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How Can Online Class Software Come To Rescue For Inviting Student’s Attention

We are all aware of the role played by virtual classroom software in these difficult moments that disrupted the entire academic curriculum. But at the same time, moving to online learning also caused some instructional flaws, one of them being the diversion of kids’ attention. In this blog, we”ll see How Can Online Class Software Come To Rescue For Inviting Student’s Attention

One thing teachers could achieve was keeping students in higher school motivated and glued to the virtual classroom. However, diverting kids to stay connected was a task teachers considered and still consider herculean.

Monotonous lectures, lack of physical presence, and lack of motivation were some factors that led to kids not paying attention during virtual classes.

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How Can Online Classroom Software Come To Rescue For Inviting Student's Attention

Thus against this backdrop, today’s article deals with how teachers can divert kids’ attention using virtual classroom software.

While we tend to discuss how virtual classroom software can come to the rescue of teachers to invite students’ attention, in this article, we’ll also deal with some factors that diverge students’ focus.

Factors Which Add To Diverting Student’s Focus

The different needs and behavior of the kids often made it difficult for the teachers to ensure that kids paid attention while learning, even in physical classes. By using various tricks and tricks, they were successfully able to invite their attention until COVID happened. This resulted in shifting the learning mode from an Offline to Online Platform, thus adding to their plight.

Various factors can contribute to diverting a student’s focus, some of them being:

  • 1. Monotonous Lectures & Absence Of Interaction
  • 2. Continuously Staring At the Screen
  • 3. Lack Of Peer To Peer Interaction

1. Monotonous Lectures & Absence Of Interaction

In physical classes, it was easy to keep the students engaged since the teachers could use various methods to make the lessons fun and ensure that kids enjoyed learning. But when everything shifted online, a shortage of resources forced teachers to teach kids through various online platforms without using any means to keep the kids engaged.

This resulted in teachers imparting monotonous lectures and made it difficult for the kids to pay attention to teaching due to a lack of free conversation.

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3. Continuously Staring At the Screen

When students attend school, they attend classes and participate in various co-curricular activities, which are meant for their overall development. On the other hand, when students learn online, they have to continuously binge-watch the screen, making the entire concept of teaching “boring” and affecting their eyesight.

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3. Lack Of Peer To Peer Interaction

Kids in school not only take lectures and learn the basics of living but also make friends and learn from them. However, during online classes, kids study from their homes, and the absence of their peers around them to interact also becomes a factor in diverting their attention.

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How To Use Virtual Classroom Software For Drawing Kid’s Attention In Virtual Classes

Virtual classroom software has various features that come to teachers’ rescue to devise ways for students to pay attention. This software can be used in the following ways:

  • 1. Encourage Kids To Interact
  • 2. Use a Whiteboard For Pictorial Representation
  • 3. Give Short Breaks To Kids
  • 4. Give Students Incentives

1. Encourage Kids To Interact

Interacting with students and asking them to recite whatever’s being taught is one of the easiest ways to ensure that students are attentive. The feature of live online classes on online classroom software makes it possible for teachers to encourage kids to participate even when they’re being taught virtually.

While the kids interact and teachers teach online with Teaching Application, they can also use the recording feature to record the classes that the kids can view again while they are revising.

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2. Use a Whiteboard For Pictorial Representation

To draw kids’ attention, teachers often take the help of various figures, pictures, and videos while teaching, as this, not only makes explaining a concept easy but also keeps the kids glued. This is also possible while the teachers teach on virtual classroom software.

The feature of the whiteboard, which is available, works similarly to a blackboard but with additional advantages. Teachers on this board write and draw various images and pictures.

Online Class Software can be a great tool for teachers to use while taking online classes. With its interactive features, teachers can show multiple videos and movies to explain concepts in an easy and understandable way. This software can also be used while storytelling, rhyme teaching, and other interactive activities to engage students and make the learning experience more enjoyable.

3. Give Short Breaks To Kids

Co-curricular activities between subject periods were a means to ensure that students felt replenished after attending a class. But during virtual courses, this is almost impossible. Thus, to maintain kids’ interest even during virtual classes, teachers should give short breaks to them.

While on break, teachers can ask them to complete the exciting quizzes and learning games that mentors can upload on virtual classroom software.

During the short breaks, kids should also be allowed to interact with their peers online. When kids talk to their friends while taking online lectures, they are motivated to attend online classes on the pretext that they would get to speak to their friends during break.

4. Give Students Incentives

Giving incentives to anyone always acts like magic and automatically motivates the person to perform better. The same strategy equally applies to kids.

While the teachers are teaching kids online, to ensure that students pay attention, teachers can announce rewards that the kids would get for completing the task assigned to them within the time frame.

They can tell incentives such as a badge, title, or extra marks they would get. All these tactics always keep the students engaged in online classes.

The Last Word
It has always been challenging to ensure that kids enjoy whatever’s being taught in class, but with the ways discussed below, teachers can now be assured of students paying attention in virtual courses.

However, it’s possible always to keep the students engaged when the educational institutions use Pesofts Virtual Classroom Software which is available at affordable prices. Consisting of all the features that aid the teachers in keeping the students engaged, online class software provided by Pesofts can be used by mentors easily. Its user-friendliness coupled with responsiveness ensures imparting of online lectures in a fun manner through any device.

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