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Ways to make classroom interactive with technology in 2022

In the present era, it can be challenging to keep pupils interested. Teachers frequently struggle with the distractions that technology like tablets and smartphones causes when kids try to learn. Technological advancements in the educational sector have played a crucial role in deploying interactive tools that can be used in classrooms to improve students’ performance.

Using interactive classroom technology tools in their lessons while delivering live lectures online can be a great idea. The right tool positively impacts students, making it easy to complete their assignments while still being involved electronically.

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Ways to make classroom interactive with technology in 2022

Through this article, we’ll look at ways the classroom can be made interactive with technology, which directly impacts lessons more engaging and enhances students’ performance.

How to make classroom interactive with technology

  • 1. Deploying online quiz software for constructing on-the-fly quizzes and educational games
  • 2. Using online classroom software for designing interesting classes and developing captivating lessons
  • 3. Deploying augmented reality apps
  • 4. Producing visual iconographies
  • 5. Creating workflow diagrams

1. Deploying online quiz software for constructing on-the-fly quizzes and educational games

Online quiz software is a helpful tool that helps teachers to construct ‘the fly quizzes and assessments. This interactive classroom technology application makes interesting tests and study materials easy. This software allows students to give anonymous, rapid feedback to teachers and vice versa.

The resource works well for kids of all ages. It can create interactive quizzes, manage countdowns, provide targeted study materials, and even administer mock tests to older students. Overall, it’s the ideal tool for enlivening even the dullest lessons.

This software can also create educational games and quizzes on any subject matter. One can play games on whiteboards while moving around the classroom using screen mirroring technology. In addition to letting one make their games and quizzes, the software also gives access to a library of pre-made educational games, which is great for days when the pre-planned activities don’t quite work out.

2. Using online classroom software for designing interesting classes and developing captivating lessons

The interactive features of online classroom software enable teachers to design interesting classes and establish outside relationships with their students and parents. Teachers can also offer merit points to students based on their behavior and involvement and use them to plan group activities.

Even the students can use this software to share their work and compile “portfolios” of significant lessons they’ve learned both in and outside the classroom. It’s a fantastic tool for creating a sense of community in the classroom, and teachers can use screen-sharing applications to show the class important work or scoreboards.

While teaching students live, teachers can also develop captivating, highly visual lessons. The software comes preloaded with many educational animations, TED talks, and other educational content. This not only saves educators a tone of time, but it also helps to inspire and engage students throughout lessons. Teachers can share their screens with the class to explain the subject using expertly animated films.

3. Deploying augmented reality apps

Although presentations are a crucial teaching tool, students often become disinterested when listening to or reading through static, protracted PowerPoint presentations. Augmented reality apps can handle this problem by enabling teachers to make animated, visually stimulating presentations that are ideal for students of all ages. The apps permit the teachers an open canvas to create interactive and exciting presentations where they can add video elements and zoom in on essential details.

This app is the ideal interactive classroom technology tool for contemporary students who enjoy producing visually appealing digital content. Presentations become simple to share with a class utilizing screen mirroring, whether they use it to make their course materials or urge students to utilize it to finish class projects.

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4. Producing visual iconographies

To assist students in producing visual iconographies, teachers can use tools that make storyboards for historical events, literary pieces, sketch notes, and other straightforward images. It provides students a fantastic opportunity to create graphic and original assignments online. This programmed can be easily used on laptops, tablets, phones, PCs, and Chromebooks.

Depending on one’s hobbies and preferences, one can use it to draw features, alter and add colors, modify and add texts, for example. With this, one can decide what one wants to pull while using it. They can automatically change the drawing to a perfect one once they’ve sketched the necessary number of lines for the programmed to make a reliable guess.

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5. Creating workflow diagrams

For communicating with students in the classroom and organizing and streamlining the work, teachers can give students access to apps that provide a fantastic tool for creating workflow diagrams. To have amazing teamwork on various tasks, students might make a board and invite several pupils to it. They can add lists in the form of cards to the board to show what has to be done and what has already been finished and to monitor student progress.

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The Last Word
The secret to reducing a teacher’s heavy workload is streamlining the educational processes in More sophisticated tools are being introduced into educational areas as the technology industry grows quickly. Students can change their educational journey with the help of all these unique instruments. These cutting-edge tools help raise students’ respect and appreciation for education. Pesofts provides all these tools which encourage educators to learn by participating in various online activities, increasing engagement and knowledge retention.

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