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How Digital Classroom Is Far Better Than Traditional Classroom


It is often said that investment in human resource is beneficial for any country as well as for the people. Human capital formation in the form of health, as well as education, has resulted in various technological inventions that have brought transformation in multiple organizations.

All the sectors have adapted to this change. Even the educational institutions with the advent of examination software as well as digital assessment software are no longer an exception. It is easy to understand how technology acts as a boon for various organizations.

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The same question with regards to educational institutions is a little difficult to understand. This article aims to solve this mind tickle with the help of comparing traditional classroom to digital classrooms. It also gives tips for improving your virtual classes setup. You can also chekout difference between online and offline examination.

However, before proceeding further, we must be aware of the concept and difference of traditional as well as digital classrooms.

Traditional Classroom as well as Digital Classroom:

Traditional classrooms refer to the standard classroom setup where teachers teach students with their physical presence in physical classroom. On the other hand, Digital Classroom refer to online classes with virtual set up possible through virtual classroom software learn more about virtual software from Here.

Clear about the concept of the two? Let us try to convince ourselves as to which one is better.

Digital classroom vs Traditional classroom :

Since the ancient era, teachers have taught the students in person at a fixed place called gurukuls and which later was known as schools. This method of teaching, however, carried certain drawbacks along with it which the teachers no longer have to encounter in digital classrooms.

Time as well as energy: Traditional classrooms requires the physical presence of students as well as teachers. This lead to wastage of time as well as efforts as both of them had to commute to a particular place. With digital classrooms, the teacher can teach as well as the students can learn at the convenience of their location that saves commuting time as well as money.

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Students can revise the classes again: In traditional classroom setups, the students are at a loss if in case they are unable to attend classes. On the other hand, digital classroom software provides the feature of recording the qualities that enable the learners to view those lectures that they have attended already.

Opportunity to teach the students internationally: Conventional classroom restricts the provision of knowledge by teachers to limited learners. Virtual classes related to specific courses enable the teachers to teach students worldwide as it does not require the physical presence of students. The teachers can also give the learner’s group projects that allow the students to interact with others across the globe.

Make the students as well as teacher tech-savvy: Digital classes not only saves time, efforts as well as money. It also makes the teachers as well as learners tech-savvy that is impossible through traditional teaching methods.

Feedback: With its advanced features, online classroom software provides immediate results of the tests taken. With this, the teachers can give direct feedback to the users. Providing conventional providing instant results in regular learning is challenging.

From saving time to worldwide reach, online classes can do everything. The benefits offered by digital classroom software are convincing enough to choose between the traditional classroom as well as virtual classrooms.

Let us now discuss some of the tips by which an instructor can convert his class into the best virtual classroom.

TIPS and way to make your virtual classes more productive

Have you attended a webinar recently? Think about what you liked in it. It would help you decide how you can improve your online classes. Until you are thinking, read these tips provided by us.

Fram rules: Most of the instructors often find it challenging to maintain discipline amongst the attendees while giving online classes. To solve this, the teachers should make and communicate rules about discussion to the students beforehand with utmost clarity.

Give assignment: A digital classroom software nowadays has a feature that enables the instructors to assign tasks to the learners. With this, the teachers get an insight as to whether the attendees have understood the concept or not.

Take online test quizzes: If you are thinking of making you virtual classes more interactive, you can take online tests through online examination software. The teachers can also arrange for quizzes during classes with quiz maker software.

Have you developed your skills: Finding it difficult to deliver your lesson within time? One secret of making your online classes more productive is learning the art of time management. You should aim for covering the entire topic within the specified time frame.


To sum up all, virtual classrooms with their advanced features as well as benefits are something that all the educational institutions should adopt. However, one thing which you should see before purchasing a virtual classroom software is that it should have advanced features that cater to your needs. Softwares offered by Pesofts take care of all your requirements for launching anything online.

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