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Role of artificial intelligence in an Online Exam, all of us are surrounded by technology in such a manner that from waking up in the morning to going to bed, we rely on it to perform every minute of the day. Similarly, the field of education has also been greatly impacted by technology, and one area where Artificial Intelligence (AI) has shown promise is in the administration and proctoring of online exams. AI can help streamline the exam process, prevent cheating, and provide more personalized feedback to students.

The advent of technology has made our lives so easy that even educational institutions have adopted it while teaching students.

We all know how the entire process of assessing students had come to a standstill during COVID and the role that artificial intelligence played in ensuring continuous and consistent assessment of students.

Since artificial intelligence acted as a superhero by providing educational institutions a way to conduct exams securely and safely, it’s essential to understand how.

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This Article Today, We will discuss artificial intelligence’s role in assessing students online with the help of Online Exam Software.

Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Online Exams

Conventional pen-paper exams involved much coordination and were also a daunting task for the teachers and the administration. But with, the advent of Online Examination  Management Software enabled institutions to assess students online, simplified the entire assessment process, and the addition of AI made conducting exams easier.

How artificial intelligence has equipped online examination software in no time has made it a jewel for smoothening the education process. The innumerable benefits associated with AI, some of them aiding teachers in completing administrative tasks efficiently, acting as an invigilator during online exams, thereby transforming the entire process of assessing students, have made it one of the most demanding features in every software computer-based Test assessment.

Let’s in-depth understand the crucial role that AI plays in online exams:

  • 1. Verification Of Student’s Identity Before Permitting Them To Take Online Exams
  • 2. Tracking Student’s Activity Throughout The Online Exam
  • 3. Easy Evaluation Of Answer Sheets
  • 4. AI Empowers Teachers To Give Detailed Feedback To Students

1. Verification Of Student’s Identity Before Permitting Them To Take Online Exams

The credibility that educational institutions get while assessing students online through online examination software is one of the reasons why it has become possible to conduct extensive scale exams online. Artificial intelligence makes it possible to assess candidates through remote proctoring.

Students prefer to take exams online due to the accessibility they get while being in the comfort of their homes. When students take an online exam, they must undergo a rigorous identity verification process wherein the AI with facial and audio recognition verifies the candidate’s identity before permitting them to proceed further with the Exam.

The students must present a valid ID card and allow the proctor to recognize the student’s facial identity. To ensure that there’s no impersonation, the proctor only after being assured that the candidate who had applied for the test is the same as the candidate who would give the test, the student allowed to proceed with the same.

2. Tracking Student’s Activity Throughout The Online Exam

While the Exam begins, the artificial intelligence carefully monitors the student’s entire activity through proctoring. It uses its voice recognition feature to ensure that none else is present in the surroundings while the candidate is taking the Exam remotely.

AI enables the software to detect the slightest activity the students undertake while taking the Exam. Human invigilators might sometimes be unable to figure out any unfair action that the students tend to do to cheat. However, the AI in the proctor makes it capable enough to detect even the slightest unfair move of the students while taking the online Exam.

3. Easy Evaluation Of Answer Sheets

Evaluation of students manually was always a tedious task that teachers had to undertake and complete while students were assessed traditionally mandatorily. Post-evaluation teachers were also responsible for preparing the entire result, which was not only a time-consuming task but also had to be done error-free.

But with artificial intelligence in the online exam software, it’s now possible to check the answer sheets online with an online marking system. Teachers want to assess students not only by way of adding objective MCQ-type questions but also by adding a few subjective questions too.

While teachers create tests online with the help of online examination software, they have the option where the software can read and understand the student’s handwriting and grade them accordingly. All this is possible because of artificial intelligence, which empowers the software to evaluate students’ answer sheets by recognizing their handwriting quickly.

4. AI Empowers Teachers To Give Detailed Feedback To Students

The result that the software creates with AI can also be used to analyze students’ performance as a whole and then enable the teachers to give detailed feedback.

Based on the AI online exam software’s feedback, teachers can easily infer the areas students find hard to understand. When teachers are aware of this, they can devise new teaching techniques with the help of which they can teach to the students easily. This new teaching methodology makes learning new concepts for the students easy and exciting.

The Last Word
The presence of artificial intelligence in online examination software has made the entire process of assessing students safe, secure, and credible.

It’s in the benefit of both the educational institutions and students as both are at the receiving end where educational institutions save cost and experience efficiency. In contrast, students get the comfort to take the test in the comfort of their homes.

However, for the institutes to be able to experience the same, it’s essential to get the best online examination software.

We at Pesofts provide the best online examination software, which has all the features that aid the teachers in maintaining the online Exam’s integrity. Online examination software provided by Pesofts can be used by mentors easily, and its user-friendliness and responsiveness ensure assessing students safely and securely through any device.

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