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6 Reasons Why Proctored Assessment is Popular Amongst Corporates


With the advent of CoVID, education and even the corporates experienced a tremendous transformation in hiring. Social distancing and the requirement to adhere to the government’s norms to prevent the spread of CoVID resulted in proctored assessments becoming popular amongst corporates.

The feasibility, security, convenience, reduced costs, and experience lured corporates to prefer online proctored exams instead of hiring candidates for various vacancies offline. Artificial Intelligence-based live proctoring, which provides an easy way of recruiting candidates, acted as a cherry on the top.

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6 Reasons Why Proctored Assessment is Popular Amongst Corporates

Today, the article deals with 6 reasons corporates have started preferring proctored assessment for remote hiring.

6 Reasons Why Proctored Assessment Has Become Popular Amongst Candidates

The following are the reasons why corporates have started preferring proctored assessment for hiring candidates:

  • Automatic Registration: All the candidates who find themselves suitable as per the job requirements can automatically register themselves by filling out the application form. They do not have to come in person to collect the application form to participate in recruitment.
  • Candidates Can Be Screened Efficiently: When a corporation resorts to hiring candidates physically to screen the deserving candidates from the applicants by way of an offline exam, there are possibilities for the candidates to resort to certain malpractices. This can result in vitiating the entire process of hiring candidates.
    However, when the applicants take the exam online, the online proctoring software ensures that during the exam, the applicants do not resort to activities that are prohibited. This provides credibility for the entire hiring process and effective screening of candidates.
  • Eliminates Interference By Humans: When the entire hiring process becomes online, the requirement of humans gets eliminated. That’s because ranging from the process of registration to screening the candidates to assessing them online; the software has the capability of doing everything by itself without interference by humans.
  • Transparent Process Of Hiring: Proctored exams eliminate “bias,” often present in physical hiring. That’s because candidates, due to anxiety or performance pressure, might not be able to perform their best during offline recruitment. But when they take the Online proctored exam , they are in the comfort of their own house, which aids them in giving their best. Furthermore, online recruitment eliminates bias, thereby ensuring transparency in hiring.
  • Availability Of Candidates In Bulk Across The Globe: Hiring candidates remotely using online exam proctoring software enables candidates across the globe to apply for the vacancies. That’s because when candidates are hired remotely, there is no need for the candidate to be present virtually for the exam. Furthermore, corporations would get the best candidates across the globe, which would result in improving the company’s performance.
  • Faster Processes For Hiring With Reduced Cost: the process of hiring is time-consuming and costly. That’s because when a company hires candidates physically, they have to arrange a place wherein candidates would be called for giving their interview. Furthermore, the corporates will also have to incur various other expenditures to ensure smooth hiring.
    It’s also time-consuming since there are multiple stages through which the candidates have to pass before choosing the most suitable candidate for the vacancy. With proctored assessments, corporates save their time and reduce the cost. That’s because companies from online proctored exams can assess a lot about the candidate at a faster pace by eliminating various levels. Also, not calling the candidates at a particular place for an interview reduces cost.

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How To Hire Candidates With Proctored Assessment

How To Hire Candidates With Proctored Assessment

Online proctored assessment has been a blessing in disguise for educational institutions and corporates. Easy to use candidates can be recruited in the following manner with online proctoring software:

Step 1: Login With Credentials

The first step for the candidate to start the recruitment process is logging in with the credentials provided by the corporates.

Step 2: Complete Pre Exam Verification

Before the candidate can take the exam, to ensure that the candidate does not resort to impersonation or other unfair practices, the software asks the candidate to undergo a process of pre-verification. Here, the candidates are required to submit an ID proof verifying their identity, get a picture clicked, and give the proctor access to their device, microphone, and camera. Only when the candidates complete these requirements can they take the online test.

Step 3: Take The Exam

After the candidates complete the verification process, the next step is to take the exam created by the company. Since the exams are “proctored” even during the exam, the candidates are under the notice of the proctor who acts as an invigilator. When the candidates know that someone is noticing their entire activity during the exam, the desist from resorting to prohibited activities during the exam.

Step 4: Submit The Exam & Wait For Results

Once the candidate submits the exam, candidates would either get to know immediately if they have qualified for the next step or not or will have to wait until the publication of the results. The outcome with regards to results depends on the prerogative of the corporate.

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