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How online proctoring helps to start excellent training


In this era of online learning, educational institutions, as well as organizations, must ensure that their students, as well as employees, are well trained to carry out their activities with utmost precision.

This requires imparting excellent training, which is only possible after the institutes and organizations are aware of the weaknesses of their students and employees.

That’s when online proctoring can come to the rescue and act as a jumpstart to excellent training as with online examination software; organizations can conduct online exams, be aware of the areas where the students lack, and train them accordingly.

However, this is only possible when the test-takers maintain the integrity of the exam and give it with utmost sincerity, which can happen due to online proctoring.

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How Online Proctoring Acts As Jumpstart To Excellent Training

Today’s article deals with how online proctoring can act as a jumpstart for excellent training.

To convince you a bit, we’ll first elaborate on the benefits that online proctoring can provide students and organizations. Post that, and we’ll talk about how one can implement Remote proctoring.

Online Proctoring offers innumerable advantages for all the catalysts associated with an online proctoring jumpstart to excellent training.

How Can Online Proctoring Be Beneficial For Examinees

How Can Online Proctoring Be Beneficial For Examinees

a) Examinees Can Take Test Anywhere

Online Proctoring Examination Software provides flexibility to the examinees by giving them the liberty to take the test from wherever they wish to. This keeps them calm and composed and avoids last-minute hassle, reaching the exam centre on time, or getting stressed with the examination environment. Coupled with this, students also have the opportunity of having extra time to revise for their exams.

b) Relaxed Environment

When students give their exam at home or any appropriate location as per their needs in a relaxed environment, they can perform better than acting in an exam hall. That’s because Online examination software positively impacts their mental health.

c) Test Takers Have The Option To Choose Exam Window

One of the benefits of exam conducting software is that the test takers don’t have to confine themselves to a specific exam day. They have the option of choosing the exam window as per their comfort.

d) Online Exams Ensure Authenticity and Examination Transparency

The online proctoring feature in the online exam software assures the test takers that the exam they’re taking is authentic and transparent. That’s because the proctor deters test takers, including students and employees, to resort to unfair malpractices.

Advantages Of Online Proctoring For Examiner/Organizations

Proving as a jumpstart for excellent training, online proctoring examination software is beneficial for examiner/organizations in the following ways:

i) Helps In Handling Administrative Burden

Adopting software for Remote proctoring helps reduce administrative burden as exam conducting agencies allow exam conducting agencies to reduce their dependence on the traditional ways for assessing test takers. That’s because the software enables the bodies to eliminate the need for arranging for an exam centre since the students no longer have to be present physically, and the proctor reduces the need for invigilators.

ii) Online Proctor Provides Enhanced Security

Online proctoring aids human proctors in monitoring every action of the test takers when invigilators are not in sight. Coupled with keeping an eye on every action of the test taker, the proctor records the activity undertaken by the test takers during their exam.

This can be reviewed by the examination department in case of any allegations of malpractices. Online proctoring examination software also ensures that students do not involve themselves in any examination infringement or malpractices in case there are any. After providing limited flags, the proctor dismisses the test immediately.

iii) Detailed Analyzed Results

For ensuring excellent training, post conducting the online exam, the online examination software provides detailed analyzed results. These results play a significant role for the educational institutions and corporates to decide the areas on which they need to focus on their students and employees for their improvement.

Furthermore, the detailed results, which can be presented in the form of various analyzed methods, aid the institutes in figuring out who to choose from the pool of applications for limited seats and posts.
Since you now know the benefits of online proctoring for both educational institutions/organizations and test-takers, it’s also imperative to be aware of how it can be implemented.
Let’s proceed with that now.

How To Implement Online Proctoring

How To Implement Online Proctoring

Implementing online proctoring while assessing students/employees/ aspirants might have some issues or problems. Companies/ exam conducting agencies can implement online proctoring by following the standard procedures while traditionally considering test takers. But online examination software by Pesofts has made it easy to implement the same in the following three ways.

1) Live Online Proctoring

In this proctoring, the proctor monitors all the live activities of the test-takers during the exam. The safe exam browser installed with it ensures that while the proctor misses any malpractice, the same is brought to notice by the browser. While the students/test-takers attempt their exam, the online proctor consistently records their video. The aspirants only get access to the test after following the pre-authentication steps, including presenting the ID for verification and allowing the proctor to access the audio and video.

2) Recorded Proctoring

As far as recorded proctoring is concerned, the Remote proctoring in this proctoring does not continuously monitor the activities undertaken by the test-takers during the exam. Post the students are given access to their microphone and camera to the proctor, the student’s video starts recording till they submit their exam. The recorded video is available for review later by the exam conducting agencies to ensure that students follow the protocol as directed.

3) Automated Proctoring

In this proctoring, artificial intelligence plays its role in maintaining the integrity of the online exam. The screen gets recorded along with the feeds, which the Artificial Intelligence Proctor monitors. If the proctor notices any suspicious activities during the exam, it has the liberty to cancel the test taker’s exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer 1: Online proctoring is a methodology of invigilation in which an online proctoring software uses artificial intelligence-enabled technology to monitor test-takers. At the same time, they give their exam in the comfort of their home. The system ensures that the ones giving tests do not resort to unfair means. For this purpose, it continuously monitors the entire activity of the students by imposing a mandate of getting access to the test taker’s microphone and camera.

Answer 2: The user-friendliness of the software depends on the complexity of the software. Some online proctoring software providers try to incorporate all the features in the software, which results in the creation of complex software. However, the best software provider is the one that believes in ease and, along with that, adds all the crucial features.

The Last Word
The various methodologies are available for implementing online proctoring aid the educational institutes/organizations provide excellent training to their students/employees. That’s because, with online exams, the organizations or exam conducting agencies can be aware of the top employee/student and can focus on the weaknesses they get to know by way of detailed results.
This thereby goes a long way in imparting excellent training as well as working on the weaknesses.

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