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Evolution of Teaching Method- Then vs Now


The evolution of the teaching method is in different ways, from the traditional classroom to online classes. This CoVID in the 21st century has completely evolved how educational institutions impart knowledge to students.

The nationwide closure of schools, colleges, and coaching institutions has revolutionized the teaching methodologies through new resources in the form of online teaching software and online exam software.

We’ve come a long way from traditional to online classrooms with the aid of collaborative learning tools that have given the users the flexibility to ensure continuity in education.

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Evolution of Teaching Method- Then vs Now

We will discuss the Evolution of Teaching from the traditional classroom to online classes.

In this era, our focus has shifted from imparting theoretical knowledge to the practical application of concepts to make the youth ready for jobs.

The Evolution of teaching method- Then vs Now

In classrooms, only one-way communication is used from teachers to students in the traditional setup. Still, with the Evolution of teaching, hybrid learning exists whereby communication is now two-way.

Faculties in every institution now use that combination of teaching where learning takes place through interpersonal means such as discussions, presentations, etc. Following are some of how education is now being imparted with the aid of online learning management systems:

Educational Institutions Adopting The Concept Of “Flipped Classrooms”

In this form of classroom, teachers beforehand intimate the students with regards to the topic which would be taught and ask them to read up on the concept early so that there can be a free flow of discussion between pupil and teachers.

With this, both the teachers and students can clearly distinguish between the lessons that need to be taught face to face and the ones that need to be conducted more interactively.

Online Teaching App

Teachers nowadays impart live lectures to students through the app. Normally there is no difference between the form of teaching as devices have replaced physical classrooms. Still, the layout in which they teach remains the same. The teachers even have a whiteboard akin to a blackboard on which they can teach similarly to the physical classroom.

Furthermore, the lectures that are imparted life online can be recorded and uploaded online to enable the students to access the classes later or even act up in case they miss the classes. Teaching  has become simpler through this format since teachers get away to study students’ psychologies and their tendencies on which they can rely to modify their teaching methodologies.

Considerable Change In The Mode Of Assessing Students

Evolution in teaching is recognized because of online education and changes in assessing students. None had ever thought that online exams would also be a thing. We all were always glued to the old teaching methodology wherein students had to appear in classes or at a center for giving the exam and thereby wait for the result to be declared.

But now, with online exam software, students have the benefit of taking the exam in the comfort of their homes. Furthermore, schools, universities, and coaching institutes do not have to worry about students resorting to unfair means while taking the exam. The proctoring feature ensures students take the exam fairly and impartially.

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Advantages Of Modern Methodologies Of Teaching
There are various advantages that online teaching methodologies can provide, some of which are listed below:

  • 1. Improvised Interaction Between Teachers & Students
  • 2. Increases Efficiency Of Teachers
  • 3. Maximum Time For Learning

1. Improvised Interaction Between Teachers & Students

Teachers often think that their relationship with the students would deteriorate with online education, but that’s not the case. The software they use for online teaching have many tools that aid in stimulating the real-time interaction of teachers with students.

2. Increases Efficiency Of Teachers

Gone are the days when teachers had to be responsible for teaching students and creating question papers, checking the answer sheets, preparing the result, and preparing for the lectures with roller chalkboards in every classroom.

With the advent of online exam software, teachers only have to create the tests, which can be done in a jiffy, and do not have to involve themselves in activities such as checking the question papers and preparing the results.

Also, they can use an online teaching app wherein they can provide students with recorded lectures that students can see. This saves time and thereby increases the efficiency of teachers.

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3. Maximum Time For Learning

The only way students can maximize their learning. At the same time, they had to attend school physically through the teacher giving them homework.

But with modern technologies for teaching, students’ learning can be maximized by watching lectures outside the classroom, giving them corresponding tasks during school hours, or giving them a partner for collaborative homework assignments.

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The Last Word
We all know that technological inventions in online teaching apps or online exam software cannot replace teachers. Still, this new teaching pedagogy has resulted in the re-creation of the teacher-student bond. With Pesoft’s Online teaching software and online exam software available at reasonable prices with all the essential features, every educational institution can harness all the benefits that this new teaching mode has to give them.

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