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A Comprehensive Guide To Conducting Secure Tests – Pesofts


The Covid-19 pandemic’s lockdown edict has raised demand for online tests, including the need to conduct secure test. Prior to Covid, only a restricted number of examinations, typically certificate-level tests, could be done online. However, the pattern has shifted due to necessity. It is critical to guarantee that large-scale school and college examinations, which must be offered online, are carried out safely.

Online examinations provide flexibility since they may be taken anywhere, whether in a private learning facility or through software, removing the need for the school to worry about exam venues. .Conducting online tests is also relatively easy and affordable as long as they have access to a computer with an internet connection.

Exams can now be taken online more frequently, which makes them more important. As a result, many schools and institutions have switched from the conventional pen-and-paper exam format to the more contemporary online exam format.

how to conduct secured test through online exam software

Benefits Of Conducting & Taking Secured Online Exam Software:

There Is Total 4 Things You Should Check In Exam Software

1. Safe Browser Always Help For Securing Exams

Users are restricted from opening any other windows using Secure Browser Technology during the online examination process. He or she can only use the examination window as a result. Shortcuts for copying, pasting, and screen capture are not available at all.

You can configure an alarm to sound when you attempt to move away from the exam window, alerting the user. The secure online exam program records all alerts and may stop if the user opens three or more windows while taking the exam.

2. Online Tutoring Easy To Manage

Processes for proctoring and invigilating online exams can be automated. There is no requirement for a supervisor to be present at the testing facility if you are using the Remote Proctoring system. Proctoring for exams can be done remotely. Since students use encrypted online exam software remotely, it is impossible to verify if they are upholding the test’s integrity. This is offered by Pests, an online exam tool that can aid in streamlining and standardizing the procedure.

3. Using secure online exam software while using images as image proctoring

The use of a picture can likewise be used for online proctoring. After a certain amount of time, Image Proctoring uses the web camera to take pictures of the candidate using the secure online exam software. The proctor can afterward analyze the bank of photos taken during the image proctoring activities in order to ensure the security of the Online Exam.

4. Face Recognition: Identity Verification for Candidates

Face recognition has changed people’s perceptions of artificial intelligence (AI) and technology. Combining facial recognition technology with video or image proctoring is a simple way to conduct secure test and provide a unique solution that permanently eliminates masked face fraud.

When using online teaching software to administer tests online, you cannot disregard the security issue of implementation. Pesofts can guarantee the security of the system by using innovative security techniques such as Remote Proctoring, Audit Logging, and a secure Web browser.

There are several different online exam software programs that can be used to safely administer online tests. The online test platform provided by Pesofts software allows for auto-proctoring of the entire exam process. You will be given a convenient test window so that you can prevent the test-taker from accessing other websites while taking the online behavior tests.

The Advantages of Using Online Exam Software with Secure Proctoring Techniques

The order of the question papers might either be predetermined or randomized, depending on your choices. As a result, it facilitates proctoring in online test software with Pesofts’ Best Examination program. Exams taken online are not equivalent to exams taken on paper and pencil. On the other hand, since the internet’s invention, online exams have developed into one of the more useful ways to give exams.

Conduct secure test with Pesofts online exam software is a cheap and efficient way to streamline the exam process for teachers. The software automates the entire exam procedure with minimal human involvement, and it eliminates the need for teachers to manually write test questions. Additionally, it makes it simpler for teachers to go to Pesofts online exam software for conducting secure tests.

Online exam software has the ability to automatically produce question sheets. Exam papers can also be customized by adding your own questions. The order of the same can then be randomly generated. The administration of online examination systems employing online test software just offers too many alternatives.

Online tests have a bright future ahead of them. And the epidemic is causing this growth to quicken. The technological sophistication and adaptability of online exam software are increasing. To create a secure exam environment, several major Online Examination System vendors use AI-powered algorithms, and among them, we are the most recommended online teaching software as well as online exam software. So, what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity with Pesofts now!

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