaining to them the advantages of the same during this lockdown.

Advantages Of Online Learning Tools During This Lockdown

Online Classroom Software

Making it possible to conduct video classes, this software has acted as a catalyst to aid in continuing teaching-learning practices. This technological platform has enabled educational institutions to deliver online learning programs, in the same manner, the way they were delivering on zoom app. Let’s see how this has helped and can further help in seamless coordination of splitting a lesson or concept across several modes of learning.

Face To Face Lessons

Just like zoom even this app of the virtual classroom makes it possible to conduct face to face lessons. With this, the instructors can deliver their gestures, innovation as well as body language that helps the learners to gather information. Irrespective of an online setup the students can absorb when they see their teacher online as this helps in better understanding and learning.

Teachers Can Assess As Well As Gather Feedback

In a virtual classroom software, the teachers have the benefit of administering polls to find out whether the lessons that are being imparted by them are actually helping the students in assimilating knowledge or not. This feedback helps the teachers to get several ideas for improving their teaching methodology, an advantage which was not available on zoom app.

Online Examination Software

Most of the educational institutions were in the last phase of their semester and had to conduct examinations before starting the new semester but as a result of this pandemic, they couldn’t. Even the CBSE or ICSE Board Exams could not be completed. Thus this is when online examination software that enables the institutions to conduct exams online can act as a saviour. Let’s see how.


Unlike the zoom app that is susceptible to bugs, an online learning tool is always encrypted with a secure socket layer that prevents third parties from stealing private information and selling the same on the dark web.

Tracks Process

An online examination software has the storage of results on a cloud-based system that enables the universities and schools to track the progress of the students. It also has an online proctoring feature which acts as an invigilator and prevents the users from using any unfair means even when they are giving exams online.

Enabled Customization

Ranging from adding online links to documents to images to videos, an online examination software enables the educational institutions to conduct exams online for any subject. The best feature of this software is that even during this lockdown the colleges and universities can seamlessly conduct their exams online and add any sort of question they want to.

Easy Assessment

Results in an online exam are displayed as soon as the exam gets completed. They are meaningful real-time analysis that also contains automatically displayed feedback for wrong as well as right answers. Thus this characteristic even woos away the worries of checking the bundle of sheets.

Comprehensive Coverage

We know that all the students can’t have laptops or computers. Thus an online assessment software is a responsive software that is easily accessible on any device ranging from computer to laptop to mobiles. Even the teachers have the option of conducting questionnaires anywhere as well as anytime.

Enables Assessing Knowledge Gap

In this lockdown, conducting exams through this app enables the teachers to determine differences in knowledge by assessing the perfectly analysed results. Even the participants get a clear insight into the sections that need improvement.

The Last Word

The use of foreign unsecured apps during this coronavirus pandemic has created a perfect environment for cybercriminals to capitalize on the trends to boost the success rate of attacks. Thus to ensure security and continuity, there is a need to shift to more secured platforms.

For corporations as well as government work, the app would be developed soon but for educational institutions, the readily available online learning tools can enable them to get a multimodal mix of live classes, recorded lessons, physical textbooks, online tests as well as questionnaires. We at Pesofts also provide such tools at affordable rates that have all the necessary features to ensure seamless and secured continuity of education.

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