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What To Consider Before Buying Online Classroom Software


The abundance of various tech products often creates confusion amongst consumers. All of them have similar features as well as appear attractive. Online classroom software is also one such technological invention that puts its users into a dilemma at the time of purchase.

So let us stop this vicious cycle of confusion by reading this article which discusses some things that a teacher should consider before purchasing an appropriate online classroom software. Before proceeding further, let us understand the concept of virtual classroom software. With this software, teachers can create an online classroom setup. It is an attempt to encourage quality learning and to make the learning process engaging.

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Consider the following features in a virtual classroom software

Must have Option To Schedule Test: The option of live scheduling classes, enables the teachers to create an online classroom setup any time irrespective of the location.
Responsive For Both Mobile and Desktop: This feature of responsiveness enables the students to join the live classroom from android as well as an iOS device.
Theme Customisation: This permits the user to create the classroom theme as well as colours as per its wishes.
Multiple Language Support: An online classroom software should enable the attendees to change the interface language to their mother tongue with the click of a button.
Easy Attendance Report: With this, the instructors can easily as well as quickly obtain relevant data such as duration as well in/out the time of the students. Even the instructors are made aware of the attendance report of the attendees.
Countdown timer: This timer makes the attendees aware of the time remaining before the beginning of the live classes.
Secure Socket Layer: SSL security enables the user to encrypt the custom hostname that improves your safety as well as increases customer trust.
Easy Backup: The feature of reserve helps in storing the student’s data as well as their performance. The live classes are also recorded to enable the learners to view it again.
Affordable: An affordable virtual classroom set up helps the user to divert fund towards improving their teaching methodology.
Simple and Easy To use: A simplified software that is easy to operate helps in successful conducting of classes digitally.

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